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The Water-spider

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[lili II l llJlimsin.Ullirii . i ".i.'ivu" aboiit it the otlirr dny, :nul must teil how t makcs tor it.lf ;i retugc down in tbe ileep, somcthing like n divin-bell, so that it can bave dry qiwrte Thls spider's neet Is a cocoon, open ut the bottoni, ana Itíted with alf. The oierturg ! uilh slik, and fa.-U'iis it ín eveiy dlrection liy threade to surrounding planto. Wlthin thls retreat she sits. and watch sfoi prey. VVben she hu nearly exhausteil Um lir sh W DM tl J "'tl lui back to the surface of the water to recure more. [f yi ii staml liy a pond and watch tlic átill water, you will oftunee a litle bubble that appears likc of qi}ickiiltr. This bubble Is a b&g oí air tlist enyulopt'a the 8jider's ubdomeb. Wnh it he de- to her house, árid by it displaces the w-nul ; coming afnUn and nfcuw to the bun (aec i'r inon-. untii she Rufflcient to expel all the water frora har cell. In the winter she l"d ilwells there seciireTy. The male spidei doe the sume. There ¦ spaaiei of water-splder that aotually lotnis a r:itt, npon whicli it dritts for the purpose of ettínj; lts prey mort easily. It puts togefljer by llken thnads ¦ bal! of reeds three or bnr indios in diameter; and ni.nti thla Soatlng Wand it dilles along ti ti t 1 it Bceiadrowninf! it when and devonis it at leisure. [f alarmed by any danger, it ge(s ander the ral'l ii r safety. Did you cvcrknow such cunuing and riadona f I am bo astonisked when I learn thecorl mis things that bcloiig to Gfld'S reatures, that 1 -Init iny bixik, aml look Up IntO th heavi'iis with prHlses t ni L'reat ('reator in iny heart mul npon inv tonque. Only think! it took huiidrecls it yeais tor the e of man to tind Rome invetition liy whieli he coii'nl (to (luwn info tbe deep, taking air ei gh vrith him to keep hlnq alive; and vet these liitle spldeis, wlni no human rèason or wisdom, have always, by a secret rt, lupplled theinselves with atmosoheric air wiiile thev dwelt in thu water


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