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All Id! The Ripe Fruits of Two Weeks Work in the New Yrt Market. - . ? . - Notable Bargains, Positive Bargains, Bonanza Bargains, Wonderful Bargains. IN IDieiESS O-OO3DS -TID SIXJKS NOW OPENED UP BY MACH & SCHMID Who, in their late most extensivo purchases lay flat all attem.ited comnetition. 'Tis competition, nerve and ready money do it. French Novelties. All-Wool Colored French Cashmores, All-Wool Colored Camels Hair Cloth, All-Wool Lupins Novelties, Faile Cloth, High Life, Cleopatra, Savoyardy, etc. in black and all the choicest shades of bronze green, myrthle green, Carnet, Navy and Plum. Illiu-k and oiiiriii Velret, Black iind Colored IMnsh, ¦. Cloaks and VVulklnic CinrinvnlN, buy where ou can sol the or llubcI iiniiniiiK iiii i. and WMN Ihcy ure -old low. Keen Warm and Itny our IllaiikolN wlicrc tlicj are old low and whore tliey are -h o wii in rem a.rtinciilN. Keep Warm and luiy jour l'lanix l wliere lliey are nIiowii a elioicc cqual lo llic link or Two Store in Ihc clly all pul loKetlicr. All l pm nn m are replete wflli Ihe lalexl ocllii-N. l nol looliilily waste your lime and money In uiiyiiiK lry (oodN cUewhcrc. hul mIiow your s I ttolld enne lu payins eawli for your I. and i.iijuiu al the Aeknowledsed II adquai -Ier, Ihe lopiilar and nlniMlit One-prire Cash Home


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