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JL ? PROFESSOR Tl j BAiplsfiy BHIiiii MjhI froui iTofeaaor Uonford' Acid Phophlf. Kaebmniended by lradingr phyleln. ¦fakes liehiir biaoolt, ¦U' ¦. ¦!¦.. ! 1 hntltliier tban urdinary liaküig Vu1T. Iucann. Sold Ut a rcannsbl prirr. Ilorif.jrd Almumic and t'ook llMik ¦ent free. Kunjford Chemie! Work. Proldcc, R.J nd"lflIjllcrSt..'hic-il:T. 10H W ¦RS. LÏDI& E. PiNKH&M, OF LYHM, MASS., J ¦MaJBV' O LYDIA E. PINKHAM'8 VEBETABLE COMPOUNP. Is a Pcmltlve Pura for 11 lime PoliiHil í'omplalnn i.7 llkiltMI ,)¦¦ toourb...tfnolplulll"lt wlil core ntlrely tb wont form of Fainala Complalnti, all OTarlan troublw, Innanimatlon and Ulcera tlon, Fallliig arnl Wrlanient, aiiil tbe conwquent Splnal TrwkiiM, and i particular!? adaitel to til ChaDK oí IJ1. le wlll dlitclte and ipOl tnmori f rom tht utmi Ín an arlr tai of deTeloimnt. Th tíndencj to canoeroui humor thereli cliecked Terjr peiUly by 1U u. It reraoTM fulnlnm, flatulincy, deitrojiall craüi f or itlronlanti, and rellei weakneai of thertomach. It cur Dl'.ntlng. Ht+icb, Vrram Prortratlon, Oaneral DobUlly, BleepleMUM, PprMlon and ljldlgitlon. TLat fwltag of bariDg down, camine pain.welght aad baokaehe, li alwayg pemiaiiently curad byluuj. It wil at al I tlmf and under all clrcumitancn act In barmonx wltli thslawi thationl tbo famalaiytUtn. Ibrtlwaarf ef Kldney ConiüOnt U alttar iUil Comí -und ln iiDtnrpaasad. LYBIA K. I'INKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOrïfB 1 preparad alíSJ mi t35 Wertam irenua, Lynn.Haia. Frica tl. BUbottleifor %i. Sant by malí Ín tb forro of pUU, alio Intba form of loiengai, on racalp of prlce, 1 par box for altbar. Kri. Plnkham freelyaniwar all lattan of lnqulry. Band for pampblat. AddroM aa abora. Htntion IMb Paptr. Mo famlly Ibould ba without LTDIA E. PINKHAM'S UVXE PO.LS. Thay cur coMtlpaUon, bUlounaM, and torp'dlry of tha Uer. 16 eanía par box. tjold br II nmgl5t. ] THE GREAT CURE " roa RHEUMATISM a it i for all diaoason of tho KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It l-ruw tho systam of tho acrid poiaon that oausps tha draadfal suffering which onljthe viotima of Rhanmatiani oan realiae. , THOUSANDS OF CASES of the worst forma of thfs terriblo diaeaee hvo beou quickiy relieved, Ín a short tune PERFECTLY CURED. í kashail wonderfail uroO. and an iramanso i , Sftle inevery part of the Country. In hundredaofo&sosithascured whereall elno bad ' f failed. Itis mild, but ffioient, CEKTAI.N , , I ITK 1 ION, but harnilonalnall caaes. { 9f"lt c-lcanHt'd, Hrcii(rl htn and girtmtiem 't ' Ltfe to all tho importan torgana of the body. , Tho natural aetton of the Kidnoyais reatorcd ' The LI ver fa oleanaedof aUdiscase.and tho ' ,' Bowela move freely and healthfully. In thia , waythe worst diseaaes are eradicated froni the sy mom. ' Am it han been proved by thousanda that i thomoti! ffïeotnal remody for oleanainc tho , ypt-mof all morhid aecretiona. It ahouid be i uacd in cvt-ry houwhold aa a i SPRINC MEDICINE. , Always curoa BILJOO8NE83, CONSTIPATION, PII.ES and all FEMALB Dianas. ' In put up inlrj Form, ttitmoftns I i one parkdgpof wl]i-luiiakeiftriuarlamtHli-in'. ' AJaoln I.lould K.irn.. itrj ciiktuI ralt-d for ', ' t, ¦ idilypra. t parelt. ItaetMtrttkrqttoU tffíeenc]innthrrfnrm. ' GET IT. E : ri'.HK. l.