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Hints For Mothers

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When your daughter purfnrms a task in an Ill-faihtoned manner, always say: Thérel T tnlghi MwelthaVe done it myselfin the lirst. place," and thcn take the work one of lier li:ind and do it yonrself. This will enconrafie the girl not to try to do the tlüng the next Uwe she is set about it. Never permlt your son to liave any amusement at lioine. Thiswill induee. hini In Mak it in places vrhere you will not be annoyed by bis noise. There is DQ place llke liome. Iuipress thistrutu npon ynur cliildi-en by making home as dlsagreeAble and unlike any other place as possible. Never Qeglect the lock on tlie pantry. S.mir boya hare probably turned out tirstclaSs house breikera all on account of ihis juUicioue treatment in early ehildhood. Ncver permit your childrun to contradiot. Lat tliem Unow tliat thai is your jx'culiar prerogative. In chklinji your ehildicirs faults, never tu iiieiition bow inueli better the .Iones etiildren bebave. TUte will cause your little ones everlastingly to love the Jones childieii. Take frequent occasion to teil your cliililrcu bow inueli more lavoreil tbelr lol is t jours was wlien you were % girï. It is ahvays ]ileaaut to eliildren to be coustantly reiuinded of their obligations. Dou't let your son Indulge in any kind of outdoor anns. Keep luni at IiU iiooks. It will inaUe :t greftl man of biin some clay, il' lic sliould liap]ii'n to live. Your jjirls should never bfl pormitted to romp. Lot tbein t'vow iuto laterestlng invalids by all means. Be gebtlé and courteousbefore company; luit il ' mi hae a temper, let your eliildren ba ve taita of it as often m conventen. A mother should never praetice deceptlon upon her brood. Talk tlighUngly of your liusbaml to your boyg and This will make them respect their father. Teil your oh ild ba siiall not do ¦ thing. and tbcu let hiin t6B86 yon uto iviiif; vour consent. This will icaeh hini what to do on subsequent occasions. Makc promises to your chililren, and thcn neclecl to keep them. This will load your chi Idicn not to ]ilace too nuii-li rel anee upon your word, and shiold tliem froni many disnppointmenU. When your boy gets comforlably scaieil n the easy cliair, take it trom hini. This will induce biin to apprcchitc a good thing when be grbws older, and stick to it - a teat in a crowded liorse-car, tor cxample. Teil your eliildren tliey are the WOrSl yotieversaw, and tbey will no doubt en eavor to merlt by }'our appreciation.


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