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Wliere is Indian slimmer. Mother Shipton w;is u fraud. Joe T. Jacobs is putting in a new steam hen ter. Armory hall is being covered with a new tin root. ? Dr. BiUmeyer has opened his new dental rooms on Main street. The streets hare been lined with teUM during the past week. Mr. Wilsey has just completed au addition to his musie store. The President has designated Thursday, November 24th, as Thanksgiving Day. Long needed repairs in the sidewalk on the east side of Main street are being made. A span of nuiles lost in July byThos. F. Leonard were found in Freedom last week. At the Dickens social last Saturday night, the Congregationa! society cleared about $75.00. Rey. Mr. Georgc, of Dexter, will speak OU ti-mperance in the Opera House Sunday aiteinoon. Mr. Watts is repairiltg the rooms above his jewelry store preparatory to moving in hs family. Mr. .T. Lemmy and Miss Lizzie Field, both of Whitmore Lake, were united in marriage last Tuesday. The stores on the east side of Main street from Goodyears' to Andrews' are being adorned with a new cornice. Work has at last begun on the sidewalk on the souih side of the Gregory block. It is to be widened to fourteen feet. Marriages are so frequent at Jonesville that business places close at six o'clock to give the clerks a chance to kiss the brides. Dr. E. Wells, while putting some coal In his furnace on Sunday morning, feil agalngt the furnace and fractured several ribs. Tha roads that lead out of the city are said to be in a bad condition, especially, wliere they have been worked since harvest. The new bridge across the Huion is showing signs of progression. The irons have come and the bridgn wlll soon be completed. The young son of Mr. G. Almandinger was broughi home irom Battle Creek recently with a broken ümb wliich was set by Dr. Kapp. The clcrkship at the Toledo depot, lately held by Fred Salsbury, resigned to accept the position of baggage master, has been given by John Bartlutt The death of Mrs. Ellen Richardson, of Pittstield, occurred on Saturday last, cause consumption. The body was interred at West Winsor, Eaton county. There were twelve new names added to (be role of members of the Congregational rhurch last Sunday raorning. Two infanta were bapÜied at the same service. On Wednesday evening next, Prof. R. Kempf, assisted by the Zither Quintette Club and Miss Emraa Hack as vocalist, will give hls first recital in the Opera House. The opening of the school of music in this city lias had the good effect of creating a demtnd fi music and musical instruments much to the gratitication of the dealers in such wares. Geo. Walker, brother of W. E. Walker, of this city, died lu Detroit Wednesday night of typhoid fever. He leaves a wife and two children and many friends in the city to mourn his loss. Prof. Thomas will read a paper for the benefit of the Ladies' Library on Monday evening next at the residence of Judge Beakes. Subject: "A German Mystic." Admission fifteen cents. All are invited. AU the masonic bodies in this city have lecided in favor of securing a lodge in the new Manly & Hamilton block. It will be a convenient place for one and a finely furnished room will be placed at their disposal. Nature seems to be quite inconsistent this year. Witliin the past iew days we have seen, in this vicinity, plum trees in blossom, a second erop of ripe raspberries and a second growth of strawberrles nearly ripe. A week of prayer under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. of the University. will be observed, beginning with Sunday next. KOT. J. Alabaster will preach a sermón for joung men at the church on Sunday evening. A lamp post is needed at the corner of Catherine and Thayer streets and a lamp on South Thayer between Monroe street and South University avenue. Pititions same. circulilted ¦ procuring the Rev llr. Sunderland's subjects next Sun'lay will beas follows: Morning, "Dr. ChanJ as a Iieligious Teacher"; evening, The Genesis Legend of Creation"; before ws;.Bibi9ciassatnooii-"c""we il-"" 80fe.S present at A lecture on "Voltaire" next Friday evening, Nov. 18th, will be ilelivered by the Hon. George R. Wendllng. Tliis is the fifth entertainment of the season