(,0 , 1 WKI.I.S, IIICIIAUDSON 4f... I'rop'a, W]liiendUieilrTnoiit-pJ.; I Rl im;Tü. YT. , i n ra Ayer's Sarsaparilla FOU PURIFYIXi THE BLOOD. Thie com)onnd of the aRT 7 jiparillfl, Dock.StillIJJid jÜOji ; I, and Mandrake, %tlVl." " ys's wlth th Incides oí PotTvaL. iè '' an-' Iron "'lLt' !! 1. moet effectaal care of " j I J'ii cerieeof complaintathat )if J are vcry prevali'nt aod blond, pnnrcB oal tne lurkiDg humor In the system, thit nndonnlne hcilth und ptttle into troablcBome dltorders. Eruptini of the kin are the appcorance on thu earface (1 humor Ihat should be expetled from the bluod. iiiternal deraii(;ement are lh determination of these uamo aUaon to ptnie internal organ. ictlon they derange, and whoas tnftatanoj thef dUease and destroy. Ayer's SarflaparilU expel thfite hnmor.11 from tho blood. Whcn tliiy are gone th tiiordfrs tbey produo diupar,8nch as Ulceratlons of the liver, Stomach, Kidneyn, Loagai Brnptions and Eruptlve Dl?easei of the Skin, SI. Anthony1 rire, Rosi-or Krysipelas, Pimplea, Puslslee, Blutche, lioili, Tumors, Tetter und Snit Hhi'iim, Scald H.-ad, Rlnjfworm, Ulcer and Uuru, Kbtiinutixni, Ncnraleia, Pain is the Bone, Side and Ikad, Female Weaknes, Sterilitj, Icncorrhn'a arlslnf; Irom Internal nlceration and ntcrine UMaMa, Dnpy, liyinpin, Emacintion and General Uelillity. With thelr departure, health returns. PREPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & ('o., Lowell, MM Practical and Analjrtlcal Chemlst. Sold by All Driicpletx and Dealers In Medicine By the President of the ünlted State of America: A PBOCLAMATWN. V i oiiuh, 4 old r gore Thruat ghould lic Btopped. tfeelecl frequently rcults in an Intiiralilc Lanx DiseiMC r Couamptlon. BBOWJi'S BKOX'HIAL TKOCilKS do nol disorder the b( likc coiimI; - ims, hut act dirH.-lIj' ou tUe iitlaiiicd lüiri . Irritm -l'inia, Itroiiliiiis, Cuuerrn, Catarrh, and theTkwal lYouhles w hich SlnfiTs mid Public Spakcrsarenilijcrt to. Kor thirty yeara Brown'f Bronchial Troches have beenreconnnendeil liv phyoiclans, and have alwayi giren perfeel satisfaction. Uaviug been tested by iilc :iii'l consfimt ne for nearly nu entfre rcMcruiioii, they have nttajned well-meritel rank amonj! th. f n staple reme.ilieg of tUe age. Sold at 'J." cents g box ivwliere. A Honioslic Kocipi'. To UB Scamlal. - Take of f nature," mie ouncu; ounci' i1 the licrb "mind your own business,1' one ounce; mix tlieni with a little cbarity for oilurs and two or tin t "keep vuur tonguc between your teeth." Itut for Rheumatism, Xeuraljiia, Chilblalns, Frast Bites, Raras, Soalds, Cuta, Spraina, Bruiaes, Salt Hhciiui, Bora Thrast, Qnlnty, Diphr theriá, Chapped Banda and Ups stüF Joints, l'ains In tlu: Chest, Side or lülcs of In-erts, r ns, li ui non-, nr tnraiiythinp; wlicrc . llnirMDt is required, you wlll fiml iiotliliiii better that Dunk'a Camphoratcil Árnica. Solil by all drug Fit ty cents in;r bottlo.


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