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Great iuterest is exciteu Dy me oopmu Lyons case now in progress. The High School seniors Iiaa a social at Mr. Krau&e's Saturday evening. Rooms for Rent by the Ensign Comedy Cóaipany, Friday evening, February 8. The music furnished at the Opera Hou?e hM coMhlerably improved in quality of late. _____ The place of Miss Ailc in the first ward school has been fllled by Miss Ada Kell'S8 ___ The certificates have arrived appoiuting C. MacU and Edward W. Grant notarles public. Wlien Beeclier comes he will teil us abuuc"The Moral Uses of Luzury and Beauty." The telephone in tho County Clerk's ofBce is provingto be a great convenience for the office rs. Monday morning the thermometer at the Observatory registered 20 below zero. Fiïgidus dies pour ?ious. Unpleasant rumors are not infrequent in regard to the conduct of several uiembets of the pólice forcé. The Daily News has quietly tuined lip its little toesand died. lts raisond'ttre had long been a conundrum, Prof. Renwick had a recital of his younger pupils Wednesilay evening. This is to be the first of a series. Ata special meeting of the Common Conncil last evening, the time for paying taxes was extended 30 days. Mr, E. B. Pond is to enter upon the duties of his office as Warden of the Jackson State Prison the first of Febiuary. The project of starting another Germán paper here has fallen through on account of lack of substantial encouragement. Henry Ward Beecher will, no doubt, have a packed house next Tuesday evening. The Boards were opened this morning. The Opera House was found to be f rozen up Monday. Consequently the patrons of the "Maid of Arran " suflered not a little from the cold. The long looked-for Psalters which are to be used for congregational reading at the Methodist church, have come at last, and are being handedout bjr Boughton. During November the highest temperature in Ann Arbor wasG9o and the lowest ¦was 15, withan average of 38" The rainfall was 2.14 inches and the snow-fall 4}{ inclies. On Wednesday evening, January 31st, Hon. George Woodford will lecture under the ausplces of the W. O. T. U. In the Baptist Church. Lecture to cominence at li al f past seven. We learn that Mr. C. L., recently General Ticket and Freight Agent of the Toledo road has gone to accept a like pnsition at Frankfort, Ind., on the T. C. & öt. L. rail road. Ourcitizons do not have to go to Dakota tocool off this winter. The tail-end of the Western blizzardstruckus Saturday night and In eiïht hours the thermometer went down forty-two degrees. Rev. Mr. Sunderland will begin next Sunday evening a series of discourses on "Someof the Illustrious Deadof the Past Year." The first considered will be Darwin, the second Dr. Bellows. Very little business was transacted Monday by reason of the very marked absence of calorie. Few teams were in town, and nly those people of the place stirred out who were compelled to do so. The Keek Furniture Company has shut tlown for a few days on account of the cold weatuer. This will not embarass the business ia any way, tliey have a good quantity of stock on hand. A county order for the city, of $190 was lost last Friday. A pocket book and some money were with it. Payment on the order has been ordered stopped at the banks. The Chief of Pólice wishes to have it lett with him. Asan examnle of many letters we are receiving we quote the followlng : Lake City, Iowa. DeauSie; Enclosed find one dollar to pay for the Ann Courikk for a year. This is eleven times I have sent iny mite, and I have come to the conclusión I cannot do without the Courier. KATHAB1NE J. DEGRAW. A preientation of a watch was made on Thursday night to Past Master Dewitt C. Fall, by Golden Rule Lodge. It is an Elgin movement in a silver case, which is handsomcly ongraved with tlio Insignia of the Order. During the late cold snap the two larga boilers of this office have sufflo eutly warmed the Post-offiee, the confeetionary establishment and the printing otlice. The furnaces have consunied something over a ton of coal per day. The Sunday school of the Methodist church of Dexter had a sleigh ride to Anu Arbor Saturday. In the four loads therc were sonie seventy-five or eighty, and they passed the afternoon visitingthe Museum with Prof. Steere as guide. A little son of Winnie Banfield while coasting on High street Wcdnesday was so unfortunate as to be run into by an engine as he was going across the Toledo track. Itcut a gash in the side of hisliead hut he will come out all right. The otherday Dr. Cocker received a flne box of California grapesand oranges froni his son in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the bunehes of white grapes must have weighed between three and onc-half and four pounds. It was a maminoth. The Unitarian church society elected for its trustees, .IudgeW. D. Kamman, Prof. T. P. Wilson, Prof. B. E. Nichols, J. Whitlark.Mrs. Ashley and Mis. Vaughan. They decided to erect a parsonage on the vacant lot hmnediately Xorth of the clmicli. The latest from Dr. W. J. Calvert is tliat he lina found nu easy way to mako $10.000. That is to say he has iiot the money as yet, but expects to get it from the editor of a Jamestown, D. T. paper for lihelling him. We will let yon know when he gcts it. The monthly meeting of the Pomological society is to be on the ;id of February, at 2 o'clock, p. in., in the basement of the court house. Topics : 1. Spring pruning. 