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After one of the kdjouniiBentt of the ItcilHMIBCll Conference, lieKl in I.ondon. HM Bnnbm VCn treatodto a liincliiDii ly the Lord Mayor, ut Um .Man-ion house, he liiniM'lf being a Methodist. President Artliur has requested tlic resiguation of first assii-tant pottmuter general Tyner, wlio lias been lor MM au obstacle in the way of tlie successful protecution of the star route cases. The Pioneer Press, of St. Paul, Mimi., contains ii f uil page illustrated dMeriptiou of the greutcst llouring mili n the wol ld. The tirm of C. A Pill.sbury & Co., opérate five niiignllicent building, turning mt 5,000 barrels ot tiuur duily, rcquiii. cars to Mipply )td needs, and tblppiug 21K' car loads of freight every day. Contributions lo the Mrs. Garticld fnnd were closed on Satnrdny the l"th inst., at which time the aiiKumt puid to the United States Trust Compwjr amounted to $300,M& The ainount paid liy tli;it company for the parctuae of $00,000 United States tour er cent bond is f 34ö,UG, leaviug a balance of cash with the company of $11,377. From a resolution introduced into the Sennte a few days igo, by Mr. Voorin ts we learu that amonjr the regulutions of the Cincinna'i postoffioe wliich liad been approved by the postuiaster-genei:il i OM that no ippllcation to fill vacancics will be enlertained from perrons under 20 or over 30 years of age, and that snch regulation exeludcs all Union Mldlen wbo served tn the war of the Rebelliou. The necewity of any such regulation Uentlrely beyond oux coiiipreliciiMon and the oonci t is made void the better. A tiie.fcaríul in ilt-s-t : iictioii of lito :im! pnipcrty oecurreil in I'hiladclphia on the night of UW I-.'tli hul It ociurri',1 ¦,; I,anáenbeTger' uiills, orjglnatfng in the tlnidilag 1 111.111 on tiie .MTond Hoor, aiu! l ing with auulng raplUity. Tl. ere rere abont forty-live laboréis in tbe mil! at Uw time, twenty ol whoin ,rc lurn.-.l to dcath. Kleven, iscladfog M-venU ;ii la ai. il women, jnni])ed from the thinl .-toi y windou,- all are probably fatally The district at tornt; v claims that Ilie owner can be indicted tot muuÜÊOffiitmt ahe had been ollicially warned to put opa suitable fire escape, but had negl te ; (o do it. On Tuesday morning the jiresident pro tem. made the follpfflog appointincrits to till vacancies on committeee : Fofeign Affairs, M.--1-. Aldrith fRep., U. I.) and I-apham (liep. N. V.) In place ot M l!tiriiMk-aiHlConkIiiir; Finalice, iMr. Aidrich n place of Hr. Bufi)8ide; Cooafnerce, Mr. Jliller of Nm Vmk ioplaoeof .Mr, Coiikliiig;; Militiiiv All.iirs, .Mr HéWler, (Rep., Conn.) In place of .Mr. Burnslde; Judiciary, Mr. Teller (lii'). Co'.; u piace cf Mr. Conkling; Ppgl-offléeBd PosWoadf, Mr, ,!illerof New Vork in plit, of Mr. Platt; KduoationandLiborMr. Aldrich in placo of Mr. Burnside; Ktirosscl ])]]]?. Mr. Millrr Irom cw Yord in place of Mr. Conklinu;; Tmuportotloo Etoatei to the Scaboard, Mr. Lapliam in place of Mr. I'latt; Privileges and Klections, .Mr. Lapham la plnee of Mr. Teller. Tlie President pro Um. claimed that he Wad 00 authoiily k desígnate the ch&irmèb of thefe coiamittces. and at the siigj?estion of Mr. Morrell (liep. Vt.) the namesnf the uew memben were placed al th fi..t of tbfl ü-t. Charles J. Quiteau was arraigned in open eouit last Friday, ( )etober 1 Itli, ior themurderof James A. (.arfield. After the clerk read the in.lictment. Mr. ScotWe, Quiteau's counsel, prbduced uflidavits for uewjuiguM inai. uic dere&se is to be made on tbe gropnda, first, that the prisoncr luMne : imi seeoml, that Mr. (arfield's death was dot directly cnused hy the bullet of the assassin, but by the mal-treatment of the case by the leadlpg physici.