given under the auspices of tho Students' Lee turo Association. ? . Frank I. Allmand and Miss M. Schaible were united in marrlage on Wednesday the &th in8t. The ceremony was performed by theRev. Dr. Cocker, at the house of Mr. Joliti Allmand. We wish them long lives and much happiness. Mr. W. II. Holmes, formerly a publishcr of thc Hastings Journal is interested in a scheme for foundlng a temperance colony in the West. He is at present located at Ulpon, Wisconsin, and is publisher of the Daily Post at that place. The Ypsilanti Commercial had no hand in circulating the story about the arrest of militia men for intemperance while in Jackson. The editor of the above journal has taken throughout a sensible and gentlemanly course regarding the Yorktown celebration and the election of troops. There will be an elegant entertainment at the Presbyterian church on thls(Friday) evening, commencing at 7:30 o'clock. The performance wlll be varied with tableaux, portraits and one of Whittier's poems illustrated. A small admission fee will be charged. None should fail to be present. The II. E. choir has been pretty well broken into because of the engagement of Miss WincUell and Mr. D. E. Osborn to sing in 8t. Paul'g church, Detroit. Mr. Wilsey is now busy organizing a new one, and ntends to malntaln the reputation of that church for having the best choir In town. The well known lietaTheta Piquartette has been somewhat broken up by the departure of Mr. W. T. Whedon for the East. Mr. Douglas, teacher of elocution in the High School and a member of a chapter of of the same fraternity at Brown University, has taken his place, being a fine tenor singer. At a meeting of the AYaslitenaw County Pomological Society in this city last Saturday, the following delcgates to the State convention at South Haven were appointed: James Parshall, Ann Arbor town J. D. Baldwin, E. H. Scott, Ann Arbor city; Jann-s W. Wing, Scio, and 8. W. Dorr, Manchester. Tuesday eveniiig the oíd practice of hootingand throwlngpeanutshucksaround the opera house was again íesorted to by the '-gailery gods." One boy was led out of the building, as it was right that he should have been. The authorities ought to see that order is kept in the building that it is put in good sliape. The board of county school'examiners, after havingcompleted their exaniinalioiis throughout the county, report that one first grade certifícate has been giren, ten gecond grade and one hundred and live third grade certilicates. They have also given twentyone special certificates allowing the persons examined to teach lo specilied districts. The following item is taken from an exchange, but can be as well applied to the condition of affairs here: "On Saturday night, lying out in the cold, two drunks were discovered, and brought to the fold ; and when morning carne back and the dews dried away, and the warm sun converted November to May, the bummers, now sober, were let from the quay." On Monday nlght an attempt was made to burglarize the tooi chests belonging to the mechantes at work on Prof. Friczc's new house. The locks of three chests were tried, one was ftnally broken open and several valuable tools stolen. The pólice are on the tracks of the thieves. A man that will steal the tools of a mechante must be related to the Washington thief that stole crape given to him for the purpose of draping the government buildings at Ihe time of the late President's death. The first of the Sunday afternoon lectures was delivered in University Hall last Sunday by Dr. Winchell, before a fair sized audience. The "discourse in memory of Bishop E. O. Haven was an exhaustive on the life and work of that great and good inan. The subject was a great one and was well handled. No one among the members of the faculty being better able to picture the noble qualities In the character of the deceased than Dr. Winchell, who has been connected witli liim first as pupil and afterwards as associate professor. Our notice of the death of Mr. Asa Burnett, of this city, was mislaid so tliat it failed to appear in the last issue of the Courier. Mr. Burnett had been a resident of Wi.shtenaw county for 49 years, and had many friends in this part of the State. He will be remembered as a kluü and