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IS A 8URE CURE i for all dlseaae of the Kidneys and I LIVER t It ha h pocilio cion on thla mamt important L orra. enabline it to throw off torpidlty and k iaotloa, tlimütin thhlthy oreUonof T too BOe, nd by ktrme tie bowel in free ocmdition, oSkotni 1U nenia OiebMTgt. M 3 1 3 ti a moUri., tKTe the chlll. lbiliOT,4ypnö.ooonrtiItod'Kldl11 f Wort wfll rorelr rellT uid quiokjy euie. L I In thfl Bprín te oln th Bywtcm, llj r U SOLO BV uiiu"t_L?_LLli_A pp k 'tt !¦ 7ar rwa hnro. Trau ftsd Só otflt free. ; (entaurJíniment The O rent Ilnalinp Bemedy. CASTORlA Oíd Br. ritchof rsmexly for CnUdren'a CompIalnU. eow-nnn- 1074-1133 DEAN, GODFBEY Sc C0., PAINTERS A3ÏD BEGORATORS 17 A 100 Urlswold Ht.. Detroit. Fins Paper Hanglnes. Klegant Ceillng Decordtion. rme rrieies In all Wldth. House Shadei and Rollen. A Large Tarietj of room monldlng tnd hooks. FRESCO PAINTINC. We make a apedalty of Store Shadee and we wül farnlah eitimatea and samplu of colors on appllcatlon. Shadea fltted to roll from top or bottom of the window on Stationery or Traveling rollen. Wlll fonilsh Opaque ahadin to the trade cnt to meaeare. 1145-1176 GET YOÜE PE0PEBTÏ INSURED BY O. S. MILLE1T, INSURANCE AGENT, No. 4 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldet aireney Ín tae dty. Eatabllshed a I 2HííLrO,aiCeDtO17 ¦? PfewtiLg the Kmlnr nrst-clai companlea: Home Inturance Co., of N. T I 7 000 000 Continental InanranceCo. of N Y Von'aw Niágara Imnrance Co., of N. Y „__ imu Oirard Insurance Co., of Phlla ríS S Orlent lnmrance Co., of Hartford . " l'419'ïS Commerci.1 Union, of uSEZZZZT 12,'óoo'üúu . ÖT Bates Low. Lomes Ilberalij ju.stcd uud promptly pald. 1115-1140 C H' Mlllen' TJOU8E TO RENT. The Enoch Jame Uomestead, ' 21 Uberty Street, isfor Rent, partly furnished r Poeslon tfy at once. ! me A. DcFOREST. 1 NEW i BARBER SHOP. YOUNG MAN ! Go thou and Ket the hirsute appendage to thy chin curtailed Have thy raven locks anointed with oilthy cutaueonscoverinKcleansedi the hide of the gentle bovine upon thy pedestals ¦hined. Then .halt thon look pretty rhen art thon equipped for conqnest Voyez-vous the point? Mr.E.M.Southard Who has been kering the Barber Shop next door north of the St. James Block, Monday moved into hl. New and Handsome Jiooms OVER THE NEW PO8T-OFPICE. There he has ELEGANT BATH ROOMS Por Gentlemen, as well as a Prlvato Slte for Ldle., enfre.y d'La„ nected from the Barber Shop. Thi, shaviujt Place is commodlous, flnely furnUhed and lighted, heated wlth steam, and furnUhed with hot and cold "ater. ft 1, without doubt the flncit p.rlor in the State. Remember lt is on the second floor of The New Post-Office Building. E. M. 8OUTHARD.