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I flVOStlgatíob shows that llu: lowland jx-arh trees about Graud Haven are sei-iuusly mjuroif, wliilc tliose on the apianas aie i ,tooS 5i üuiit Ion so fai'. Grao'. W. Sheruood of (.'harloiU:, who has kept hotel there Lor 1; years. and is wcil knmvn to I lio truvelingpuriHo, has leased his hotel, the Sherwood house, ti V. L. Curtís & Son, of Detroit. Ths Lyons Heiald sava man y proper,y öwners arecomplalnlngoï the uegieeted coñllionof thc villugc water works, uliiriuiugtliat il no timo wilhin lwo weeks have tl.ey been in loudttion tu uso ir wantod. Alton Dakin. L'9 years oíd, ofPalmyra, L,enawee COUnty, was instamly killed ly a proiKitiue explosión oí his gnu, wliich he was lrawing towards him by the nmzz!e, blowiug ifl' tho top of Uishead. KdgarO. Wolcoti of Battle. Civek, eft hotne Dpe. 28, went to Kalumazoo and ;ransactcd his business there, but bas net brn lenrd of since. líe was 'JSyears om, his family elaticus t!:e pleaBlUlte&t, and he had no grc&t imoimtof money v.iih him. I'.vron Ui-ückway of Lakeview, Montcalm oounty, flied from injuries Wceived two ouths agó v.iiile in camp near SlxLakes. lie 'ell from a Bkidway, breaking his back and sivïring the s]iinal cora neftrly hall' Ín two, and ín hat oonditiou lived (M dav,-. Rojbert Nortou, just returnedfróm the louee of correcfii.n at Jlanisti-c, robbed Jolm Norton (aot a relativo) sí a watch and $7. He vas arrest ed f or I he crime and while being takcn tojail by oilieer Fliekinger broke and an, but was shot in the nicle, wlien lie sur-eiidered. Frankfort hurbftr is oue Df thc íriost )f during winter in the ent.iie state. Last vinter the harbor was entirely elearof ice jnost of the time, while tliis winter but little ice has ormed aithougli the li:i boen so -- ere. 'l'he steamer City of Ludington, of the (.(.oi'.rieh lhie. made her last trip l)ec. 30, but, he Frankfort Express foi it, there liasnot been t i!;iv siuee that date, nor any day this winter vhen slie or any li-.t properly ciad tor winter vork, could nol have entered thc borbor and anded at the usual steamboat doc-ks. No powrful steam tug ip-kept running to maintain a liannel, sinee the lieavy swell from the lake hat is eonstantly rolling in through the piers irevents the long continuanee of any ice. that nay forin. Durinij the extreme weathcr of ast week, the mereury at Frankfort iudieated 0 degrecs aboyo zero, inetead of lOor more b{r.v as at many otlier poinis in Micliigan. George K. Brown, oí Michigan, gets $2,300 clerkehlp iü the department at Va&hinpton. Marcns C. Palmer, of Pittaford, HillsLiles eounty, 1:O caiiK to Michigan in 1831, lied reeently ; oged 78. Adi-llv.irt Smith, of Adnan, thesecotid "iütiin of the explosión of molten iron at the 'eninsular ear shops fouadry bas sinee died. Charles liloonistine, wlio was a soldier iiidcr the first Napoleon, and took part iu the amous battle of Leipsie, died :it Clinton; aed 2. Johu Urake, 'bus man at Corurma, )oushtahorse at nuetion last sumnier for 1250 that now provea to bc 2:30 trotter, and larties want to give him (1,000 for the beast. At the annual meeting: f the Central Michiiran agpkmlturtJ society at Lanslng, O. M. liarncs was eleetcd president; the fair vill uc lield in I.ansing the tirst week in Octo(Ci-. The lali'ly organized township of Germfast, 8eho'oleTft 'Ï0 miles long iv sLt in width extendiug frojn the extreontty i Scuil Chni.i [joint to ilïe norlii line of town 15 range i:i. Tho meeting of thfilenaweeand llii!.- l:Ie eounty farmers' ui.ion at Kolliu Center was one of" the moei qnccesafnl gatherlngs that orgauizaüon has vet ha!, every townghip lieing1 epreeented. ïhe 7-year-old son of John Vandunurg, of Grand Haven, waa ma ever by u slelgh wBile trymgto "eatchon."' The runners jassed over hia ehest bruising him sevcrely, int he may i-ecover. lu adütioii tohis large and vcry (dioico aallery of paintin;:s, H. (i. Lewis. ofColrWater xas íi ïibrary of HUO oí the l)est books of our ,-aii time ' and somc of the rarëst works of the past, all fincly printed and richly. bound. Thooounty jail at Grand Haven Waá -¦¦: . .