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TO UliOl'KlïS, TACKKHS, HITKSTKKS, AND TUK GENERAL VYKUC. Thr Ring Forlunt O35O3SF3S A New Process for Preserving all Perishable Articles, Animal and Vegetable, from Fermentation and Putrelaction, Ketaining their Odor and Flavor. "OZONE- Purified air, active state of oxygen."- Wehstkk. Xdi ¦ is nota liquid. picklo, ur any of the old tnd explortcd proa itmplj nnd : applled by au ntlrely new proces. I ¦'¦ ¦ c principia tfteÜMa the power to preserve animal and vegetable f truri nraa Itom (k i There nnthinK on the 01 the earth liiiblr to iloray or iull w liicli . i . ik- l'ri'Krrvitüvr. i ill not prfucrvi1 for all time in a peí Tpctly and palatalile rondltlon. Thev!cieof OZONE a a natural prenever ha been known to oor ablr cliemi-f lor yrairi, but ntll now üo mum of producinK it in a praetica!, inexpei , ed. proye Miit 1 . ¦ ir u due to eeptfc matter, or ratiiute gemí fbet develrtp iind reed aininal au o.UNK, applicd by the Prentlse metb . and iliun preserves. At our offices In 'Inrinnatl can b ¦ ry ilial can be KionL-lit ol preeerved by tuis procen and every vlaitor is w-lcoiii to oone n, tuate. mril, t.-ike awny wltli hini, aml tent in every way the merit of OZONK ax a praarnratlre. We w ill a cif oimri-.-, any article tliat la brontht or ent prepaid to db, and reiuru it to nt-ndr. for him to keep K4-GM ran be treatcd at a cost of leis than one dollar a thonanl dasen, nnd kept in n ordlrmrv thoroutftily preserved, the yolk held In is normal cndiiion. aim tregh e day thcy were tt-eated, and ill sell e strictly " choice." The advantaije in preeecrlng ; there are weasons when they can be bought for H or 10 ceatfl ¦ dozea, and by holding tbem en be aold tot as advance of rrom one buudred to threo handred per cení. no man with thl imUiod can i i day. I-'IH ITH in.iv l)t i" iniited 10 ripen In thelr native cllnuto. aml the world. ju Ice expreaed from trnlt can be held for an indiünit pt-rio'i rlnioot h-rmfn'ftilon - : gieat value of ihU proi e lor prodnclng a temperunce beverage. Mik aud eider can beid ¦ ai-4 i any lenjrüi "t liini-, VKIKTAItl.KH can b kapt for an Indcfltiite partod in thulr natural cotditton. retalnii, odor and fiavoi trentrfl In thelr orimal packae, uta mail eipeuKe. All rain, Ilour. iual, beid in thi-ir nitrmal condition. FKKSÍI 'I !'. ITH, nrh be 1, rantton. veal, pork. poultry, eirai-, finh, etc, pre-rvcd by thi i to Kur.ip.-, ubjuciud to atuiovplierlc clianm'K, and return to thie country in a átate BUTTERrÍER BEIN5 IHEATED 81 IBIS P&QCESS WILL NOT BECOÏE RANCID, omposttlon set In, can be held in a natural condltlon for weck, without pnnctniiUK tlw skin or tuiitllatint; tüe body in any way. Uencv the gimt vaiue of OZuNK to ur.deruikeri. Th..r,. i no ad in tltffbtaM particular in the appearanco of any article thni prenervcd. and 110 trare of any f"i The pruce-t i so üimplc that a chili can opérate It as well and a ik re- uiiv a a man. There Ib no Upenal raqaired. A room í'le i !th dlSurtnt articles, such a eggt, mcat, flsh, etc., can bc tre.v.ed at one time without nddiUoiml trAih ¦ ompeime. I farl Im iioiIiíiik that OOK n 111 not preaerl ¦ Thi' k oí ev ryihlDK yoo cn that Ik liable to our, decav or spoil. aml ram mber thai we L'tiarinl' OZONB ill pr-Mrve it In exactl the cpndidon yon want it lor atiy leneth ol time. Il juu will remombertb ¦. II mll ave akl ia to wbetfctr OZONI wtll preserve tliií or that artirle. It 111 ircfrve anj i liing umi ¦ vrr.vt hlne yon ran tliink of. 'il. in the Dnlted !.il- In wblch a live man can not make any amonnt of monev, - ! (BI In f IO.k! t yrar. taal Be plaM. Wr ilmir man Merenteil in tach ¦¦ ' ,indt we canplace tAltprettrvattvè, and tKrough Mmtecurttht businem wiieh 1 't pro'i'tce. A FORTUNE A.VAITS ANï MAN WHO GETS CONTROL OF OZGNE . C. Boven. Mal 2,00J in tWO months. $2 for a tlirtt iiiv.