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The Post-office War

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The ]K)üt.(iflU e war in this city is beeonihig deddedl; interesting. The contest is whetheror not, the pot-ofio ihall be removed f rom its present lojation to the rear ef Uk hnltrtln how beiag built by Mtnfy 4 llamillon ou the site f the okl üoodrleh hotel. Gen. Heatli, of Grand Iii,ls, social agent of the Post-offlce Depurlmcnt, ucoiuiia-iuk'ilitsremoviil. A petition protestinj,' removul was starled at once ui il tliis as signed by nearly all of the business :ncu on Main street. Hou A. J. Sawytr WM KOt to Wa.-liinglon with tliis petitinn on Tuesday morning, October 1 lth, A. V. Hamilton baving left the iiiorning before for ilie puiposeofclosing [i the conli,ut uith tli ; (lepartnicnt at Washington. Tbr frieodi ui tlie ncw localion f;el conliilent lliat lie will KMM return with the ¦ffftod coutrtot in bil pocket, while the IVicinls it the pirscnt localion are i.ositivclliat h wlll M(,t. The Manly & Hainillon party rtly upon ccrtain university inllu'¦r;iriy tlu'iii thr.uiüli Um tnigg'e, ml MJT tliat the Gregory 'ilock site is out of tbc wmjr mul ii Not the proper piice for ¦ DA. On tbe otter hand the Booth partj cUItu that the ilamilton hlock is not ¦ fitjjiiacc for it, for the reason that the building is not iarfrc enouph and is not proiierly constrncted for a post-offlce. Fnrthermore the people will not consent to dimb into a tecoiul story every time that thry want tlicir mail. What the result of the coutest will b 110 one In thi.s city knows at the time of wriiinjf.