2. What is the experience of those who tried to manage the codliug moth, one of the most destructive insects now in the Held ? Lieut. Danenhower has everywhere been greeted by full houses. He gives a simple yet vivid narrative of the voyage and wreek of the exploring ship Jeannette, of the retreat of her ofllcers and crew over six hundred miles of rugged ice, and of his own adventures among the tribes of Eastern and Western Sibeiïa. The lectureof Mr. Foster, Motiday evening, wal givcn in University chapel, owing to the cold weather. He gave a comparison between the times and customs fifty vears ago and novv and saw much to hope for fiom present indications. Those who were present declare that it was an excellent address and they desire to hear the gentleman again. A Sanitary Convention under the auspices of the State Board of Health is to be held iu Pontiac, January Sist and February lst. Among the list of offleers and speakers we are surprised to have to look in vain for the name of an Ann Arbordoctor or professor. It is strauge that with so many talented and skilled physiciansas there are heie noneshould be represented. The Judge of the County Court during the holidays busied himself in looking tip li is pedigree. He observed that his ancestois used to spell the name Joslyn so he resolved to turn over a new leaf or rather turn back to the old one and change the " ''toa " y." Henee he announced in court that it would no loneer be the Hon. Channcy Joslin, but Chauncy Joslyn. As it was Rice A. Beal's sixtieth birthday last Friday his relatives in and about the city intended to give him a surprise in the shape of a gathering, a supper and a presentation, but owlng lo his absence that day, it was deferred until Monday evening. At that time about twenty-flve gathered together and the evening was passed in a jolly manner. Mr. Bcal was quite surpi-ised at the presentation by his brothers and sisters of an elegant dressing gown, and Mrs. Bcal wasnot forgotten by the nieces whogavehera handsomepainting, framed and motinted on an easel. The occasion was a very happy one for all the participants. For the first time during his present í 11- ness, Dr. Cocker was able to get up and be dressed last Wednesday. He is very feeble yet, but there is a gradual and sleady improveinent iu hiscondition. To relieve tlie family a corps of watchers has been formed, consisting of Messrs. C. II. Worden, John Ferdon, W. W. Whedon, W. A. Tolchard, Dr. Breakey, D. M Finlcy, C. E. Lowrey, J. Buckley, Dr. Amos, J. J. Goodyear, D. E. Osborne and J. E. Beal. These by turn have taken care of him niglits, and it has been their pleasant expeiïence with him that with the pain of the disease accompanied by the ennui of the long houis the Doctor has ever retained that calm composure of mind befitting hisphilosophy and religión. Thusit has been a del ght to minister to one so noble, and so universaliy bcloved. Mis. Rhoda Fuller, after a life prolonged to the un usual term of ninety-three years, Friday quietly passed from tlie scènes of this earth. She was bom in Ashfield, Massachusetts, the Bfth of January, 1790, and ca ne to Miehigan In 1S30, settliug in Ann Arbor. Her life was a very useful one, and by her works she was well known in this city. Of her turee children one dauguter survives. and of the children's children there are flve living. The trial of Sophie Lyons for stealing Mrs. Cornwell's watch on the fair grounds in the fall of '81, began Tuesday morning, and has been progiessing but slowly, delayed as it is by the continuous objections of opposing counsel. It will be remembered that last suminer she was tried, convicted, and sentenced to the house of cnrrection for foor years and eleven months, However, after being there a short time her counsel obtained a hearing in the Supreme Court. There it was sent back liere for a re-trial, because some testimony had been improperly admitted and some excluded. She is defended by Col. Atkinson and John G. Hawley, of Detroit, and John F. Lawrence, of Ann Arbor. Prosecutinsr Attorney Wliitman has J. W. Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, assisting him. Some new evidence is being introduced, and it is understood an alibi will be attempted to be proven. Tuesday was taken up by witnesses who saw her in the city on the day of the stealing. Wednesday and Thursday were inostly occupied in a searching cross-examination of Mrs. I Leww.