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" 1882. 188Q. THE ' lili OU „ TOR 1882 IS Promises bcttcr service to iu patrons than ever be [- forc. Time and prosperity have increased lts facilig ties for gathenng the news and spreadlng t before the public. It is the intention to mprove the paper in all departments, and to fully maintain lts reputation as an 1 Enterpising, ! Well-Edited. Family & Political Newspaper. S N1, Jïrnal in "e United Stats has grown more rapidlv, both io circulation and intiuence, during s the past ten years, than The Intir Ocian, lts opimons are now more quoted in all parts of the country than those of any other newspaper nube lished outside of New York. h ' ' ¦ THE WEEKLY INTER 0CEÁN Is the most popular family paper published in Atnerg ica, and now has a regular circulation of more than i ico.coo copies. In contrast with most Weekly papers issned from the offices of great Dailes, Thk Wibkly , Intkr Ocian is carefully edited by an editor es- pecially assigned to that duty. This accounU for the e thorough inanner in which the news from all the world is handled and the uniform excellence of lts J Literary columns. As a Leader , In Political Thought and Action - Tin Intkr Ocean has a wider reputation than al, most any of its contemporaries. lts ability and . earnestness are acknowledged by all. For the accommodation of its readers The Intïr Ockan has made arrangements with several leading Publishers by which their publications are ofTered in , connection with Th Wmkly and Skmi-Wukly Inter Ocean at rcduced rates. Below is a Dartial list : " The Library of Universal Knowledge Seml('S large vols.,bound in cloth)with Weekly. Vieeldy. The Artlsfs Album, an elegant work of art, with twenty colored engravThe Proceedings of the National Republican Convention that nominated Garfield. 337 pages 3 50 4 oo The Little Detecüve, or Housekeep er's Scales. a useful article 3 00 4 co Rural New Yorker (weekly) 2 75 . 35 Andrew's Bazar (monthly) a 00 1 co Harper's Magazine 4 c0 'e ie 1 Atlantic Monthly 4 g5 g - The Century Magazine 465 580 Breeder's Live Stock Journal 1 Ir j 00 Harper's Weekly i 460 & - Harper's Bazar 4 fio í g,, - Harper's Young People a 30 3 80 These offers are made for the aocommodalion of the ; patrons of Thk Inter Ocean. The subscription prlce of Tb Ínter Ocian is as follows : Weekly edltion, postage paid, is $ 1 15 per year Serni Weekly edltion. postagepaid 2 50 per year Daily edition, postage paid 10 00 per year Sample copies of The Intïr Ocian will be sent on application. i I ! PICTURE ÜF GARFIELI 1 Evcry pcrson uIimt ¦ rm i ( 1T.K OCKAN can secure an elegant 1.1 1 1, ograplied l.l k . n. s of the late Presiden I .liim i - A.Garfleld,by Incloslng 10 CEXTI IN ADDITION Sl'BSCRIPTION llt I. I to pay poHtage and expeiiMcs. IVIth eaol 1 plrture wlll be sent a fac-slmtle copy ofi letter from General iarfleld, returnliif thanlu i..i a copy of thls picture. Scnd ilion..) in Reglstered Letter Money Order, Bank Dra r by Express. at our rlsk, and be mire and m ni. ih. name and addreH oí" each Hubsrrlbci plalnly. Address THE INTER 0CEA1T, Chicago, Hl. THE ANN ARBOR BAKERY. We have secured the services of a first-class baker and pastry cook, and are furnishing a quality of bread that has never been excelled in this city. We are also making some oi the nicest articles in the line of pastry, raany of them entire novelties in Ann Arbor. A good assortment of groceries and provisions will be found at our store. All orders for goods in our line will be filled and promptly delivered to any part of the city. A liberal discount will be made to clubs. HALL & MOSELEY, 1-88 No 23 North Main St. L liNSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GKOCEin iD FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We keep consUntly on btnd, BREAD, CRACKERS CAKES, ETC, TOK WH0LB8ALB AND KSTAIL TKAÜK. (f ihall also keep t anpplj of SWIFT DBDBEL'8 BKST WHITK WHBA1 KLOUK, DELHI FLOUK, KYK FLOUK, BUCKWHKAT FLOUK, COKN MEAL, FESU, Ac, 4c. At wholeaale and retal), a general stock ol GROCERIESAND PROVISIONS consumiy on band, whlcn wlll be ola on aa reaion able term as atany otber house In the city. Uasn pald for Butter, Bkk. "ud Country Prodnct generallr. $ar"nood dellvared to any part of tba city wltb ent extra charge. ft K1NSKY HKABOLT.


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