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Mothers! M.ithors ! ! Mot hors !!! Arc you clisturll at nii;lit aml brokcn ,,i M.u'r raat tij a riek chlla nflerlnfc aiwl crvin" wlth the excruciatíng pftln of cut tinff toctli' If 8a, zo at once :iml si l;l I'. It will relieve the pOOf UUle sufftrerlmmedlately- depend upon it;tliere - nu llliMake ftbOUt t. Thele [ II. it ; nother on eárth who lias erer neo It, wlio will nt teil you at onoe tbat il wUl late tlie bowcl's, :inl i'i' r8( lol], e BlUtllW, mul relict and baaltb to tUe child, o ruling like nmjric Il li perfeCtly safe ¦¦ ii all I pleaianl I nul i-i the preseliption 0Í nlie of tl uid bel leiiuih pkytinhuii wid uurs Dnited State. BoM eveiy where. -o cent l li.ittle. iinii-1110 PILES ! PILES!! PILES! II A Siire Cure Found at Last. 'o One '' Suffer. nefnrtheliliml, H1po1inr. Ttrliineand Ulcerated Hiles has heen dtocorered l,v Dr. Willhuiis (aulndian rtmnlj i.c-uIWmI Dr Wllliuu' Olntment. A single Im.x hascured the worst chronlc cases of -' and SO yean rtandlng. Hoone noed guffer tive minutes alter a]plyiii'r this wOMKrfUl soctliiii" medicine. LoUodí, Instrumenta, and Electuartedo more hann than Wiliiam-' Olntment absorbí the tumors, alteysthfl intense Itchlng (]articularly at nürbi after geUlag wmnn la bed), actó as a poltice, gives instant and painleei relief, and Is prepared only f'r Piles, Itchlng of the primate part, :"l notbíng ei-e. Ke.ul hatthe Hon. J. AI. OofBoberty, of Cleveland, my about Dr. W Itltoms1 lo dian l'ile Olntment: "I have uaed 6 ol iiile cures, but It affords me pleasure to say ihat 1 never lound any thiiiL' wliih gtm euch iininediateand Bermuneat relief Dr. Williams' [ndlan Olntment. For sale by all di-uggists, or malled on n ipt of prlce $1.00. JAS. K. DAVI34 ('O. Wholesale Drng'ists, Detroit, Mieh., Agente' MB981 " For sale hy H. J. l'.nowN & t'O. BuckleiPs Árnica SnHf. The I!i:st Sai.vk In the wOrid lbrCnts, Brui8's. Sorea, Üloers, Salí Rheum, Fever l'etter. Chapped Hands, CMlblaln, Corns. and all skin Brnptlons, and posltivcly raras Pites. Ii is guanntd to jriv erfect aatisfaction 'r money rcfUnaed. 'rice. 23 centí per box. For sale by BberMCh A Son. #l,5OO pe NU can he easilv made at lome workuig for E. (i. Bideoul A Co., 10 Barclay Street, New Vm k. Bendforthelr atalotrue and full iiartieulars. 1Ú6I-111.H NERVOUS DEBILITY! A Care (.iiaranleeil. Dr. K. C. Ww'i Nirvk abd BkaihTbkatmïnt: upeclllc for H ieria, DizztueBü.ConvnlslonK, Nervui. Headache, Mental Depreexíon, Loíh o: Memory, permatorrhtBa, Impotency. Prematore O11 A;i. cauued by over exertion, self-abUBe, or over-tndOlg. ence, whlch leadí tu misery, decav aud dealh. One box will cure recent cases. Each box contaln on nonth's treatment. One dollars box, or lx boxe for ttve dollars ; 8ent by mail prepaid on reciipt oí prlce. We trnirantee six boxeB to care any case. Wlth each order reciivrd by uforeixboxes,aocompauled with flve dollars, we will seDd the purchaer onr written (fuftramee to return the money if tho treatment does not effect a cure. (iuarantccH iíued only when tbe treatment is ordered direct from uí.'i" JOHN C. WB8T4CO., Solé I'rourietoni, 181 & 183 W. Madiíon St., Chicago, I". Solí hy Mcsi-eri. Brown i, Oo. A. Baesett Wholesale Afrente, Detroit. Mich. 1050-1 IOS TU"TTS P1LLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH 0F THE AGE. 8YMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. Los of appetite, N an son, ho wel costivo, Paiñln theHefta.witl sationin the back part, Pnininc'(r the ahoulderblade, fulliiuss after tutinu. with a disinclination to exertion of body or mind, Irritability of temper, I,ow npirits. Losa of memory, with a feeling of tiavlnK neg. lected some duty, wpanness, Dizziness, i'luttering of th Heiirt, Dota before the eyes, Yellow kin. Headaohe, Keatlt-Hsness at mght, highly colored TJrino. IF THESE WAENIHGS AEE UKHEEDED, SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPED. TUTT8 prLL8ar-eieciallyadiptedto aucli clanes, tlH efftocti sue ha chango of feelliiR au to atonih the nuflVi er. Thev iiipiviiie the Appvilíp, and cause the bfKly'H) Takf on F1miIi. Huis thf -.v-lem la niirtli'fl.niiil by tlH-iiTonlc Art Ion on the lllttlw. Ori!n, Briular Si.m.I. are pndm-uil. 5! cent! fo lurr ., N.Tf. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. Obay HAiRorWHiSKKR chanped toaOLoasY lïi.ACK bv a atiiKle aip]tcat.on f thts Pyk. It impurts á natural color, acta IxMt&nUneCHUly. Bola !y Drugsi8t,or avnt by exprss on renfpt uffl. Office, 35 Murray 3tM New York. f Dr, Tl ÏVH MAM L of VJubU Inr.rmllOQ and I -ful K.íi-U will I Dt.iU-d KKKK on pplIr.lUii.f 1082-58 ( Rpffulate the Uver posltlvelyonrp U III Drapepnia, IndirkNiinn and Mck II ILI Ilfiidnrho prevent ( onNtlpniioii, re11 IPJ "=¦¦"' Bi iioiiNiicNH, relieve f Kheuma II Hl IlBin, purlf.v Blool. lfíiii' iï KI il¦ lfJ!neTv correct the Scomuch audlSoneU, J' [and subdufl IHweawe. III Tí1W9á II jT IMcltiincnatrrTal Q lUl InJi. n lifornn-, Iuri!"y ¦.' ( I Tone And Strrngth to the Kxh mi tiren, 21 id Noui iwhim nt tothe Voungand Agtnl. Ij ljJT No kattk whtt yonr conrlltinn, or bov tnucfa II ¦ orerrome by dlKeAM TKY TlfKM. It rrct is Jl ¦ltiltliy ftrtfnn of the Vital PumTR. II Hl Sl.t'iillltH CtBCOLATlUH Md promot Ulf ()OOL il n J .ilChfinv, ClKAK COMPLKXIOK. KMUUiï,Uil 1 fyjurn Hkatth. Jj lïuarlangii Tuufodoor I IM ('onflncnii'iit, Ovrrwork or DlK(nNe I tUlor lf vur Braln U overtaxed, MuncU'h [1 KI and Nerven Wenken ed by loss of sl p 1] II ..r KPi-tlt, or )xir1n'KK8 straln, thcy will 1 UB i Xourlwh. Stn-ngtlifn aml y u. II li2 1 1 It visitors :;;;,:;:,::.:¦:; au in-M ik.m of uur rare colIcrllon or III,I1AV (;oxl lor tlie faoii oí' 1881. M1SITH&G0, Jewelers and Diamond Importers. DETROIT. rOHRRMPOXDKÜCE H(H,IIII.I. 1064-71


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