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St. James hotel h:is a new sign. It Is rcpmticl MMt 'l'ilton will lecture here in February. December 12th is tlie lirst day of tlie Presbyteriau fair. G, A. Tanner hatdUpoMtl of nis interest in the Daily Xcws. Tlie total tax raised in tuis county last year was $!i!l,:!.ï2.!2. Constables Looinis and Imus expeot to tike pii-oncrs tu Ionia to-day. The Aun Arbor Solmet.enbund liad a turkcy shoot in the park yesterday afterDoon. The next meeting of the pioneer society of this eounty will be held at Manchester, Dec. 7. _ liev. W. II. Kyder exchanged pulpits with liev. Mr. (rannis, of Ypsilanti, last Snnday. The flrst term of the High School closed on Wednesilay. The svcond term begins Moiiday. The telephone office has been removed to tlie third story of Huiler & Sou's new jewelry store. Amiie Louise Cary, assisted by the Boston Temple Quartet, will appear in University Hall, Dec. 2. Last Sunday there were 522 in attendance at the M. E. Sunday school all, or nearly all, being regular attemlants at thut school. Company A has rented the tliird story of the Manly & Hamilton block, and intend to lit up one of the finest armories in the State. _ It was rumored that Mr. Crossman, of west Huron street, was found dead in bed Tuesday morning. The report, however, is untrue. Annual elections of Praternity and Golden I?ule Lod";es will be held next Wednesday and Thursday evenings respectively. Next BunQky ereoing Dr. Alabaster, of the M. E. clmrcli, will begin a series of lectures on " The Life and Times of Joseph the Hebrew." Special Thauksgiving services were held at the Sunday school rooms in the 5th ward last Sunday, Dr. Cocker and otheis being present. Chas. P. Bussel, Grand Worthy Chief of tlie Good Templars of the State Michigan, will speak on tempcrance in the Opera House next Sunday afternoon. The gasoline lamp post on the corner of Liberty and Fifth streets, has been removed from tlie outside to tlie inside of the sidewalk, a great improvement. We extend our thanks to Dr. E. C. Worden, of San Francisco, for further copies of tlie San Francisco Chronicle. The paper is always welcome at our offlee. By a resolution of the Board of Supervisors the prosecuting attorney was ordered to examine into the title of the "old jail square," to see f the city had any claim there. A man by the naine oí Cook was found ilead in a ditch iu tlie townsbip of Frecdom, Monday morning. We have not learncd the result of the po3t niortem examinatkm. The liquor tix of this county for the past year was $11,501.67, whlle that of the City of Aun Arbor alone amounted to $5,026.33, nearly half of the tax for the whole county. A man named Williams, about 45 years oíd died at the county house on the 17th inst., of a disease contracted about a year ago. He had been at the county house since July last. The llrst of a series of chamber eonoertl will be givun to-n,rht in the general lecture room, in the noitli wingof University Huil. It is given under the auspicesof the University Musical Society. s. A. Cady, of the High School, died Tuesday night. He injured himself atplay a few days ayo. ns remains were carried to the depot by his class mates, escorted by the teachers and students iu the High School. Kev. J. Alabastcr will deliver an address at the chapel in Lower Town, Wednesday evening, November 30th. Ilis subject will be "Holland and the Dutch." It will be a sketch of travel, and a treat to every one that can hear it. Ella ¦!., danghter of Ambrose W. Murf:iy, of Superior, died of typhoid fever at the residence of lier fatlier, November 1&, aged 18 years, 1 month and 28 days. The funeral took place from her father's residence last Sunday, at 2 o'clock p. m. The lettere received at the Courier office in connectlou witn the publlcation of the Recipe Uook are filed away, each month by itself. During the past twelve years there have accumulated at this office more than two cords, by actual mcasurement, of business letters. Mrs. Ralph O. VVhiting was telephoned from Ypsilanti, Tuesday, that her neice, lanche, oldest daughterof William A. Coll'ns, had died of typhoid fever that mornnsr. Several other DWmbnoi the family ire suffering from the same disease with little hopes of recovery. The monthly raeeaÜgofthe Pomological Society of Washtenaw Counly will be held on the third day of December, at the usual Place in the ooart house. Offlcers will be 'ected, and other important business will "e transacted. All honorary and regular niembers are requested to be present. 'l'lianksgivini; is over, let the surviving tui ks rejoice. Mes. Malinda Yost, wife of the late William Yost, dted at lier home u PittstU-ld, lust Mouday morning. Yesterday was Thanksgiviug. Turkey was oíd and tough, cranberry sauce was too sour, minee pies had no raisins la them, luul the colic all night last night, saw my ancestors for three or four generatlons past before inorning, wish t was Thanksgiving again to-morrow. 80 say the boys to-day. The New England Society has made arrangements fortheir 25th annual supper to begiven at the Cook House on the evening of December 21st. Gov. Jeroine and other distinguished guests will be present. The uaual program will be changed and there will be no public address before the supper. The Civil Service Reform Association has made arrangeinents for a course of six lectures on civil service to be delivered during the winter. Ex-Governor Blair, of Jackson, Prof. C. A. Kent, of Detroit, and Prof. C. K. Adams, of the University, have been secured as lecturers. The opening lecture will probably be given Dec. 3rd, by Prof. Adams. The result of the meeting last Friday Qlght to make arrangements for the sanitnry convention to be held here in February was the appointment of the followiug committee: Drs. Breakey. Kapp, Prescott, George and Yaughn, Phiüp