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Where The Presidents Are Buried

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Tile body ot llnií.T Washington U redi ing in a biick vault at MoiBit vernon in inarble cofflu. Jollll A.drtB18 w :is hulit'il MI íí VíUllt In BeaththeUnitiiriun chnrch at Quincy. Th tomb is walled in wltli large.Wookj o rough-faoed ff ran i te. .lolni Qulncy Adama lies In the sam vault ly tlic side ot bis father. In tli cburch uiiovr, (ni eltber ide ot Um pulpit are tableta ol douded marble, eacli sur iiiuunted by a bus) and Inicribed wilh th familiar epltapha ol tb only father and son tint ever beid the bigbeat in tlio jrit ol the American paopls. Thomas Jeffenon lii's in a sniall, iinprc teutioug private ctnetery of 100 í#tí square neax Monücello. Ja:; ' il'g rest in tt beau titiil pr.t on the nlil Maillson estáte, nca i lnnt, Va. Jame Monroe'i body repoeei in Holly wood oenetery, Vu., on an eminenoe, com mandinga beautit ui viewof Kichoiondsni. the Jamei river. Above tb ix4y lmti block of polUhed Virginia marble, rapport i ooffin-ahaped hlock of gránite, 01 wuich are braat platea suitably inscribed n huic . gúiroundad bji i jott ol (íotli ie temple- tuur pillar (upppttlif; peak( roof, to v liiili uomethlng ol the uppéarano ota biid oage ii Imparted by Olllng in the inti-isticcs uitli run gTaÜOfa. Amlrew .lackson wa buried in the cor nei ol the nrden of the Hermitage, elevet mi)e from NashrlUe. The tomb is 18 fee in diameter mrroDnded bj Boted colomna and siirniounted Ijy an urn. TIn; tomb is sarrouaded by magnolia b Martin Van" Buren was huiied at Klmlcrhook. The monument ¦ plain graulb !, Uiteen feel bigb. William Henry rlifrÍBOn wai bwried at Nortb Bend, lifteen mllei f rom Clncinnatl .luim Tvh r's body resti iiliiu ti'n yanta oithat of Jarnea Monroe in Hollywood oen etery. Kichniond. it i marked by no monument, but t s lurronnded by magnoliai and flon i Jamea K. Tolk lies in the private garden of the tamil v resldenoe In Nashvlle, Tenn It is marked by a limestohe monünJent with Dorio coluniiis. '. ichary Taylor wus buried In ('avt Hill irmetery, Loulivllle, The body was M.iientiy to he renioveil to Frankfort, ulule a suitalile monument was to be ereried.eoinmeinorativi ot hls dUUngullhed ¦errli Millanl leniains lie In the beautiful Forest Lawncemrteryof Batíalo, and ii MIMMMHited ly a lotty iiatt ol Bcotcb granite. Franklln Pieree ni buried In the Concord, N. II , crmciciy, and hN grave I nmrkiii by a niariiic monument. James Buchanan'i remains lie In the MimmIu u'd Hill oemetery al Utneaiter, Pa. in :i viiult of nmsonry. The iilonuiiiriit is couiposed of asimple IiIdcK ofltaliau niur ble. Abraham Lincoln ntbs iu t)ak Kidjrc tv, Spriiigfleld, III., encloseil in u aarcopUagm of wlrite marble. Tlie monoment is a gfeut pile of marble, gmaite and bronze. Andrcw Jobnaon'i grvre b on n coneshaped cinincnco, half a inile froni öreenvllle, Tenn. The monument Ü-wf nw'rblë, beantlfullv ornamented. The liinly of .James A Garlielil lias lieen placed in t tonih it Cleveland.


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