-.T.-rl to fie bu lire, Imt the promptness of the tiiv deiiartmeut saved the building with ittle toa i. The flre eaiight from a Btove in the mainhall and was unrïoubtedly eaused bj il' priBontrí tiving to buru, thcmsulves out. Sheriff Vaupdl kept Uicmuniíer control, hcwever. Kennis JMcco.sia eourity, nae Donus adyantoges to offer iurnitnrc dealer who wlll lócate therc. The loss by the burnine of C. C. Meneen Ar liro.'s böxfaetory at Bay City, 1s esttmated al iV.'.OW, Hifcrance 510,000. Bellevuc fire dcpartracnt lias a novel wav of prrvcntine the cngiue's freeziug: They put :i lightert lamp inside the engiuo. Airs. Corev, tho gypsy arrrtéd ter swlndling a CaJhomi eouñty rilan out of $3,000, balled herseU mt of tho Jall at Marshall by aenositinji ?:,(K)0 in bom's in the First naflonal liank of tliat city. The Manisüqno l'ioneer -says: A vdmlr weeh without anv throngh mailfroni the ontskle world satBoügh we liavo a daily Ulffl n Btagès conncctlng at. Fayettewith a snnlhy'Hii.' to EscanabS; and all bccauselie raaroad Dostoöicc rlcrks pereist iu earryiua our mail the latter place aml throiving it off at Day's Mivi'r. Armory hall, at Big Kapiil.s w:;s ldirglarlzed of 20 pairs of blankcts aiul 10 boxes of cartrldces. Miss Kipley, of Lanêing, beeomes bookkeeper and clerk at the girls' reiortnat6ry, Adrián, at $:i0O a year. . McGrjiw et Co. 's store .1t Naulinway, Macktnac county, on the nortb shoro of Lake Uicliigau, burned recently; loss $20,000, partially insumí. In tho soit bronglit by Amos Munson of Charlotte, ngainst Üie Chicago & Grand Trutk railroad tor $10,000 aamage6, the jnry return d a verdict for plalntfft of $1,000. Mrs. Fowler, a widow, over 80 vears old. rt-sidiniï in (Jiiincy, Br&nch county,fell Into the Breplaieat her home, very eariy oue inornn" and was BO terribly burned about the up!¦?¦ p irt of the body thiit lier life was despairea of. Wliile v Charlotte woman was eli;anIngacarpet with benzine and chloroform she wiïs overeóme by iulialiug the chloroform, auü was fouiifl bv the servant lyirg uucouecious upon the Hoor s'ill Inhallog thedangerouscompourtd. Tlir t'rojible at Hillsdalü collfgB continúes All classes have resolved to stand by llie senior?, and unlcss they be raínstateil on reasouable terms all classes will witlu!ra from tlir school in a body. The aftion of the facult} is bitterly denounced by citizens of the place. An nnknown wretch assaulted two vounjr Germán girls of Ovid while on tlieir ;n home froni a grocery store and attempted to choke and Btop themouth of the oldeat. iiot sereamed ai d the villain fled. The moraba tracked him with a lantern in the gardena round about, but lost track of him on Man street Similar attempts havo been made bc fore, and cause great indigration. Ivuon Rápida païtiès have shippei over T.tHK) rahbits to the eastern markets so fa this season. A Grand liapids furixiture faotory ha. ust recolveí an order for $14,000 worth o Texas hotel furniture. Last GcWber Otis Wilbór. of Sturgis put tSDO in gold in hij trunk, but the othe day when he canie to count it, T5 had disai pearéa Judgü Hookor at ( harlotte, senteaced i Renben Hall, who was convicted of assault with I Uitent to rape, to live yeara in the stale prieon i at Jutkgon. .1 fourtèen-yeais-oid boy, uaiaied Eugine Kellogg, pmployed at Boneüeld's trooden ware wórks, Baj City, caught hls hand In jointing saw and hnd it split through the midillo to his wrlst. His arm will hare to he amputatru. M. Ö, Russëir, formanyyears a prominent cltlzen and luetloe of the peece at Battlo Creek, dled at Idaho Sprlnrs, Colorado, whither lic hadgone for his healtb. His remains will be retnrned