-m in charge of the wounded mau. To prove the priao&er'a insanity Mr. .Scovilleexpects to proiluce witnesses to show tlmt insanity is heredltary in the Guiteau faraily. He will sliow that anuncie of the prisoour dk-d tn an insane asylum n New Vork. that a cousin died four years ago in an insane asylum In 111., that anothercousin has been insane lor many jrean and isnowin an insane asylum in Mithif.Mii, and that his father was for man y yeui.s a inonumaniac on i,x. „u,j.,,..r ,.l)„ x.. i,miliifi tl... necessary witnesses more timo waa tisked lor, and the "tli day of Novcinlicr was tixcil as the time for the trial. The prettminary question on the subject of jurisdiction will be argued bcfore the 30th inst. Parnt'll, the grwt Irish agitator, has been arrestetl on two warrant sincd by Mi. Forster, Chicf cecretuy for Ireland, cliarging him with Inciting papple tg ntiinidjite othors from paylqg tlicir ju.-t ren!, aml wlth iiitimidatinir tcn.-.nts tmm takliijr advantujre of t'ie land act Efe expresa a desire that thcre should be do demon.-iration. It is feportéd that the arrest of i'arnell is a jireliniiiiaiy Itcp to u still more vigorous action sgaln&t land league. Since his arrest threatcning letters have been reeelved bjjr Mr. GlwJgtone and Bir William Harcourt, BecreUry of State; and letters ofVympatliy by Parnell. The btgse regaréf the arrest as au act OÍ personal fpite on the part of Mr. Gludütoiic The sympathizers with the Iiisli peoplftaage the lattertO stand lirm, afliriniur that the Knrlisli governinent ennnotimprisonthe vvhole people nor check their onward movenient. Meetings of cymiKUhy with l'arnull have úeen Held in this country at Xnv Torlfc Philadelphia, Won-esier. Sr. and other places. At Boston Wendcll I'hillips made a few remarles, eUlmin'ilwt tlicre are tO,000,000 Irisli people in tliis country that have not forgötten Huir fatlicrlam'. The arrest of I'nrncll is uu unfortuuate step lcadingto more serious riotin-r thn ever. There has been a greatdealof talk lately about mutilated coinn. Ai onr notii u was rather forcihly called lo tliis a tcw dnys ajo i,y Ui,, refuial of a peiion In thls city to take a coin wilh a liolu in i, a few words on this subject may not be out of place. The custom of punchiiig holes in colns probably origiuated wlien silver and gold currency wasscarce. It WBï not lmu, however, bef ore certuin lascáis conecived the idea of gatherin-,' coin-, pnnchlng u large holes n them os lliey dared and gav"ÍÍ the silver tbus removed to melt and sell as bullion. Thi.s -ame set of ],el!y swindlers conecived tmtrtt áadgt reeently and actcd aeconüngly. Tlieru appeared in public places in New York iiiider the liead of "Notice to Customers" the foïlowlng statement: "Tlic Dnlted States (ovcru" ment ha.s fixed the following rail sllver coins with holes in thcni: Dollars, 65 cents; half-dollars, :!.") -ents; nuaiiei-dollars, 15 cents; dimes, ."i cent, and live-, 4 cents. These are placed opon coins so punehed wiUi a view lo MlHng in and stoppinf the unlawful practiceof 'mntilating' silver inoney of the United .States." The fact is that the Government lias never issued sucli a notiec. The plan ot the authors of this swindle is to circuíate around throu,'h the country, gfttber up coin at 1,-s than its value by weight ud Ml] it ag bulllon. TIhh BaUof a little protil. It is hopetl that the result of tliia matter will be to stop tlie circulation of nnitilatcd coin altogether. Later new in regard to the oonrse that Scorille is taklug in tryiug to awaken sympathy for (.uiteau. leadl Ui tu adil a few words. Mr. Sooville Is mm, tbniugli the pi -, callini iipoii witm8es "in tlie hiteresti of p.iiriotisra, juatice, liuniauity and mercy" to come forwanl anti ti-stify Lliat tlie aMassiii is Insaue - "patriutUm because f lie is lmng as a sane man it will bc au eterna] Mot on our history, jusüce so that it may BOt be 8iiiii hcreafter that he beinj; dtnied by heaven of the guidance of reasou was put to d- ttl contrary to all law hiiinun and divine, huinanity and nificy that ghould prompt tlie laying Hside of pasaion anj dading ith this case in Cliristian charity." Any man tliat will listen to such au appeal in behalf of a coldbloodeil nQrd erer ig lakinj; in C'lu itian cliarity. Quiteau, if mat, ihoold be lmng, if not sane should be treated like a naj ilojf or any otber ricious lirnte on the level wilh which he has placi-d biinsclf.


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