accommodaling friend and neighbor. II8 death occurred on Sunday, Oct. 28rd, at his residence and the funeral occurred on Tuesday. His son, Mr. E. Burnett, is in the employ of the American Express Co. at Jackson. The Detroit Evening Nev-s has be n callIng the attention of temperance advocates to the fact that Mr. John K. Clark, the Tecumseh temperance lecturer, is sick and in need of help. The Tecumseh Herald says, "Mr. Clark has made no appeal for aid, but he is none the less entitled to it on that account, and we are heartily glad to fee the temperance people waking up to the necessity of assisting hun. We are glad to be able to state that Mr. Clark has greatly improved gince cool weather set in and he hopes to take the platform again soon.1' He lectured in Clinton last Sunday.
We are sorry to be compelled to chronicle the death of Mr. E. J. Ferdon, who passed away yesterday morning at his home in Detroit. His illness was of a brief duration but the dread disease of typhoid fever again proved the victor, and the family are again called upon to mourn the loss of a son, the second bereavement in so short a time. Mr. Ferdon is well known to the people here as a young man of fine ability and great promise. He was graduated from the literary department in 1873, was in the lumber business here and in the northern part of this state, and about a year ago engaged in business in Detroit. He leaves a wife and one child.
There will be a meeting, Friday evening, November 18th, at 7:30 o'clock, in the court room, to make arrangements for a Sanitary Convention to be held here in February, ander the auspices of the State Board of Health. It is of the utmost importance that the citizens of Ann Arbor should look to the sanitary condition of the city. Unless some improvement is made, this city will soon be visited by an epidemic of typhoid fever. Physicians already plainly see the indications of the scourge that is 6oon to come unlcss the present method of the disposal of tilt li be supplemented by better ones. Who shall be interested in preventing disease? All are invited to the meeting here announced. The concert at University Hall last Friday evening was well attended. From the repütation tlmt the Slayton concert troupe has throughout the country, we expected a belter entertainment than was given. The iweeL clear voice of Miss Ilovey was pleasant to listen to. Miss St. John, the contralto, did very well. But Mr. Helne, the blind violinist, seemed to be a fuvorite with he iiiirh-i.' His playing was excellent, and his imitationn the violin of the voices of animáis, and of tbe ippeating of poetry we liave never lieard excelled. HU whistle polka dtaerves especial mention. As a wliole the audience seemed to be wel pleased with the entertainment, but it was hardly up to the standard of entertain ments given in the haü. We wisli severely to criticise the cuatom of hissing that has been Introduced this year. It is uncalled tor and out of place. John F. Cropsey dled on Monday last about six o'clock in the evening, whlle sitting in a chair. Ile had not enjoyed liis iiMial lioalth for two or three days befoie liis death. The deceased was BS years old and luis, living, twenty-three grand children and ten great grandcluldren. He was the father of ten children, seven of wliom ara living. Of these Mis. Martin Clark and Mr. George W. Cropsey reside in tliis city. For the past twenty years he has lived with his children, spending most of the timo at Dixon, 111., with a son, Mr. H. C. Cropsey, and a daughter, Mrs. Harvey Williams. ïhe remaining of the seven children are Mrs. II. M. üarrett, Chittenango, N. Y.; Smith D. Cropsey, Kirkville, N. Y., and Chas. E. Cropsey, Hismarck, Dakota. Tlie rematas, aocoinpanied by Mr. Geo. W. Cropsey, were taken to Chittenango, N. Y., for inttrment, whcie a fine family monument is erected. The cleventh annual meeting ot the Michigan State Horticultura! Society will be held in the village of South Haven, Van Buren county, on Monday, Tuesday and Wedneaday, Dec. 5, 6 and 7, in acceptanee of au invitation tendeied by the South Haven Pomological Society. Arrangennnts will be perfected by the members of the local society, to entertain all the members of the State society, delegates