Bach, O. Eberbach, Hon. E. D. Kinne, Aid. Keech, Judge Harrlman, Israel Hall, Prof. Olney and Judge Gooley. The custom of running to a tire has its draw backs. Two young men last Monday night were tripping along at a lively ra te when they found themselves precipitated into the cellar of the Manly & Hainilton building. They concluded that the fire was not worth going to; it was nothing but a scare anyway. As no bones were broken they went home a sadder and a wiser couple. Mr. H. Egarbroad, of the Dundee Reporter, called at the Courier office, on Thursday, on his return from Detroit, where he has been to purchase au entire new outfit for establishing a Republican paper at Coldwater. The Dundee Reporter will be coutinued as usual, and the Coldwater paper will be placed under the charge of one of his sons. We wish Mr. Egarbroad success in his new enterprise. Fred Hubbard hasfinally sent a real live tarántula to lils aunt in thiscity. Tlie box wiis opened by Prof. Steere in the presence of quite a nuinber of friends. It is a very fglf looking insect and its bite is very fatal. It was in a torpid state and the Professor held it u his hand wiiile exaniining it. Mr. Hubbard sent, at the same time, a horned toad to his sister, Miss Lulu Hubbaid. He has now been wholly forgiven for the joke that he played on thein a short time ago. _______ Miss Kitie Zahn, of New York City, wlio has been visiting for a short time past at Miss M. F. Miley's on West Huron street, was treated to a serenade by the members of the Beethoven Gesanverein last Monday evuning. Miss Zahn left for home Wednesday morning. She had made plans for returning last Saturday, but on the night of the lire in Brown's drug store, she accidentally feil on the stairs of the Leonard House and sprained her ankle so severely that she was unable to make the journey. A report has reached us thata young man calling himself Dr. Fox, and professing to be a gradúate of a Cincinnati medical school, after a short stay in Ann Arbor, " folded his tent like the Arab" andsilently stole away on one of the midnight traius a few dsiys ago, leaving a good large hotel bilí unpaid. He lived like a king while here and trled at one of the banks to cash ¦ private draft to the amount oí $150 on his father. This dodge did not work. The landlord ratlier forcibly expresses his intention to make it warm for Dr. Fox if he ever comes around again. A very pleasant episode in social life occurred last Friday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mra. F. Alber in the 5th waid. The occasion beingthecelebration of their wooden wedding. In spite of the cold and slorm some forty guests assembled, nearly all bringing some kind of wooden ware or uten8il. The presents were all appropriate to the occasion, and ranged from a Chinese fork and spoon to an elegant lamp stand. The latter being the gift of several young ladies. Atter an evening of social enjoyment unruflled by speech-making and fashionableceremonies.and after partaking of an excellent repast, the guests at a late hour took their leave with hearty wishes for the happiness of the worthy couple. Taking into consideraron the condition of the weather last Friday night, a good sized audience assembled in University Hall to listen to the eloquent orator, Hon. Geo. R. Wendling. For nearly two hours the audience was held in wrapped attention. As a plea for Christianity we have nevcr heard one so forcible. While the speaker gave Voltaire credit for all his literary abiüty, his stvle and his originality, he showed very plainly that his influence so far as " crushing the infamous" was concerned was not feit at all. The influence of Christianity wascontinually increasing. The progressive thought idea was well answered. Thus far the Lecture Association has met with the best of success, and as long as they furnish such entertainments as we have had this year, and such orators as Mr. Wendling, it deserves the patronage of every citizen and student in Ann Arbor. Frlday tnornlng of last week, a little after 12 o'clock, an alarm of fire was gtven, but failed to cali out as large a crowd as usual. The seat of the Ure was found to be an inner closet on the second floor of the building known as Brown's drug store. The fire company turned out and had the new engine around in position on very short notice. Then from half to threequarters of an hour was spent in building a fire and getting up steam - all of whtch ought to have been done inside of ten minutes. The hand-englne did good work, and considerable property was destroyed by water before the flames could be checked. $700 will probably cover the amount of damage done. Had the fire reached the Chemicals in the lower rooms, nothing could have saved the building. The steam fire engine could do good work if some one that undurstood how to run it had charge of it. On Tuesday evenlng last, about 7:15 O'clock, Franklin Cate in company witli Fraleik Bross went down to the Huron river to spear flsh by torch light. They were on the river for about two houra Mr. Cate doing the rowing. About 10 o'clock they separated at the foot of Kifth street eich one going hls own way home. At 11:15 o'clock a gentleman going aloug the Btreet across from the freight house saw sorae object lying near the walk by that building. After procuring a lantern he found it to be the body of Mr. Cate. He was lying on his back with his vest torn open and still holding a string of fishin his left hand. The verdict of the coroner'sjury was that the deceased came to his death about II o'clock p. m. near the Michigan Central depot, death being caused by congestión of the lungs. Tlie deceased wns 74 years oíd. One son absent in the South on a cunductor's excursión sent word that he would be here ou Friday. The funeral will be held from the house Saturday at 11 a. in., Rev. John Alabaster ofticiating.