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Uooks and Magazines. Tbe City tlmt a Cow Kloked Over U tbe tltle ofasmull book, publtshed by A. H. Andrews a Pa . Clilcago. It Is a comió blstory of tbc great Chicago flre of Ig71, carefully Ulustrated by a Hos ton artlgt, making a novel producción. The Story of the Engllsh Jacobina, by Edward Snilth, f. K. H.; publltilied by Caxsell Petier, Oalpin t Co., N. Y. ; for nle by John Moore. Tl. is llttle book Is a hlstory of a vtormy period of Eagllih politica. People were awakening to the belief Ihat free speech in tbe right of all damt of society, lt Is the avuwed purpose of the author to offer this conlrlbution to liteature ius an ald in clearing up the characters of the honorable anti worthy men, at one tlmecoutvinptuounly styled "Jaooblns." It lx a Himple atory, plealngly told. As Um KM Kniaeiilral Conference, held at w '. U'.v's (."hapel In London, oloaes, thera appeur a miuiII voluinn enlltled "The Ufe of lubu Wesley," by Kev. H. Ureen. Thls la tbe last volumn of Casaell'a Popular Llbrary. Tbe incident In tbe Ufe of tbe founder of Methodlsm are vivldly told. To sayilhat the work Is lnUrestlng Is uselcss. for the lile work of ao great a imtii in au lnterestlng story, whlle the lessona tnat lt teachea are lnvaluable. Tliln book can be parohasod of John Moore. : ik! MUrtarof Vol. IV erf Um m. of Art, pub]fi.h-'l hy fniall. lvtN-r. üulpln Jt Oo., N. Y., bos raaOtied na. The nuirkeil hucccks ol the Magazine Is hapiiy lammad up In a revnt review in the I.0111I011 TlmM -TIn' tille 'Magnilneof Art' In no inisnonior, tor wlthiu a con ven lont rom pass the muKiizlne contalns A very itorefaoaM of art, tlie lllustrntlons ranuIng from 1 1 1 - irt'-t or etchlnKS and woodcuts. up to the mt Hubnnit1 entcnivlnK, the vUfr_ prpw being purticularly good and vnrlcd to su 1 1 all taste, (rom tlie most to Um lcst nrtlstlc'' Thf prpwnt nninlxT ponifs up to the tandnri) extabllshed In every respect. Domentlc Folk-Lora, ny Rev. T. F. Thisi 11, .n Dyer, Is iittothcr volume oía (arries of publlcntlona known as Cassell's I'opulnr I.lhrary. Th tltle Indli'aten the nature of tlie wiirk. It U very vh In lts treaJiiH'nt of the iimiiv superKtülonK that were formerly alinost unlvcrsjilly lH1'vi'l Ín. If a malden wants a huslmnd. thls boik wlll Mü )mt howthelrls offormer times dtd under the mim clrcumstnm-fs. Here also the youngman can learn how ti finil h u 1 1 W'hlff thMe sujx-rst itioim can ilo tío harm they wlll help to whtte away many un ul!e hour. Kor sale by John Moon The September mimbcr of Qood Company coutainn Revcnil arllcles, any of whloh Is well worth the prlceof the íiumber and orne of thera the prloeor the yntrly subscrlptjon. The artlcle that attmrled oor uttentlon Ín partlcnlar Is one on the .Atlanta Cotton Kxposltlon, wrlttcn by the orlglnutor, Mr. Edward Atkluson, ofMaHS. Thls sets (ortli Ín an admirable manner, ttie oondttlon of the South and the advantaees that wlll ftoofoe froni the assoclatlonof thesoutliern plunterand the ixirtticm nianufaoturt'r Ín one great attempt al mutual lmprovement. Thls magazine Is publfshed at SprlnKield, Mass., and special rutes are now glveu to aubscrlben. A "Melsterschafl School of Practical Mngulstry for Non-Ui-iilcnt has been eslabllsbed In New York by I)r. Koseiithal, the author of the systm, the name of whlch thls school bears, and whlch has awakened so mticb Interest In Enrope. It is a feature of the school that tlM student does not need to leave hls home, as the lessons each week are sent out In prlnted forra and all questlons are aaked and answereil In wrltlng. In thls way the class can le without limit In slze, and all incmbere, without leavlng thelr homes be actually undcr tho tuit ion of one of the most famous of European UugulsU. The prlce of the csmplctt' rourse of Instruc! ion, lncludlngthe prlutud Iessong and answi i n to questlons, Is hut Ove dollars. I. K. Funk & Co., N. Y. City. Harp r's Magazine for November, concludlng the slxty-thiril volume, Is numberof rare exiilliMce. Itopens wlth a very lnterestlng artlcle, by W. H. Kldeing, entllled "In Cornwall with an Cmbrella." Mr. Rclnhart Illuslrates the artlcle wllh qualnt plcturcs of the people and of the country. W. W. Thomas, Jr., contrlbali-B h grapnlo aoooanl I Itn weeks' recreatioM aud sport In the woods of Canada, beautlfully illustrated. We are remlnded again of 1 1 1 1 Yoiktown rniloiiiiinl, now at liand. by Mr. Howard Pyle'l slronj; jkji'Iii, "TilKliainH Rlde fnmi Yorktinvn (o PblUdclpbUk'" wllh two striking lllu&tratluns froiu tlie author'8 drawtngs. In the secoud lnstalment of hla "Journallsllo London," Joseph Hntlon deM-M iii-s the I .oitilon Timen bnlldtng, and gtves a hlstory of that paper, wlth an Interesting accouut of the careerg of the Jate Mr. Delane and hls successor, Mr. Cheuery, as editors. A very lmereKttng chapter In the pioneer liUtory of Ohio is contribuid by Alfred Mathews, under the titleof "Otilo's First t"apital"-referrlng to (Jhlillcothe. Tliu Sottleinent of Chlllicothe wad ïuade by Vlrglntans, ai that of Marietta was by New Englandera. The artk'le Is lllustratc-d by portraits of MnssMe, Tiflln, Worthlugtou and Allen-all resideuU of ChlIlicothe, and all Governorsof the .State. John Hahberton gires an entertninlug abstract of Paul Du Chaillu'H travels In gcnndlnavla. Thomas Hughes contrlbutes ftn Interestlng sketch 01 the late Dean Stanley- recountlng scènes in the latler's life witnessed by the author of the artlcle. The serial novéis - "Aune," by Conslance Fenimore Woolson, ana "A Laodteean," by Thomas Hardy- are continued. John A. Diü.m trontrlbutew an important .and tiinely artlcle, with llluslraliou.s on "Tehuantepec, and the Ead Shlp Rallway." Short stories are contributed by John Esten Cooke and Virginia W .Johnson, and poems by Lucy Larcom and Adelftlde Cllley Waldron. The editorial departments are full, as usual, of entertalnlugand useful matter; und the prospectus of the Magazine for the coming year shows that the forthcomlng columes wlll be even more lnterestlng aud beautlful tlian tlie volume Jubt concluded-rich as the latter has been in literary and artlstlc tretisures.


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