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TRUTH ATTESTED. Sonif Important Slatrmonts of Wellkowu Poople Wholly Verifica. In order that the public may fully realic the i_'i-iHiiiifiie of the statements, as wel] as the power and value of the trtlcle erf wliicu they -mik. we pnbli&h herewUb t . : partics llo-c iiir.Tii v ii beyond qiieétkwi. The truüi of twrtnwontub-ia ¦- lui-, nor eau the facti they aanoíooe be igjv Akn Ahbok, Mich.. Julj SI. W, 11. H. WunR A Co.,8ír :- I had been Itonbled witli a Kilu-y nd I.ivur dilli. roral yeurs and a severe íaineness in my Tiip whicli I had elven up :til hopea ol'r'ver Ix-iii.e oir.-d of. I had clootored and irled seTeral retMdlee withotrt :iiioidiiiL' me Bnucfa relief. 1 üecWed to -ivo a trial to a bottle ot your S:ife Kidney & Uvei rn', 1 MBiimwi itag i ling U) direetions. 1 liave up to thit time od Bive bottle and tbbie burninjr senwtion of my Kltfnejt have tofl tne and alas my laiiu-iii-saiKl I im enjoying better heallh' than I have tor wversl ycars, entircly throufrli the goodnes of yourSafe Kiduey mul Liver (.'ure nd I cheerfuHy reooBunend H. Mi;-, ft t. ;i;ax;mi. Ann Abbob Mich., July 28, 1881. II. II. WnnierCo„ Sire:- For the past Bfteen ycars I have baan afflicted with H terrible liver and kidney complami wtriob at timet has eanaed me the moM Intente luffertogt 1 have tricd dlfferenl medicines, adMrtM tor the eva of the kidner and Itreraad fottnd no relief. 1 becstne discourajred and nade op my nind that nothing wonld do me any gOWl. wtien one erentttf 1 was rendir in the 'Evening Xcu" o( Detroit, and caine your Itdrerttaemenl whlch spoke of be niany 'i.rrs ihat have been rtttoct.d by he use "of youi Sale Kidiiey M1Ü l.iver ore, and Í decided Ui glve it h trial. 1 lave bow nsed thiee bottleg and lts efrect - perfectly wonderfül! Thogé levere palm bal 1 had'eoiitinually in the región 01 my cidneyt have dlsappearetf, also the thal parlof tuf body. I Uil satislied -hall ellen a coni let.' MIK. I eheerfully you Ihis testimony liopinf!' it maj hv be n'ieans of Induclng Otken lo t tv it. Vouis re.-eellully, {&L& yr AKH Akbuk, Mich., July 27. : I. H. Wabukb l".. 1 lmve naad your Safe Kiduey aml Liver 'ure, aud it is th! hest tbingln my e-tiniaion tor Kiduey and l.iver difflculties thal er beenjlaoed before the public. And lae, aml do eheerfully reeommeiid IU Iho-e atllicteil witli of the idney and Liver. Tliousands of equuliy strono; endorscnents - niany of them in casef where hope rat :di.iiiil'i'ned- have been voluntarily iven, showing the remarkiible power of V,niier's Bafe Kldney and Liver cure, in all Itaeaaet of the kldneys, liver or nrlnary or;ang. 11 any one who reuds this has any )hysical trouhle, remember the. great dani-i- ol 'dfcliiy. 10(18-71 Not Sik h a F(m1 as He LookeU. Yesterdav allernoon I man niilit have -een hurryinfr ateng Waai Temple sinetwitli two sinall snipc and and n steel luek in hand. "Heen liuiitiui.' ?" asked :i friend. "Ves, look a litlle jaunt upto theslOagll " "Don't you tliink that sjarae come? íear wheu you (fOSO far for il V" "Oh, you don't iret on to my racket. I iin'1 sneh a blank looi as gome people hink. Heres lile Mea. 1 go out in the uarshes and kill a few snipe. I fake olie 0 -ome fnend's house, and present it wilh 1 graal flourtoh. 