to liattle Creek for burial by the Odd Fellows, of which onler lic was a member of high ran!;. A. ,). Daniels, rolinng school superinti r.dent at Grand Rapids, was preseuted with a) cxpLiióive gold watch and Chain froni the teachers of. tlie city schools. Prof. Irvlng Mitchell, the iucomlug superintendent waa on the samo day presented with an easy ehair by (lic pupüs of the grainmar uchool. Wliild John Syden and wife, of Esscxville, wcre visitüif!: a sister In another part of the villegc, having left thrce small chlldren at bouw, their house took fire and was burncd to round. Scarcely any furniturc was eaved. Syú.n had allowed his iusurancc to expire, anti losbs evfci ything, ampnntiniï ' H to aoout $1, (JU. lïe Is u working man and has; lefl. 'ie faculty i' Hillsdale college eoniinui'd U hóld their defiant attitude, ancl the seniors have been ohligcd to apologize. TJie e.lass, however, wish It distinetly undorstood ttmt the couceesion was made for the sake of averling from the college au impending calaniity, which wobW earely have been the resnlt of the dccldcd stand taken by Lhe ütbcr classes. The seniora stiil maiutaiu tliu reasonableuess of heir previous positioi!, and the njustice ot the nauner iu whlch the facnlty havo treated lhe natter Xrom the begiuiiing. During .Tnnitarj1 10,000 b j,i i clfl of lour were shipped by Cyrus Stiles and CO. Johnson & Co., inillers of Monroe. Tho fine dwelling f Fit. Shaw, of ( aileston township, Kahimazoo county, and all its furniture bunied a few nights ago. l't'tcr Lang', a Grand Bapidfi Polauder, sucs the 1)., G. II. & M. company for $ HO worth of IJSggage lost on the road soñie montbs ago. A Hoytville roiupauy lias received an irdi r froittlángland to fiiruish 800,000 hardivooj rollers to !e used . makiDg laundrj iiaehfnerj; O. G. Young, a wull known mechanic of CoWlótte, dlca vcry suddenly of heartdlsease. Be had been up town but a short time beforc his death. A man named Dolby had his left hand caught iu a straw cutter at the LowelJ paper nill, Ypsilanti. and his arm 60 mangled that It was amputated above the elbow. Miss ïracy Zweck, of Bay City, eses .Michigan Central company for $10,000 for njuriee whilo getttng ofl a train at Hlisefleld"" OM tUo Hij City lvoj, „ j-.„ „s„. J. Harris, iormerly of the Mineral Spriugs house at (rand Ledge, has, in compaiiy with ïh;.s. Moran, of Toledo, taken an interest iu the Commercial house at Lansing. Trof. Cassidy, who has had charge of the agrloUltural college grecuhouse at Lansing for tl! pasl. nitie years, has been appoiuted professor of horticiUure in tbc Colorado agricultnral college at Fort Colliiv. ,1,-nuii; McLeish, n lo-years' old mrï living in -Ypsilanti, accidentally set fire to her elothing while carrying toáis, and, despite her own and others' eftorte toextinguishthe llames with water and by rolling in tlie snow, was so serionsiy burncd"that shc died the next afternoou. 1 The LeglHlaturc. , Skn.vte, Jan. 31.- ¦-Petiliors were re ¦ cetved for the passage oí an act to quiet the title to certain lands held by actual scttlers on Detroil .v: Milwaukex Railroad lands ; protest ajittiust any furthcr appropriatiou for the artificial hacching of whitefish; petltlon oL Oscar ; D. Chapman ana 400 otliers for au investigation of the managers of the Instltute for the Deaf and Durab at Flint, allcgiug that the , sald inanagers are responsible for i ing the tmection of dlphtherla on the commnnitv and citine in prooi certain Bpociflc cases. The l.ill providing for the appointment of an additional Prosecuting Attorney of Wajne couuty as tsbled, and also the Inll autl.onzlng Ypsilanti to build a bridge over the lluron rlvèr. BUle wcre introduced relatlng to hotel kpcDers: alsoa loint resolution for an amendmeut to the Constiiutiou of the United States go as to pennit women tovote; amendiod sections ir'w and 1735 of the eompfled laws, relative to the public healtli ; authoriJng boards of supervisors to ascerUin and preserve ongial section corners; relattag to judgments in )UrtS of record; to organize normal departinta in cLartercd colleges; to authonze the ayment of a certain school bond issued by Rapids; otat resolution icqueKting the Itehlgan dclegation in Congress to support , biil in aidbof the veterans of the Medcan -,v loint vesolution for an amendment to the .'