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Dr. P. W. Bits was horn In Whttestown, New York and dled at bis retddence Tnesday nlKhl. !¦ -finlMT .. i- 1, aged 78 years: funeral Mrrtoea wt-re uelj at the houso Uecember Mli, attnded by a l&rge nuinber of surroundlng frleods. I he ilc-oaseil wal among the oldest residents of thls city ; navlng moved to tnls place In UÖSwith IiIh loving wlfe. Probablr tliere la not another rnarrleit couple In tliU city wbo have livccl tOKether au long ax tbey ilid, for 51 yearn, tliey bore each oiherajoy and norrow. It la mt quitea yi-ar Ince he followed hl faithful companon to her last rentltig plncp; and niñee that time he haft Uved lvoied t bw intimory aod the mout mrneAt deslre of hls heart wan to fully pr-iiirt; to invt bT in lliat "bright beyond." He feit great HOllcltude for hls .-hl ld ren and made every preparatlon for death before he wiuiproHtrated. After the fatal attaek 11 ma iMicameevldiiit h could live bat a short time; a fact none m-raeil to realice more tban hlmself, exhlhltliiK perfert reslxnatlon to death and Uilklng wlih a ralmnoss and ratiouallty Ihitt surprlsed all present. II w suffer Ing w Intense bat not mnrmar passed hls lijm he was happy and sald, "1 am consuuitly praylng; I have made my peace wlthOodand Iam golng home'" Ho called hls wlle molher, and, hls last word wern "rnother mother1' and a peaceful pxpreaslon come over hls features. He was at rest. There are slx chlldren left to mourn thls faithful loving molher and jather. Theonly consolatlon we may offer I, that thelr loved ones have gonc to the land of bright sptrlta and are freed frora all cares and sorrows.


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