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T. II. Edwards, lit '79, is in town. II. A. Stimpson, lit '83, lias left college. Holiday vacation begins next Friday, lex:mber 23d, and will close on January lOUi. Eighty-two will hold a class-meeting tonwrrow to discuss the matter of class picImn. Mis Anna B. Gelston, lit '81, is at home preparatory to entering upon her duties at "Wellesley college. Héctor Baxter, who was unfortuimtely preveuted from completing his law course last ye8r, haa recently returned to take his degree. W. L. Liggitt, lit '81, was in town a day or two last week. He enters upon his duties as clerk of Wiiulsor courton January 1, 1882. The senior laws are finishing their theses and are trying their moot court cases. The are stricter and more numerous tuis year than usiml. Jno. E. Mc Gill, law '84, has opeiied an office in Molíanles' Block, Detroit. He has bi-en pmcticinjf at his home, Plymouth, Mich., since graduation. The December number of the Microscope contalns a portrait of Charles Spencer who was the lirst microseopist In this country, and istermed the "Father of Microscopy." Dr. Franklin is standing the fire better than his enemies anticipated, if Dr. Maclean does as well this great scandal may blow over without much of an issue alter all. Mrs. Prof. Stowell has been requested to give an entertainment before the Grifflth Club of Microscopy of Detroit. She has coiiBented to do so on the evenlng of January llth. Professor C. K. Adams will deliver his second lecture on ciyil service reform in the liiw lecture room, Saturday niglit at 8 o'clock. Subject "The present Civil Service of Englami." The laws have votedtoraise $500, if need be, to induce Bob Ingersoll to give the ad dres this .vear on the anuiversary of Ksal ton'8 birthday. How gratifying this wil be to the shades of the departed ! The Sigma Phi are reported to be negotiating for the purchase of Professor ïyler' resklence to be used as a society house. I is a very desirable location. They ex pee to iay about $6,000 for the property. It is reported that a gentleman from Pe toskey has sent Prof. Steere a fish with th peculiar markings of the orclinary brool trout above and those of the salmón below The Professor thinks it may] be a new species. Mrs. Rosa Martin, class of '81, Department of Medicine and Surgery, is about to open a drug store at Marshalltown, Iowa She will occupy the building lately vacatec by the drug firm Frost and Vanderlip. So says the Marshalltown Electric Light. The remarkably quiet path of college life is beginningto have a troubled appearance It is claimed iliat a high official in the student political circles has violated his obligations to the independent factlon and placed his name on the rolls of a fraternity. The independents think seriously of calling for his resignation. The down town gymnasium is reported to be in a tlourishing condition. The members have their rent and expenses pald up to the lst of February, and have nioney still in the treasury. Tliey are making arrangements for giving the base-ball club a ohance to practice in tlieir "rooms during the winter. This society is a valuable aid to the Athletic Association. One of the city papers speaks of Miss L. C. Leiand, lately appointed assistant demonstrator of anatomy in the ladies' dissecting room, as the " first woman ever admitted to the facultyof theUniverslty of Michigan." The appointment to tliis position does not make Miss Leiand a rnemberof thefaculty, while Mrs. Dr. Stowell has been a member of the literary faculty for the past seven years. Score auother for '81. The Coldwater Republican says : " The scientiflc lecture last Friday evening by Prof. D'Ooge was attcntively listened to by a large and intellectual audience. We are pleased to note the growing appreciation of entertainments of this order, and especially among the yoiingor portion of our city. The experiments were interresting and some of them very beautiful. The next lecture will be on electricity. The Athletic Association will hold a meeting to-morrow to choose a delégate to attend a meeting of delegates from Madison, Racine and Kvanston, to be held on the 23d mst., at the Grand Paciflc hotel in the city of Chicago, for the purpose of a base ball league. These college have signifled their willingness to form such a league. Racine and Madison will be invitetl to unite witli the University of Michigan in forming a football league also. The sophomore lits demonstrated their enterprise and class spirit on Thursday evenlng of last week by sending a delegation of twelve, ciad in mortar-boards, canes and trophies taken frora the class of '88, to occupy the boxea at the Maggie Mitchell entertaiment. After the entertainment " Miss Mitchell " received the entire party at the parlors of the St. James, and expresse ed hereelf as very much pleused with the appearance of Ann Arbor students in general, and the class of '84 In particular. The Minneapolis Tribune of November 27th contains a ful column review of President Frieze's report to the Board of Regents. In this article the President is complimented upon the soundness of hls views in rccommeiidingcertain improvements in the conrses of study and requirements for admission. A comparison is made between thecondition of the University of Michigan and that of tlieIinniesota State University. The writer of the article states wherein the latter can draw lessons fiom the formcr's prosperity, il' any department is better OMMgad here than there. The article shows throughout liow high this college is ranked by western institutions. On this Friday evening Dr. Stowellwill give a microscopio soiree in Room A, University Hall, the entire proceeds to go to the Athletie Assoeiation. The Doctor has offered to pay the whole amount of expenses incurred out of bis own pocket. This is another step in the right direction. When the professors tuke hold of the matter in this way, the Gymnasium, so earnestly worked for by the students, will söon cease to be a ïhteg of the future. StinU-uN and citizens will remember the grand success of a similar entertainment last year. This year they should take their friends with them to enjoy the pleasing sights offered by the Professor. Early last Sunday morning"some sneak thief went through the Alpha Delta Phi house on State Street He gathercd in all the loóse money that he could find in the boys' pockets, piling their pants in a heap at the top of the hall stairs. Each sleepy occupant of the several bedrooms thought that it was some one of the boya hunting torsomething. He got about $100 in all. It is remarkable that some thlef has not heretofore struck upon the same plan, ïhere is hardly a house in the city occupied by a large nuinber of studente that is locked at nifjlit, and each one ofaconipany of studente living in the same house regards everything as comnion property. A little more care may prevent larger tosses in other sections of the city. We learn later that the house was entered through u window, still the above may not be said in vaiii.


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