-inient Woodï Srothsrl, Lehftnon, Wairon Coanty, Ohio, made $(,000 on egg? pnrch-iscd in July and b lst. i'2 fr a tc-i parkaiee wnj iheir llrt invcstnirnt. T. K. Saymonl, Morriiiown, Helmont County, Ohlo, is clearing $'2,000 & raonih in handlinií and elliiiít 1 puckace vu iii lirst Snvestnvnt. D. F. Wobber, ('ti.irlottf, Eiton Cnuuty, Mlch., hu clcared $1,000 n month aïnce Aupast. $2f--packftL'11 ! -- ftr-t lnT6tront. J. B. Gayhri, 80 I htcago, ia preeervlniï eeffp, fruit, oto., for Lh1 comm :' ChlcftgO, chnrln l%'. ilir loaen for eg :. nn oiner artlcli?-1 in proportlou. He prwervlng 6,004 dzen Ggf& a mi (kin $ ;,iHKi . month otear. t tur n t--t ; ir ka ir-: li - llrst tnvvslmoot. Tho Ciacinniti Foei Comtur. t - nmhing $5,000 i mouth m linml imr n-w-r mul , i ¦ ¦ . ¦ u .i!l p-ru "l" 'Ik: Cu uiry. Llt niiprcrved eoars tu tv bar boon. Pre- rvod by .',ON l ir koi p perfect 1) -w -t '" nmtithp. Mr l pta dow wtch w 'hrprs-1 Rt! oí puMUbtng. ThiTo are coros of oía. Writ 'o au y of tlie above pajtiea mü (pet uí rOct. : i th'1 -ibqIll'o tmth ' evnrv tl: i propotr It ]1rif( iii jour liitnds Üa ïiiran il ftr, lor foorself that nol lahiu tl Itull eiiouirtt. lu nny perpoo whu clnuin uuy d üie ; lirm-ntfi. and who ia interaiird sufBclei Um tr:[), II D ij all travclioji und h-nel ttxje!i?es (ur a vinit tu ihi city, i( we fail to prove any sfjit lf TO SEGURE A FORTUNE WITH OZONE. A test paduge ol OZONK, couuiuini; a purllclent quantity to prenerve one t tjouiaiid dozen et.'?? or other artice In proportinn, wlll be sent lo any applloant on recelpt ol $2. p anable the applicant to pursue any lino oí tests and experimenta he deslre. and tun catlfv himjtelf bvto the rtraordtna I O.oNK as a pn-íervaiive. Alter havlng thus eatifled himi-lf and han time to look (i ,,v.-r to determine wbat he w1íh to do Ir. the raton - whether to e'l thr. artir confine 11 to hU own upe, or any oihi-r lino of polioy which i beni pulteü lo Imn aud to bil towMbiy or county - we wtll i-n:-r into an arrangement with bira that will a for ntm and Kiva uprotlt. We III iplTB axdostfa townnhip or connty priTilegea to ih' ttrul n ipoDvlbie appHeont who order .i:- pu.k'. - to control tbe busineea ín hls locality. man WiWo T6 coatrol ol (iimif lor iiiiy apclal lerrltorj wlll onjoy u monopoly hloli i III ¦pret] iiricli liliu. Dun't let a clay pan- until you have ordered a Test Packape. and if yon fleuire to sobare an exc'iwlve priviKie, we a-snre you tiiat delay raay deprlve yon of it, for the appli. every mail- many by tuleyraph. " rirst come flmt served " Is our mie. If you do not Crtrc to eend money In advance for the teat pqokafa, wc wil1 iend it '. ü. D.; bul t)ii wil! put you 10 exp ii-"1 of CfaMgefl ior reiuiu of money. Onr corroapoi denc t( r ' ir !' wé eau do to attend lo ilie ablppinK ol" orden ai.d living attention to our worklni: aírente. Thereíore we can not attention t1 ti'terf whirli do not orler z me. If you thlnk of aoy artlde thal -.on are doobfal about Uxone prucervlng, remeuiDer we ij ¦innnilt t tliat if wlll prtêerve it, no matter wtutt U In. v ilesirc to cali your attention to a clans of references which no enterprise or flrra husci on any thinj; but aooodeat bnslneas nucceM and bigbeet commercial merit could li :-r, by permÍHHion. a to our Inteirrity and to the value of the Pr 'v.itive, to the fo'lowing gentlemen": Edward C. Boyce, Member Board of t'ubllc Work; B. O. Ertclby, i'ltv Comptroller: Smith. Jr., Collector Internal Revenne: W'tilsln A Worlhineton. Attornev?; Martin B. Harreil aml B. F. Hopkins, County Uommlaaloncn; W, S. Uappeller, County Auditor; all of Ciucinnati, lUinillou Couuty, Oblo. se gentlemen are each familiar with the mérito of our Prceervative, and kuow from actual'olwervatlon that we witbovt question THE MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE in the WORLD. The li you iuv-l in a tet pocklffe will surely lend you to McaN ;i tow n.-liip or couuty, aud Uien yotir way i.-ar to m.ike lrom $2.000 to $10,000 a year. Oive your full addreas in every letter, and send your letter to PRENTISS PRESERVINC CO., Limited, S. B. KIKMIK BAOB AM MNTII STS.. ( IX IWATI, O.


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