1 dweil on the trouble 1 ook to shont it, desroibea few narrow es¦ i]i-, froiu drowning, and lay the trophy it the feet of the lady of the house witli a itndied oriental Salaam, is'ext day I am nviteil to dinner. For a ten cent snipe I pet a royal lay-out. Then I pfive theother inlpe to'tlie iiext uusu-peetiiii; tkmlly witli i siniilar lesult. The Other day I sent two ld eniaeiali'd snipe to (iovernor Murry, old liini the niiit hefore I was going after 8m, but Ihev had beun in my room for uoilays. (lot nvited to an elegant dinier wiili wine. lint, of eourse I didn't eat he snipe. Too old a bird for that, tlien he snipe were aleo too old. Fin going to ake thesp bird? to Hliaugbnessy. and parake of a forty dollar diuner. Oh, I uint sueh an awfui fooi as I look. When I ean't get birdsat the marshes I j;et e'ui at tlie -lands." - Salt Lake. Tribune. How tb iei Wen. Tliousands of persons are constantly roubled wilh a combination of dlai sed kiilneys and costive bowels are heir tonnentors. They sliould know that vidney-Wort acts on these onrans at the -ame time. eausiujr them to tlirow vtt the - 1 1 1 ¦ 1 1 have clogged them, and so relewiuj; the w hole man. Hundreds testily o ihi. - Plttnburg Tost. "Wlial a lire-ome Cliing Ihat Mrs. Smit li -' exclalmed .Mr.-, liiown. "I called to-day and glie ran on so, telling about her WW raipet, aud hul' new bonnet, that I didn't jiet a chance to say U word about uy new saCk or our parlor lurniture or Kieddy'.s coming down with the ini ir of Sarah .lane's dyspepsia, or Dncle Jharles' rheumati.-ui or hoW Bridget humt ,... Lv ai l.w.nls Oh, sueh a tíles.illle UlinK I i t'rce of Oeat All per.-ons wuhlng to test the inerits of a great wmedy - -one. thal will potltively cure ('oiisiiuiptioii, ÜOUghft, ('olds, A-lhin i, Bronchitis, or any affecOon of the Throut and Luns - ure reiUe-led to cali at IJ. Klierliaeh & 'in's Drug Stre and get 1 Bottle of Or. KIng'sNew Oboovery for Con.-uniption, . of coxt, wliich wiïl show yiiu what a regular dollar-si.e boltle u ill do. The churoh sexton aajra the most unaoeountable thing that has ever come within hls pui view is ihe tieiuendous majoirty tbe cenl pieces havo over the dimes in the eunlriljuüou boxes. Everybody is usiuft Brown's Irou Bitter-, and everybody is astonished at its nimy mtrreloui cuies where all otheiï havo lailed. Kind words are the hiight flowers of earthly atriateaéè; u-e them and eapeclally around the liresulc eircle. Tney are the jewels beyond price, and powerful to heal the uoumlcd heart and make the weigheU down spirit giacL An old batelielor goologiat was boasting that eveiv rock was as familiar to hini aa ihe alpn'abct. A lady who was present ileelaicd ihat she kuew oí a rock of which he wi.s wholly ignorant - rock the eradle. Women that have been bedridden for have been entirely cured of témale weaknes., by the u-e of Lydiu E. l'inkham's table Compound. Send to Mrs. Lydia E. l'iukham, SS', Western Avenue, Lynn, Mas-., lor paniphleU. Mercy more becótnet a magMrate than the viniiietive wralh wliicli uicu cali justice. - Loiifjlcllow. Trof. Hofaford't Baking l'owder is made trom Iloisfork's Acid PhOSphate, in powderedform. Put U tin cans, mixed, ready for Tlie truest wisdom is a re-o'.ute determination. Physiciana tay Hops and Malt Bitters are t be b -t. Keseiicd Prora líeatli. William 3. Onijjhlni, of Somerville, Ma-s., says : " In the fall of 187fi 1 was taken with :i violent bleeding of the lunjis, followed by a severe cough. I was so weak at one time as to bc unable to leave my bel. In the slimmer of 1877 I was admitteJ to tlie city hospital. Whüe tbeti the dofltojrs saiil I had a hole in my left lung as big as a half dollar. I was so fai at one time that a report went arounc that L was dead. I ave up hope, but a Ijlend told iueol'Dii. Wm. Ham.'s Bal HAMvmtiHK Lrsii-i. I eot a bottle when to my surorwe and gratification I ooni nionced tn teel botter, and to-day I feel in better spirit tlian I have in the past three yeais. I write this hoping every one afflictec with diseased Lungs will bo imlueed to takt Da. Wm. Halls Balsam kkrtheLünos and be convinced that conHumption can be curud." Sold by Druists. 1026-78


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