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Allow na to niake onjemark in conf denos. Do not permit yWr talent, wliai ¦ vi r i in.i be, wlicilicr great or sinall, t In' rasted by dtfftMton, or distribütiui n docu different directions. Concéntrate conoeatrote, thejild be the watdiwon Wliilc iin k are bul ven few mlndscapabJ of attaüilng f) high dtattjree of excellence i se ve ral ilislim I avocalioiis at the saine Umi Uiers W stUI fewr, peruaps, who may 110 i riniiicii.-c ia souie one calllng. On ttf the grctil diaw-backs of younj{ men ii iliis ootrntry IS, tliat as i general thing they dn ïnit set nut In lito witli any defintte ob Jecl or end in view. They are nol educatei witli a view to filling any special gtatloi The cases in wliich the sons are cducated to follow the occupation of their fatlier are the exceptionsand not the general rule The sons of our thrifty workingmen, ii nearly all the branches of mechanieal labor, e&pecially, are very apt to enter the real dis of mauUood wit li the most indelinite idea of what is really to be their life work. In Ihr omnium schools iind In the high schools, and peruana the college, tliey acquire a fair general educatlon without an Idea asto what use they are to put their ediication when acquired. The 'ruling idea is that they will finally land in some occupation or professlon In whlcb they will be relieved of manual labor, wliicli is voted by the yourig men espccially, to be a lower i;r:iilc m the scale of respectability. We say to every young man, tinil out at the earl lest dRy what trade, profetetoii or business yon would llke to follow. and it' posalble ehortse that for which you have sume natural talent, bent or inelination. 'l'lie intelligent parenl shonld be able to decide thal ipn-stiiin himsell' for bis son or at lenst lo inaterially aid in the decisión. Kul Mipp.Kc the younr man has to decide for himselfi When nte derfslon is once made it shouM be linal and practical, and wliatever it may be, let the ediication, mental and physieai. heneeforth be directed in bat ilinvtmn. It niatters little whetber it te I Hade or profesión, the ëducatlon slnmlil be equally thorougb, but concentrated and not diilusive. Ño man knows of what he is capable until he has concentiateil all his eneries upon the attainment t sonu: priven end or object. The world stands with open arnis for carnest, concenrated human energy. Iu every walk in life be hi;:h positions aie waiting to be filled ij Buen material. While the undecided, nefliiient "jackrat-all-trades" is knocked iround from "pillar to post" ín bis ítrug;les for a bare subsistence, the man wbo as made lïhuself master of ulmost any onc allinr, steadily Hses 11 tbe esthnatlón of lis t'ellinv-eitiens, and without apparehf Wort ol' blS own, acquires wealth, f'ame and lO'sWbn. The?c are the trien wbo are, in he eointnon jiarlancc of the unthinking, Báld to be "bom lucky," wbile in fact here is 110 luck about t. It is the only egitimate effect tliat follows the cause, iow often we hear tbe remark from tbose whose wbole lite bis lieen a series of fa il lires 'Well. luek is agalnat me!" when back of all luck, bad fortune or mischaiiee, the real alDae will lie tonnd a want of concentraïon of life eueigy upon some .-1-gle aim or object. Tbc most important factor in tbe wonterful progresa of our iiidustries to-day is o be fouud In this same concentration of ¦nergy and intelleei aMB .-ome ebosen avoation. Look In any direetion, and in any iránch of Industry, and we will Iind tliat 'epresentative names and representative establisbments have been built upfrom tbe nost uniironiising beginnings by this concentration of life forcé. Á young man - a necbanic for instance - without friends, without capital, starts out with bis unaided, lands, but with concentrated energy to ichieve success. He is not swerved f rom lis purpose by diftlculties, nor by temporary fallaré. Slowly but surely he builds rom the foundation, until finally, without ïaidly being eonscious bimself of how he ïas accamplished the wonderful work, he counts his grains by the million, and bas ïot only establisbed a business tliat su])oits hundreds, perliapstliousandsof worknen, but a name that la known to the utermost parts of tbe eartb, and Unit of itell furnisbes a capital for hischildren and lis children's cbildren Ion r after he has lassed to bis tinal rest and reward. Such s the force of concentration of the human nind upon one aim and object. It really uiakes but little differencc what tiin ,"' indobien.p-1' -¦"'";"¦"' ','"¦' nonest and honorable. It is tbe concentraion. tbe steady perseverance, that eomn.inds success, and not tbe calling to which t ia devoted. Say we not well, then, "Toung man, vaste not j-our talent by dill'usion, but concéntrate your energles upon some chosen object or aim." Life is too short, and man's ability istoocircumscribcd, ti be weakened nul wasted by belns spread out over too ew ended a suriare. 'l'he river wbicb spread? ts waters over too broad a lied is of noseriee. Jl hardly lloats a light canoe. But ancentrate its wateis to a narro w chan nel nul uiiuhty sbips. lloat upon its bosom arryin the emmneree of u world.


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