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l'o-t lifutnr flnnrrel Timralw nwlfimi Boston lias elected n Kepubücan nmyor for tbc first time n several ycars. The appropriatinns for the -iivices of tbe government for the fi-ral yr:ir eadiof .limo 30, 182, vl .!HU'.V.O7. On WeiliK'sJay last Mr. FralIngbujrMa WM iioiiiin:itc(l tod cmtirmu'l ;is S.-cntary of State, to iiiii-cd Mr. lihiine. rnrigmd. Scovitlc dellrered au kdrerüaad lecture in VaHtinrtiii, WedOMdajT niglit. A sin.ill audiencc Illiintii to hini with ptH iutvr. est, and afU'rwanl adoptad WuIbcIum of sympathy for tlie family of tht UI and ot roiniDi-nd.ition t r S-ovilli''s eeont in the defc The Ilon. Edwin WUlita, im-niher of Congrcss from this district, lived at Delhi, in tliig coimty 9ever;il ycars, and is, tlierefore, very popular in this section of the State. He stiirtcl out in his business carecr in 18-17 by selecting Ui ooatpMilaa for life, the aniiable and takutt-d MIh Ingcrsoll, of Dundec, Mminu; i ¦ounty. .Mitwas tlic lirst white jri rl boni in Dnndee.


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