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Victima to Constiparon and its untold miseries can keep in ffood conditlon, ly :i moOeratc use of Ayer l'ills, iln sures! safest and most reliable ('utlmilir. Rescued From (ral li. Willim J. Coughlin, of Somerville, Mass., says : " In the f'all of 1870 1 wat, taken with a violent bloeding of tbc lungs, tollowed by asevere couxli I was to tak at oue time u tu be uial!e to leave iny txl. In the Humuaer of' 177 [ttttld mftted to the city hospital. Wliile tliere the doctors saiil I hal a hole in mj Jert lung as big as a half dollar. 1 (rat gone at ooe time that a report went arouud that 1 was dead. I gave up hope, bot a friend told me of Du. Wit Uai.i.'s BaLsam for 1BI LüNOS. I got abotth; wh n to my surprise and gratifica! ion I BOÉl menced to te beiter, and to-day I foei ia better spirits than I have in the pui tlireu yeai 8. I write tliis hoping every one alH otcd with diaeased will be induced to take Dr. W'm. IIali. 's daljam fok tuk Lungs and be oonvinced that consuuiption can be cured." Sold by Druagists. 1826-78 It is ?:iid that the prlrata fortune of neen Victoria amonnti to $80,000,000, and slie possosses an annual incoiuc of $8,250, 000. Iktdrc lier birth lier purents were so poor that they had to borrow the money to pay their pasaagc to Kngland, that the expected princesa might be bom on Biitish soil, and sho reraanira in bomparative poverly until slie ascended tlic tlirunc. "UZ 1 PROFESSOR Made from l'rofeisor Uorslord' A M Fhoaphat. Kecommended by leading phyulrlann. Makfrt lightr hinruit, cukcM, rU., and ! healthier tlian ordinary Itakiiig l'owder. In cant. Sold at a reaaonable prïce. Thr Horftfurd Almanac aud Cuok Buuk ent f ree. Rnmford Chemtcal Work, Providence, R. 1 and Kt Lfckc st , Chicaba ÏQit8-7!t IS A REALLY RELIABLE REMEDY FOR WASTINC AND NERVOUS DI8EASES. Afler Dumeruun experiment Mr. Petlowi ree Ín produciDK thi coaihination of llypophnHphitei, which han not oniy regtored him to hoalth, but has elnce been round no eucceepCu) in the treatmcM of disease t-manatini; from lose of nerve powur, and eun4qu-utly muscular ruiaxAtUm, vi,: AphoLla (loef of volct-) Nt-nralg-ia. Ana'tnia, Drbilfty, Jhronlc Diarrhna Whoo, mg Conffn. [ Congi etiou of the Lung?, Parar and Agüe, l'alpitatlon of tlie lleari, X-ocorrha'a, Melaurlinly, Mw.'iru, Ment&l Dprcsifou, Nervougii' MALARIA. I'eronn living in mnlariong district.- may protect hemselves from attackt of fever by use of FO1low' 'uiiiiMiiind Hyrup orilypopholilteH. Itn effectf Ín ioi)liif up ihe ayatem eiille 110 to ward of contagtout dlrordere ani mucccBöfully rombal ÍUe%M, The soluble phospbitea and theothrr Ufc-umntaiiiiiig jrinciplee compo-iiü.' Pellows HypophoaphitcH re 10 carefully propnrtioned and co judicioiuly ulngled bat their actlon apon the nérvea, miiHclcc and im-rnranea Ín impartlug vitality, otrenth and healthy actlon la generülly apparent withíli twenty.lour honre and the good effeets eiperlonced arcofa permanent cha ra eter. ¦rnHONLSEDICINEt 11 IX EITIIEU LIOllD Olí DUÏ FOBJI H Ha That Acta ac Iho same tlrnt on 3 TÏÏI LIVXR, TES 20 WSLS, Q AÏÏB TBS KIDSSrS. M UwHY ARE WE SICK?i W liecause ií-t alknv Viese great organt U WÊ tai breóme clogged or torpid, and poísvnout II mhumoriart therefore farad into tht blood M that ihouldbt txptlUd naturally. Q I WILL SURELY CURE JKIONEY OISEASES, M LIVER COMPLAINTS.y I UpiLES, COH8TIPATION, I'KINAKvQ "ÁjnTÑEttVoVs'DTsOBDEEsr' 71 1 lAby couilng fru actian of tlu$é organt amtMM I HrMíoriny the ir power to tlixoxv off dittatt. 