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The Yorktown Celebration

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The Yorktown centennial cclebration began on Tuesday last and closes to-daj'. The President and all the members of the cabinet, except Windom, Kirkwood and MacVeagh were present. Among the forelgn guests present are representatives of the families of Baron Steil ben and of Lafayette. The official program as announced before the celebration s as follows: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18. First- The President and hls Cabinet the Congresslonal Coramlssioo, the Goveruors and Commlssioners of the States and the guests of the natlon wlll be received by the Governor of Virginia and hls stafrin Lafayette Hall at 11 a m., whence they will proceed In a body to the' monument site, wuere the .ceremonies wlll take place. Second- The chalrman of the Joint Commisslou of Cougress, Hon. John W. Jobnston United States Senator from the State of Virginia, will cali the assembly to order at 12 o'clock noon. Thlrd-Prayer by Rev. Robert Nelson, grand sou of Úoveruur Nelson, of Virginia, who commiinded theVlrglnla mllitia during the siegeof Yorktown. Fourtn- "The Slar Spangled Banner " by volees under the leadership of Prof. Charles Slegel, of Klchmoud, Va., accompanied by the Marine band. Fiflh- Address of welcome by hls excellency, F. W. M. Holliday, Governor ol Virginia. !-ith- 'The Marseillalse," by the chorus of volees under the leadership of Prof. Slegel the accompauiment by the Marine band. Seventh- Iutroduetory address by the chair man of the Commlsslou, Hou. John W. Jounston, of Virginia. Klghth- "Hall Colurabia." by the chorus of yotces led by Prof. Siegel, the accompanlmeut by the Marine band. Ninth- Layiug the corner-stone of the monument by tbe Grand Master of Masons In Virginia, asslsled by the Grand Masters of the thirteen original States. 'J'enth- Grand fantasia, intr--' n.uEresH, Soush ¦ ¦¦--"nBouuü,coiiductedby ?.. r. ,r. i lïiip Sousa. At 7 p. m. there wlll be a pyrotecbnlc display from a boat moored in York KI ver. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEK 1D. First- The Assembly will be called to order by Hou. John V. Joliustou, Chalrman of tho Yorktown Centeunlal Commlsslon Second- Overtnre,I,e Cold.Ambrose Thomas, by the Marine band, conducted by Prof. J. Philip Sousa. Tlilrd- Prayer by clergyman not selectcd. Fonrth- Hyinn, words by Chas. Plóndexter, muHlc by J K. Schmolzcr, rendered by the chorus of 300 volees under Prof. U. L. Slegel, accompanied by the Marine band under Prof. Sousa. Fiflh- Address by the President of tbeTJnlled Staten. Sixth- Centennial Ode. words by Paul H. Hayne, of South Carolina: set to music by Prof. J. Mosenthal, of New York; rendered by the chorus of ilini' luindred volees uuder Prof. 0. L. ttlegpl, accompauiment by the Marine band. Seventh- Oralion by II. C. Winthrop, of Massachusetts. KIkIHIi- "The Star Spangled Banner," bythe chorus under Prof. ölegel, accompanied by tüe Marine band. Nlnth- Ceutennlal Psalm, by James Baron Hope, of Virginia. Tenth- Overture by Dodworlh's Thirteenth RegimenJ bana of tbe State of New York. At the conclusión of the ceremonies n reception wlllbe held by the Pri-Mcli-ni of theUnlled Slates and hls Cabinet, theCongresstonn! Commlsslon, and the guests of the uutiou In I.alayette Hall. At 7 p. in. there wlll be a pyrotechnlc display froiu boats moored lu York Hlver. TUURSDAY, OCTOBER 20. Grand military and navnl pnrade and review by tbe President of tbe l'nlted States of the troop and other organiza! lons present, under I comïnand of MaJ. Gen, Wluiield S. Hancock, I [JnTted states Army, the arrangements for I whlch wlll be madu by hun and annouuced I later. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21. Ornud naval review ly the President of the United States and exerctses of the fleet under command of Kear Admlral R. H. Wayman, United Stutes Navy, Uih arrangement for which wlll !u madu by hlin and aunounced luter. On Monday the I9th inst. was unvelled a monument commemorating the victory of Yorktown. The continental congress voteil fhat sucli u monument should be erectcd nearly one huudrcd years ago. The subsequeiit finaiuiaUlifllculUes made it impossible to carry out the project, and in aftel years it was forgotten, until the approaching celebration reminded congress of the long forgotteu resolution and caued 1140,000 lo be nppropriated for that purpose. T his monument is to commemorate the victory of the American and Frei'cli troops over tlie British under Lord Cornwallis, Oct. lötli, 1781. Yorktown i.s Rttuated 00 thé Hght bank of the York Kiver and near ts moutli. "Ou Ai;. 1, 17H1, Lord Corn wallis posted kimself licre with a forcé of something more thaa iS.OOO men supported by several fngatea and otlier vessels which wore anchqred in York liiver, fortifying his position by a line of batterie.s along the river; also strongly fortifying Qloucester l'oint on the oppositc side of the stream. In the latter part of September the combined American nnd Fretten forces under Washington and LaFayette, numbering about lü,000 men, invested Yorktown. On Oct. Oth first parallel was establiahed, and lire was opened, by which several of the British gun were dismounted, and on the the IbUowlng evenin ,1 ftrigati :uid tb ree largo transporte ware destroycd. n tin: llth tbs seoond parallel was opened, :i n I U tlie besiegers W0T8 anuoyed by au cnlilading lire from two redonbts, a ancceasfül attack was made upou tliciu on the nÍLrlit o j tlie Mth, and the captured works were included in the parallel. A large French fleet under Count de Grasse In tbe meanwhile prerented Cornwailif'frotn recelving the relnfonftmenu whicli were sent lo hint onder Sir Henry Clinton from New orfe On the lOth he made an Ineffectuiü lortie, and on the next d:iy oilured to capitúlate. The terms haring been agreed npon, on the 19th he surrendered 'his whole force, consisting of 7,247 regular troops, 810 snilor?, with 235 guns; the entire Hritish loM in killed, wounded and missing was abotlt 550; that of the Amiricans and Frencli, about 300. This surrender viitually liroujiht the war of the revolution to a close." Such u brief is the liistory of the siege at Yorktown one hnndred yeara ago. All the offidall in Washington, even the British ministry, were present at the eelebration. Gov. Jerome and stall' were presented to the President on llonday and in conipany with the Michigan troops left tor Yorktown in the afternoon. Take it as a whole the afluir has tnrned out to be a succesa of the grandest kind.


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