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The House With Closets

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lïow dear to the heart of the housekeeping woman Are comforts of which so few urchilucts teil : Nice chiidren, good servants. and plenty of room in The well-fitted mansion in which they must dweil. But first of the blessings kind Fortune can giver her, If she in the city or country abide, Is tliat which she longs for and covets forever, The big, airy closet, her joy and her pride- The rootny, cíean closet, the well-ordered closet, The big, airy closet, lier joy and her pride. The house may be perfect f rom g-arret'to cellar, Wcll lightcd, well aired, wlth told water and hot) And yet lo the eye ot the l'coiinlne dweller, li losetlcss,aIl is as if itverenot. How oft she has sunk liko a dove that is wtmnded, Howofl sliehas secret ly grumbled and sighed, Becauseshc sw not ttiouh with all else surrounded, The bi', airy closet, her joy and her pride t The roomy, clean closet, the well-ordered closet, The big, airy closet, her joy and her pride. Fond husbands, who fain would have home be an Eden, For you anti your Evcfl all complete as a whole, To read in, to write ïn. tö sleep in, to fced in, l'oijet not the ciosets so dear to the soul ; But huild them in corners, in nooks, and in crimuJ. . Wherever a closet may harbor or hide. And Klve to yur Maryb.your Kates and your Annics Thobig, airy ciosets, thcir joy and thoir pride. The ttomy, clean closi-ts, tlie well-ordered cloaets, The big, airy closets, tïieir ioy and their nride.


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