„.Ititutionof the Vnited States so as to proide for the eleution of postmaners and fllsrict federal official. Sov. Begole communiated bis ajoproval of the acts legAWiig be assessraent rolls of St. Charles. ü-ineorpoTattng Battle Creek, increasinftthe alarles of cimflt judueo $2,500, and maWne ppropriations for the repair of the soldlers nd sailors' monument at Detroit. House -A concurrent resolution was adoptd to appoiut a committee of five Senators and ¦ven lteprcsenttttives, to investígate eertata cwèpapc r charges as to attempted br.bcrv and orruption of feglslators in respect te , the r otes for United States Senator. Petttions ,erc r è ented in favor of the culture and projaaation of white iish; against the kil ing of rite deer for the sub.nission of a prohibitory nmendmen : for a tèn-houre labor law; agaiust uil.è -a.ion of tito Town of F iwhing, enesecCo ; continuante öf white fish hatch¦ ri " írom T50 citteens of. Detroit or an ,' of act 11, scasion laws of 18-7 i n"s Conspiraey law; remonstra.. : rf iffht Uuard, Seott (uards and National fards a oí Detroit against the passage o a 11 to Ï-Kiid the act for the enrollmcnt oí eon.. Vj i;, ,'mber in bodies of state troops. for tbc colleetiou of taxes m ltó.-. ihe ["'xleaníregulatluleliabñiív'OnpdoV: '';, k', coinpènsation for personal injuries ,11 ¦ .vworknien in their service; to ameid ïho iquor-law, app.oved June 10, 1SS1 ; alo 1o WcourtlsectionSTaeicompUedlawsoflSJl, XStatog had to payment of toa by ap'l Ut" for uitlees1 returns; to ameud aadre s U e law relativo to tliegovernment and dishli èOf the State PrUon, apprnved May8, - s anund.d by act 200, State lav; of b. , á íoini resolution perm ittiug the use of tenta "CUÖea; ' of SÓ . hwestern Michigan; to lm!,",! tlu ¦ "Iiw relative to the admtoistratio of estates of intestates. Si-natk, Feb. 1- The bill to amend the dissection law was reported without recommendation. The joint resolution requesting Michiga" representotion in Congress tooppose mdutyon quinine or l'en.vian bark, was ,„,,.,1 ,"„. House concurrent resolution orderIng an investigation of charges touehing atte.nptsatcorruption in connection .wit. he Senatorial eontest, amended so as to make the invtiffi. ion general in its scope, and pMSed ing thelish eonunission, 124 of 1873; to amend aci 344 of 187Í), relativo to collcction of dama-es sustained by reason of defectivo slreets, sidewalks, ete. ; to allow mutual lire insuranee companies of otlier States to üo business in Michigan; toostablish a Boaid of Poor Commissioners u Wayne County; to amentl act 79 of 1878. relatiug to the Railroad CommlsBionership; also, to revise the Railroad Incorporaron u-t, 168 of 1S73. Iloi-su- A l'ill was passfil ostabiMiing B board of building inspectors in Detroit ; also one amending the present law in regard to the support of the poor. Au adverse report ivas made on the bilis to próvido for the eonstruetion of sidewalks alonghighways; also to próvido for the eurollmcnt of contribnttng membersof military companles and the two bilis were tabled. Bills were introdueod as follmvs: For the marking nd branding of live stook ; also for fonnatiou of oorporations for stook raising; amending seeüons 85 and 30 of the act relative to the support or the poor; amending sectlon 6027 of the eompüed lairs for the trial of issues of faot. State Treasurer Butler comrnunicatcd that the genera] fuud had to its credit f360,738, againat wbieh are undrawu approprlations of $2.'i:S.