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Estáte of Micliael Yajfcr. TATE OF MICHIGAN, Conntj ul S':u-hunau , n, At a aeaalon of thc I'rohato Cciurt fnr tlM ('innty of Va#hteuaw, huiden at the l'ruhale Otfteu. in the ctty of Aon Arbur, un wedneaday. the aitti day of October, tn the yenr onc ihuimand oi;ht hundred nnd eiífhty-otte Promjnt, William 1). Hi n imán, ,lud;;e of Probate. Id the matter of thc estáte of MlchaeJ Tager dsepased. in readinf? and ftHng the patitío mrifcd, of Lawii Tgr, rayin: thai adinliii!r.tioii of sald catate may be krunted to Jobu Aduto Sebuiid oreóme olher peraan. Tberanpon It i ordered, Uut Monday, the tMrty flrítd'. Innam, ntten 'o'elock lo ti noontbe af?ned fortbo hearing nf aaiditetition, uml üjat úii' at luw "i aald rinrnaanrt.ind ali utl er peraonw ititcrenttd in ciiid enlate, are requlred lo vupaarat a -íionofíaidc)urt,tlieiitbeli(ildenat Uie rrotwtc OiHee. tn the city of Ann Arbur. and show cunw. il huv thure le,liy ihe prayeruf ilie p sbüiild not ne irranted. And it ia fartber ordered, that tnld adtltioaer cive nortee 10 the rr-nn intiToiteil ili Mld er-tate, OÍ t lio MDAuiCJP ni snid [M!it:"ii. juni ihe iMarfac tliereut, by cautín ;i copy of tbie orter to be publialied m the Aun Arbor Cnuriir, k áMrp(pr prlnted and ctrealated iti said couoiy, ihn-eí-iu-cei'-ive m'kí previoae to ijiid day of hearing, ia true copy.j WILI.IAM U. UA1UÍIMAN, Jullie of I'robate. WM. . THTY, Prot.ate K.-irinter. 10 Xortgage Sale. DKKATLT bavint; been m.ide lu the conditfons of a rtiiin iudelltiire uí morti:ulre executed by Unjthey Mi-Lauvlniu and Mary Anii Mctjiaghlln, hla wif' , of ylvau, Waehtenaw county Miclitan, u Kice A. liriú, bearlut; date the TweHtj-lbird day of May, A. l. , l-i7, nd recordad in the ofllco of regrater of deeda tbr tltè cmintr cit Vht.!naw, In the tale of Mlchik'an, uu tbe ituy thlrd day ol May A. U., 187S, m líber M ol monyaiíe!, on page 3U4, by wuich Uie powrol alccuuuioud therelnhaabecome opcratlve, on which mortL'n(íe then1 1 clalmcd tobe due oa tbo 23d day of Mv, A. I., U81, twi yearly iuitalimenlB of Interest on cnid Mum, beínjr $114, toRether with an ttloraay'l lee of LM, provlded fur lu naid murttfaee, Ín aM thc cum of four humlrcd and forty-lour dollara ($444), and no proceedinge hairbu been intiluted to lecover eaid sum or auy part tbereof. tlwrefon ia hereby iriven, that on Frldav, the I'ith day of January, A. D , 183Í!, at 10 o'elock tn the Toieooon, at the eaat front door of tbe conrt boue, In ihi city of Aun Arbor, in the sald county of Waxbtenaw, eald mofípi&t wlll be forecloed by irtue f (he power of sale therein contalned, by a ile at pnbllc anction, to the illu-et bidOer of the mortiyed pr deacribod lo aaid moitgav, or so mnch thereofas may be Mitlh ivnt to .-.iti-iy the atnouiit due on taid mortage, vli : The aouth-cimt quarter d)of Ibe outti-weat qnarter Cj) of aectiuu thirty-tlve 86) Ín tewnablp OLe (No. Imumli of rane three (3) east, In the lownliip oí Lvndon. AImu the aortb part of the north-wtiBt fractlonal qaarter of lectldn two Ín townshlp twu aouth of raure three eaxt Ín Ibe township of tiylvui, and all that part of rctiuii tbree, U)wnfhipaod raujíe Unt atoretíatd, known boundud and deácribed as lollovvn. to wlt : Beglnnlng ai tlie north-eut corner of (nld Kdton three, running tbelKe wust on Ule uortb line of ea d MCtlon aboul peveiity roda, thence aonth parallel witb the eat Une far euoagh to Inclutie witlnn aliñe drawu east parallel witli tbe uorih Une of sald cectlon to tfa loe of caid Htctiou, thence eaat to aectton Une, and UtatC nouh to the plat of bvelnntoR, l)eiti)i li) all one bundred and ïlitj ei-tit und Lj-100 aires of hud more or le-'. Uatml, üet iber ÜUt, IsM. H. A. BKAL, HiWTIB Jt Ksowlton, Mortuagev. Attorneyufor Mortgnsee. I 17!


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