1 Hhr iiirer Blllonn pIn and nrhpjl H Wh j tormén ted nlth Piles, ('onit i pat lont ¦ U W hjr frlghtemd OTer dUordered Kldneyi! R H Vhj endura nerro or slck headaches! ¦ il Vm KIDNEY-WOUTanii rejoict in tualth . Q I Itlfimt upln V'J Vrtbl Farm, lntnH I II egL on pckage of whlch makea bis quarca fH ¦ ¦ medicino, Also in Liquld Form, Tery ¦¦ trt4 f or thote that cannot rcadily prepare lt. !¦ I ¦I tvlt act wlth equai efficiency in either form. JÉJ U QET IT OF TOCR DRCQO18T. PRICB, 1.00 M I M WELL, EICIIABDS05 Co.,Prop', ¦¦ iJcWUliendthadiTPOft-ptJd.) BURLEIOTOJ, TT. H li'-.T-Til I Ayer 'sCathartic Pilis For al! the Purposes of a Fanily Fhysic, OostlveDess. JiiniKliool J Dyspepsla, Indigestión I V-MVSgrjp liysi'ini'ry, l-'mil I aR ftC al1 Brath, I i Ait ....Sm a.-he, EryslpeluI VvWGlEBt UlieuiiuiiiMii.KrHptloti I _2nndskln DUcaKts l:ii I 'w BflBa iuusiuss, Livt-r I H WSÍm plnlnt. Dropsy. Tcl leí1, 1 Tamprs and Sll Rhpum, Wonns, Gout Non I ralgla,iiSHdlnui;r plll,nnd purifylng tlie blaod, I r thc nott congenial pnrgative jet perfi-t-il I Tbelr elTcrt abundanlljf nhow how inuvL úey xcl I all other Pili. They are safe and pleanant to uke, I lint powerftal to enre. liejr pnree ont tko fonl 1 moTH of tbc blood; they aiimulute hv -luri-h or I dlHurdiTcd orean Into actlon, and tbey Impart hcalili I and tone to the whole bein(r. They cure not only the I erery day cninpUintö of vety body, but forraklable I and daneerous dlsenüet. Most skillful phyr-lrhuis. raot eminent clersrymen, and ourlu-Ht citir.f-u, send I ctrtlncatus of cure ptrformed, and ot grcat I dcrlvcd from these Pilis. They are the safeat and bet phyalc for children, because mild as wcll as iTertual. BHng sagnr contru, they are eufy to take ; and btlng pnrely vegetable, thev are culircly harm M. PRKPARED BY Dr. J. ('. Acr & Co., Lowell, Mass., Practical and Analytical Chemlsts. Sold by all DrugcisU and Dtalers ín Medicine. 10a0-1078-f6w _ 7 i C. F. ELLIOTT, WM( DeÉt-Oiiúí á llvífir 22U Woodw.ud Avenue, y$yyvL' DETROIT, M1CII. KXdSY .'COI. tlflcflttlngofSpectcIes 'mf Xenclfor Pamphltt. 10iil-7) $500 RE WARD ! WE will pay the above reward fur any cae ol Llver Complafnt, Dypeiil. Sick Iltadacht', Indigestión, CoDulipatton or Costlvenesa we cannot cure wlth Went'B Vagattbla Llver Hlllí, wb lons are strlcily complled wltb. 'l'hey ara purely 't'L'ctble. and ncverfal) toglvesattafnction. Silbar Coati'd. Large boxe?, coritalnlng 30 Pilis, H5 cents, or sale hy all dmgieti1. I i-wurc f counturfeití md Imltatlons. The genulne manufHctured only by JOHN C. WEST & CO., "The Plll Makers," 181 A 183 W. Madlaon SL, Chicago. Free trlal purkai-e ent by malí prepald on recetpt of a 3 cent stamp. 1060-1101


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