fiom branca societiesand horticultura] guests from abroad, in their homes. The Michigan Central; Detroit, Grand Haven & Mihvaukee ; Chicago & Grand Trunk; Cliicago & West Michigan, and the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroada, will all sell tickets at excursión rates. Applicatiou shoulU be made to Chas. W. Garfield, Grand Rapids, Michigan, for certificatcs at once, that persons desiringto attend, can secure the advantages of reduced fare. A cordial invitation is extended to all interested in hortieulture to be present at the sessions, and join la the discussious upon the varióos topics. The " Lever Course" of teinperance lectures for the winter campalgn is just about completed. Both Mr. VanFleet, of tlie Lever, and Prof. T. P. Wilson, of the Cniversity, who have had its organizatii.n in charge, have worked hard and zealously to make it a bel Mag success. With such Dames as the followlng, who are olri ady secured, it could not prove otherwise: Neal Dow, of Miiini'; (ícorgo W. Bain, if Kentucky; Frank Baird, of Oliio; Mrs. Foster, an eminent lawyer and a noted tempenmee worker, of Iowa; Mr. VVoolford, of Illinois; R. E. Frazer, E. 1. Allen, Mrs. Mary E. Lothrop, and Miss Marian Baxter, ot' Michigan. Other prominent speakers from abroad hare signified thelr decira to take the field in thla State on this question during the winter, ainong whose ñames we notice that of Levi Johnson, of N.Y.eity. It is proposed to give theni all an opportunity, if not in the regular course, then as specialiste. Ann Arbor is to be among the lucky towns that will be favored with the services of this array of talented gentleman and lady orators. Prof. T. P. Wilson, Chas. ISoylan, and John Schumacher have been appointed a committee to make all necessary arrangements for this city. The following is the text of the Thanks",'iving proclamation issued from the department of State last Monday. By the President of the United States of America: A PR0CLAMATION. It hag lont; been the pions enstom of our people with tlie cloaing of the year to look back apon the blesaiuga brought to theni in the changiug courae of aeuaons and to reiuru solumii thauks to the Allivini: Source from whom they flow. Aud although at tuia period, when tlie falliui; leaf admomsbea au that thu time ol our cucred duty is at haud, oiir uation lies iu the shadow ol a great bereavement. and the mourniiiK wnich has filled our hearts Ktill flud sorrowiul exprennioii touard the God before whom we but lateiy bowed in griel aud supplication, yet the cuuiillt'tiii bk'ssinga wtiich have eüowered upun us duriug the past twelve months cali for our fervent Kratjtude and make it litting tbat we nliould rejoice with thaukfulueea that the Lord in hiB infinite niercy baa moat tignally favored our country and our people. l'cace without and prosperity wiihin Dave beeu vouchsafed to ua No peulilence ha viMiteu oar ehorea; Ihe abundant privileee ol freedom wiiicU our ïuihera lelt us in thtir wivdoui are atlll our iucieaalng herliage, and 1Í in parta of our vaat domain some ufiiiction haa viited our brctheren in their loreal bornea, yet even thii calaiaIty liaa been tempercd and in a mauiicr yauctitied bj gineroua compaceiou (or the fuñerere wbidi han beeu called lorth througbout our land. For all Umm tiijnsa it ia muei that the voice of tbe uation rhould nu up to üod in devout homage. Wuerefor I, Chester A. Arthur, Prsaident of the Unlled Statea, do recommend tlmt ail tbe people obeerve Thuraday, ihe 24th day of November inat., ae a day of nationul thaiikagivingand prayer, by ceaaiiiií ao Ifir aa muy be lrom their secular labora aud meeting in their aeveral placea of worahip, there to Join in acriblng honor aud praiae to Almighty Oud, whuae goodneêa hag been t-o munifeat in our hiatory aud iu our Uvm, and offeriug earnest prayers hls hountie9 may continue to ua and to our children. In witneaa win-rtol I have hereunto eet my hand and cuueed the aeal of the United Suite to be afflx.d. Done at the city of Washington, this fourth day of November, in the year of our Lord oue tbouaund eiyht huiidred and eighty-one, and of the independence ol thu United States the one huudred and aixth. cncaTnn a. aiithuu By the Pn sident. SecrcUry of State.