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There U a Ladiea' Ceinetery Assoclation at Big ltapids, a good place tor "hen medir-." J. A. Polhemus received an elegant easy chair, the gift of his grand clilldren Joseph and Jenny Polhemus, in honor of his seventieth birthday, Oct. lüth. Chauncey II. Niles, one of the prisoners that uscaped from the county jail a few days :iLr", na captored on Tuesday at Wayne Junction and brought back to the city. - - - - -? The sermón preached by Uev. Dr. Cockerat the funeral of JIrs. Harriet A. Alabaster was a grand funeral oration and a fitting tribute to the deceased. Smith McOmber, one of the pioneera of this county and a resident of Pittafield, died last Sunday. He was a farmer and bore tbc name ot' being a good neighbor. Lost Monday all the doctors that were not out of town were sick. How the unfledged a?sistnnts chnckled in their sleves as they dealt out the calóme] was, grevious to behold. The walk running from the western doors of the court house to Main street has been extended íeross the strest, tuaking a convenient crossiug for all the business men in that block. The regular term calendar of the circuit court for Oct., 1881, ehows the followlng list of cases: Criminal, 17; Issues of Fact, 43; Issues of Law, 4; Imparlance, 1, and Chancery, 21.- Total 85. Three colored students from the college at Harpers Ferry iimtriculated at Hillsdale college last week. They intern! to gradúate there, and then return to thclr fornier school at Ilarpers Ferry. Every one slioulil rememberthat the Art Loan Exbibition is still in full blast. Not faeling able to do it justice by a word descrlption, we advise every one to go and see this great display of rare curiosities. IVii-,) on tin' Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad is good. It is reported that an eastern party intends to extend the line from South Lyons to Port Austin. The engineera are already at work running out the line. The steam Ure engine was brought out on Wednesday evening, to test its strength as well as to learn the nature of the repairs needed. It seems that the engine has been injured through misusage, but now an engineer has been secured who is able to manage it. The first meeting of the fall campaigu in the new Opera House will be held Sunday afternoon, October 23d, and will be addiessed by Hon. Robert E. Frazer of Cheboygan, and several of our most prominent citizens. Let there be a Iarge turn out! At the jtnnual meeting of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of the M. E. cliurch, held Oct. 12th, the following offlcers were elected: President, JIrs. John N. Bailey; YUe-i, resident, Mrs.;D. Cramer; Secretary, Mrs. A. W. Ames, and Treasurer, C. H Worden. Before another issue of The Courier the Kellogg Concert Company will appear in University Hall. Wednesday night, Oct. 2Cth, is the date flxed for the entertainment, and it will be one of the richest musical treats that this city was ever favorcil with. The city library of Lowell, Mass., is making a collection of local papers contamina notices of the death and burial of the late President Garfield and general news in regard to the local memorial services. Tlie object U to preserve them for future reference. " The ambition of many of the young ladies attending school is to obtain a university diploma, but the height of fame which others aspire to is to procure a 'marriage certificate.'" This is what an exchunge sayg about High School girls. It don't :ipPly to college girls. ¦Mi. Albert Lohr and Misa Louisa Shulz wen married on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o clock at the residence of the bride on Bprtng street. The presents were numerous and beautif,,]. The bride and bridegroom left for the ÏCast on the 2 o'clock train yesterday iiiorninirAt the Monday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the credentials of Peter Cooper, as supervisor pro tem., of York in the place of J. W. Blakeslee, temporarily disabled, were prcBented and received. On Tuesday C. II. Richmond aa added to the commttee on public buildings. Prof. T. P. Wilson of the University is rranglflg a course of temperance lectures by the best talent of the nation to be deliv"] in this city, and also in all the citles and larger towna in the State. This is n large stride in advance, in a thorough agitation of this great question. The young people of the Congrcgatioiml ehurch are making preparatious for holding a Dickens