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WhO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOORAPHÏ OF THI8 COUNTRY, 85EB_-YJEX'.W.'ü?niTH'iSu.'V'Ar? TAT 3HE -t,.j CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y Is The Creat Connectlng Link between the East and the West ! It main line runs from Chlcano to COUDCU Slrrping Cantor slcrpInR purpose, and Palace Bluffs pasiiiKtliroiiRh .li.H.-t. Ottawa, I. Salle. Dmtno Can foreatlnit purpoaesonly. Onf.J Ubduhu UuUne, Rock I stand. Havenport, West grvat feature of our Palace Car Is a SMOKINd I.luerty, IowaCU}. Ntarenp", Urooklyn.Grlnnell, SALOON where you eau enjor your "Hrna" I)es Móin.s (the rápita) of l..a . stuurt. Atlauat all hours of the day. tic an.l Hun wlth branches from Uureau Majnilflcent Iron HrMgeS rlli the Mlsslsslppl JutMtton i" I .¦..Ha. Wilton Jutictlon to Museaan.l Missouri rlyer at all tioints rrossed hy tlils line, Wiishnijïtoii, l-'ai rtu-lil Elilon, Ilelkiiap, line, ;ind transfers areavoldPd at Councll UIUII8, Ontreville, l'i ineeton, 'frentón, (iallatln. ('amoKansas City, Leavenwurth and Atchlson. courun. I.r;ie!ivurth, Alchlson and Kansas City; nertlnns beinff marte tTi Union I.j.ot . ¦ " ti Oskslo.isa. and Knotlln' prlucipal K. counectlont of ïllle; Krokukto Kaniilnct.'ii, llonaparl Benthlacreat TliroURh I.ineare afolluw: tonsport. In. Iepen. l.'nt. Kltlnn. Oltuniwa, K'liJyAt l H lu(o, Mlh all divunílng lina for tlie vllle, nskaliHMia, lVlla. M uu t ue, and Den Molnest an.l Soutn. ML Zlon to Koaii.iia: Ne.vtf.n u Monlx; fx At Kncilkwood, with tSo L. 4 M.8., and I'.. KolnaatolndlanolaanU Wlnteraet; Atlantic to Ft. VT 1 (' II lirlswold and Au. lul. on; and Avoca to Harían At Vabim)ih IIEIOUTS, wlth I' , C. ét St. andCarson. Tlils Is nonluvcly the only KallL. K. R. r. whlch owtis. ano op.ratrc a througll Une At La Sali.k. wlth III. Cent. R. R. ft mu Chicago luto t Me State of Kansas. At I'UOIUA, wlth P. P. J. : P. D. E.; I. B. 4 ThrmiKti I ' niierTraln wllh Pnllw,; III. MW.; and T. V. W. Rd. man l'.u.n . in ...icli w;i ilaily At KocK IflLAKD. wlth "Mllwaukee and Rock l.piwi.-ti Chicao and I'H'Müa, Kausas ('itv. Island Short Line," and Rock Ist'd A leo. Rds. Council Ku.vrs. LRAvj.wii:irit atil ATCHiAt Davenpoiit wlth the Davenport División :irealornnletweMiMilwauC. M. 4Rt. V. R R. kee and Kausa Oltv. via the "Mllwaukae aod At Wïrt I.iiiïktt. wlth the B. C. R. 4 N.R.R. I'.uck Island Short Line." At ükinkïi.l. wlth Central lowa R. R. Th ¦ Great Hoek Island" Is raacrnlflcently At Dus Moians, wlth I. M. F. I). R. R. eqofpped. lts roatl lied lsstmply perfect, and IU AtCoüKCIL BLUFíi. wlth Union Pacific R.R. track in laiil wlttiatecl rails. At omama. wlth 11. 4 Mo. R RR. (In Neb.) Hl please you most wil! nethepleasure At (Viumbis JrNOTion.wlth R.C.R.4N.R.R. if eiiloyinu yonr nieals, while panslnj; over the AtOTTL'KWA. wlth Central lowa R. K-; W beautlful nralrlesof Illinois and Inwv In one of St L. 4 Pac. and C. B. and J. R. Rds. our magnifícela UlMnpr ('ais that arcompany all At Kïoklk. wlth Tol., l'eo. 4 War. ; Wal) St. Througti Eiprcss Tralns. You (tet an entlre Louis A Vsc . and St. U. Keo. 4 N. W. R. Rds. intal. asgQOclasl.sservedinauyflrst-ílaíShotel, At Cahkrom, wlth H. St. J.R. R. for seventy-flve cents. At Atckison. with Atch.,Topeka Santa Fe; Apiireciatlng the fact that a majorlty of the Atch. 4 Neli., and Cao. Kr, U. V. R. Rds. people prefer separate aparttnents for different At Lea vknwokth, wlth Union Pac. anfi Kan. piirpotes (and the Immense paatenger busiaeaa Cent. U IMs. ..[thlsline warrantiiiKlt). we aro pleaseil toanAt Kansas Citt, wlth all Unes for the ÏÏMt nounce that thls Cornpany runs Pullman Palace and Southwt-st. Fl'LI.MAN l'AI.ACK t'AKS are run thronch to PEORÍA. DES MOINES, COIiNflI. lil.CFFS. KANSAS CITY. AT( Hl.süN. Hnrt l.KA VÜN WOKTU. Tickets vla tliia Line, known the ' (reut Koek Ialund Konte," are nold by all Ticket Aconta In the I1nitd State and Canaula. For i,. ii nut obtaiuable at your home office, addretm. R. K. OA.BLE, 3B. KT. .TOITIV, VI uit Qonl Knipi. U.J TVk.l ud hl"ÍSA;'',Ll, iim-62


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