social. The time appointed for the entertainment is the evening of the lirst Satuiday in November. The characters of someone of Dickens1 novéis will be represented by the young people in costinne. It will be remembered that the body of Captain Chafl&e, who died in the Waync county insane asylum, was consigned to tlic pickling vats in the University, and a w Oí bla friends in this city raised enough money to give him a decent burial. It has now been ascertained that Mr. Chaffee had an msurance on his life to the amount of 2,000. The money raised by his friends WW now be returned, bnt the remainder will, probably, go to his wife. Wa acknowledge tlie rcccipt of au uhlrcgs delivercd by the Rev. John Alabaster, D D., before the Fastor's Instituto of the l)e troit Conference at Port Hurón, Mtctí., and published by request of the conference. I is but one of Dr. Alabaster's very able dis courses wliich the peoplp of Aim Arborde light in hearing. A fine portrait of the late J. Ci. Hollum has been received at the Coukiku office through the kindness of the Century Co. publishers of the magazine blerstafbri known as Scribner's Monthly Magazine, o which;Dr. Holland was editor. Any token of remembrance of the great author is a treasure th:it will be preserved. The lady classmates of Miss May Alabaster, as a token of tlieir sympathy % iili her in her great affliction, sent her a benutiful harp of flowers. Thig was plaied among the bountiful floral offerings at the altar. After the services were over a photograph of the altar and pulpit as draped and decorated was taken by Mr. Lewis. John Laing died at his residence in tliis city, on Saturday morning last at 3 o'clock. The funeral occurred under Ihe orders of the Turner band society of which lie was a nicmber. Mr. Laing bas been very low with consumption for some time past. He was for a long time a uiember of the old Germán band. He leaves a wife and three children. The University temperancc meeting on Tuesday evening was of a business order and resulted in tho election of a list of canvassers f rom each class n the departments. Another meeting will be held 011 Monday evening next at. the rooms ot the Y, AI. C. A. to organize the canvassing committee, ainl to take action determining the course of temperance activities for theseason. A large congregation assembled at the Episcopal church last Sunday morning to witne8s the ordainment of Professor Moses Coit Tyler. The services were very impressive. Bishop Harris, of this diocese, ofHciating. The sermón was preached by Bishop Lyman, of North Carolina. In the evening Professor Tyler delivered a very eloquent discourse on " Pontius Pilate's Crimes." The Supervisors have elected T. D. Hurton, of York, janitor of the Court House, at a salary of $500 a year, by a vote of 1 7 in his favor to 8 for Jeff. Davis. Mr. Horton should keep the building in good order, and if his present salary is not enough, the Supervisors should make itmore. This great and wealthy county is able to pay a decent salary, and it is a disgrace to the county to pawn the job ofl" to the lowest bidder. While the lire engine was in operation on the corner of Pourth and Washington streets, Wednesday evening, a horse belonging to Conrad Binder, of West Liberty streef, tliat was hitched in front of the meat market on that corner, became frightened, broke loose, and ran ior some dietance down Washington street toward Mam'. The harness giving away, the buggy was soon left behind, and the horse made its way home. Neither the harness, the buggy, nor the norse received much injury. _______ Upon the examinntion of the report of tlie superintendents of the poor of the county, we tind the following facts: That loans amouriting ia round numbers to $15,000 have been paid. That the cost of niaintelning the poor at tlie county house, and outside the county house is a little over $8,000, some $5,000 less thau last year; that the cust per week for each inmate has been $1.11 against $1.40 last year, and that atter paying the loans and supporting the poor at the county house, including temporary relief to transients, theie is a balance in tho treasury of $1,300. The county, so far as relates to the county poor, is out of debt with a good balance in the treasury. On Wednesday evening, October 26, Miss Clara Louise Kellogg will sing in University Hall. This announcement alone ought to fill every seat in the house. Miss Kellogg is undoubtedly the best soprano singer in America. She will be accompanied by flve of the best musicians that could be found,- Sig. Brignoli, tenor; Miss Alta Pease, contralto. Sig. Tagliapietra, baritone; Herr Liebling, pianist, and T. Adamowski, violinist. Thismakes a troupe that never has been excelled. Tickets will be sold for 75 cents, reserved seats at no extra coat Seats can be secued to-morrow morning on or atter 9 o'clock, at the usual places. No one should fail to attend. Out of the 229 students examined for admission into the Literay Department, 192 have been admitted. Two of these enter the fourth year class, five the third and three the second. The Detroit Evening News of the 17th says: "The telegraph brings intelligence of the sudden death at Yankton, Dakulu, uf Gen. G. D. Hill, formerly a well-known business man and politician of Michigan. He was among the early settlers at Ann Arbor, where he accumulated quite a large estáte, and was an active politician about the time of the organization of the Republican party, and for some years after. Ilis military title, we believc, dates back to tlie days of the old State militia, and was not won in battle. For some years lie held the responsible post of surveyor-gencral of Dakota, and more recently figured as lobbyist at Washington. Unluckily a passion for strong drink gradually uiulerniincd his atrong constitution, and to who saw him a few weeks ago In Detroit, on his way to Yankton, the news of his death will not be a surprise." We have tried our best to imagine that tliere Is somc trutli in the acknowledged opinión that there is a mcans by which foot passengere oa Catherine treetcan get across Detroit street. As Charon, the boatman, is still suppoeed to bc eniployed at tlie other river Styx, and as the city furnishes no góndolas or other means of navigation in a semi-liquld medium, we fail to see how any community can expect a person to get from one side of tUe street to the other any where in that vicinity. We can stand broken legs catised by holes in poor sidewalks, but when it comes to loosint one's boots three times a day and destroying seven pairs of pantaloons' legs a week, we fail to see just where the advantage is in having sucli a fllthy hole witliin the city limits. It woiild be an agreeable surprise to us to go home some day and find a respectable crossing there - a surprise indeed for it has been In its present condition since time inmemorial. The entertainment given by the Litta Concert Company last Friday evening was well attended. The audience did not fail to show which singers they preferred to hcar. Mlle. Litta came fully np to our expectations. lier voice was rich, and she seemed to have it under good control, üiss Mc Lane plcased a great many. Her selections were made more in accordance with the tastes of the audietice than those of any other member of the troupe, and shc received hearty encores every time. Mr. Skelton and Mr. Graham seerned to be unfortiinate in the selection of theirmusic, to say nothing about Uieir rendering of the same. Some of the selections were oíd to Aun Arbor audiences, and we have heard the same picces better rendered. Mr. Skelton, the cometer, was encored every time ns he deserved to be. Every one seemed to be well pleased with the new plan of [esèrrlng seats. As the night was very stonny, this alone secured the Lecture Association a ?ood house. Alfred 1 lliirbank will give ¦ nadlag I in University Hall to-niglit. Al a hmiioi - ous and dialect impersonutor, Mr. liurbank luis an enviable reputation. Unless ho displayed na] merlt the New York Hsrald would not use such terms ai the following. In Ipeaking oí a reading giren at Cblckerinj; Hall, tbat Journal of MaroU.8, 1879, says: ''J'lin [liooe Belected for the opénlog of the couise was 'Hip Van Winkle,' as played by foe Jefterson, the whole of Wblcb, wilh :i lew uiiimportant oxoeptions, being rectted from mcniory by Mr. Burbank. The eliaiacters of Olu Rlp, Gretchen, Mina. Derrick Von Beekman, Mina's lover; Henry, and all the others, even to the little village children, and not excepting lüp's inevitable dog 'Schneider,' were brouxht as vividly before the mind's eye as if the piece with the usual cast and suiroundings was Ixing performed on the stuge. Mr. liurbank's dialect rendition of lüi Van Winkle approached so near Jellersou's as to seein almost a part of it, or siniply a transltlou of the BCtlon from the stage to the platform.


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