(0S -outetanding past duo bonds, $12,150, leaving a balance oí f14,900. A detailed statement of all the funds shows a balance in the treasury Jan. 30th,of 4W13,4ÜO.8'J. Senate, Feb. 2. - Foor petitions woro reeeivcd for the establishment of a board of commissloners of the poor in Wayne county ; mimcrous other petitions for the teaching in the priinary schools of the physiologictd eftects of alcohol upon the human tissue. A bilí tras introduccd incorporatiug the Grand Army of the Republic, after which the Sonate ad journed. House. - geven huudred citizens of Detroit petition for a conipulsory edueation and antiemployment law to apply to ehlldren ander 14. A rcsolution was oiïered by Mr. Darragt) providing for the paymeut to iiicmbers of thcir $3 per diem only for sueh days as they are actua!ly in session, unies detaiued bv ülness, was tabled by a decisivo vote. Au eifort to get the veas and nays was A few bilis were int rodr.ced the most important of tlum being measures to amend the Detroit (ree school act; to incorpórate secret temporalice societles, and to authorize appropriation of state swainp lands in aid of iulaud navigatiou in Emnett and Cheboygan eounties. Mow a Senator Is Clioscn Wednesday, Jau. 31 - The lirst ballot in joint couvention resultod as follows: Whole number of votes, 129; necessary to ehoice, üo; Ferry, 49; Stout, 4H; Burrows", 12; Palmer, 7; Willits, 5; Hanchett, 4! Laccy, 3; Hannah, 1. A motionto adjourn was put to vote and defeated, veas 40, nays S'.l. The eonvention tlien proceedcd to cast a soeond ballot, with the following rcsult: AVhole number votes, 127; ueecseary to choicc, 04 : Ferry, 48; Stout, 48; Burrows, 18: Palmer 7: Willits, ."; Hanchett,4; Lacey, 2; Haunab, 1. The conventiou then adjourñed. ThukSDat, Feb. 1. - The regular routine was KpVe tbVragh with, the lirst vote resultiug: WHWe number of votes, 130; neecsfiitc'heon, 2; Laccy, 2; Hannah, 1. An elïort was made to adjourn, out the rnotion was lost, and the second ballot resulted : Whole number of votes, 12S; ueccssarv toelioice, 65; Stout, 49; Ferry, 4S; Withey, 8; VVillits, 7; Burrows, 7: Palmêr, 5; Cutcheon, 2; Lacey, 1: Hannah, 1. The third vote gave Stout, 5Í); Ferry, 48; VS'ithey, 8; Willits, 7; Burrows, C; Palmer, 5; Cutcheon, 2: llannah, 1 ; O. L. Spauldlng, 1. The convention then adjourned. Friday, Fcb. 2. -The joint conventiou assembled at the usual hour. The wildest excitement has prevalled for the last few days. ICiu-lier in the weck it was confldently azpected that this much-mooted auestion woulü bc settled before the close of the week, and the flisappolntment feit by all ivas kecnly manifest. The convention proeeeded at once to ballot, the first ballot standing: Whole number of votes, 12.8; necessary to choiee, ()"; Ferry, 40; Stout, 45; Palmer, 7; Willits, 7; Kurrows, (i; Withey, 4; GhamberlaiD, llenry, 3; Cuteheon, 2; Conant. 2; Lothrop, 1 ; Boles, 1 ; Lacey, 1. Tlio second showed but very littlo chango, beiug as follows : Whole number of votes, 129; ncoessary to choicc, tö; Ferry, 48 ; Stotit, 46; Palmer, 9; Willits, 8; Burrows, 5; Withov, 5; Clmmbcrlain, 3: Cutcheon, 2; Hannah, 1 ; Kilbourne, S. L., 1 ; Lacey 1. Satobdat, Fob. .'!. The exoitement over the senatorial oontest continúes, and the dead-lock remains unbroken. Four bailóte were takeB, trot DO chotee made, and the convention adjourncd until Tuesday, Fel) 13, at noou. The bailóte stood as followa : Firat- Ferry, 47; Stout, 21 ; Chamberlain, 21 ; Willits, 9; Palmer, 8; Withey, 4; Burrows, 4; Cutchcen, 2; Turnei-, Jerome W., 2; Draper, C). S.. 2; llannah, Diekinson, Lacey, Woodman and AVm. Newton, 1 eaeh. Seeond.- Ferry, 47; Stout, 17; Olianiberlain 17: Withey, 1 ; Cuteheon, 1 ; Willits, 9; Hannah, 1 Burrows, 6; Woodman, 2: Chas. Draper, 8; Chas. S. Draper, 1 ; Joy, L; Lacey, 1: Geo. 1'. Sanford, 1 ; Newton, 1 ; Palmer, 6 ; E. F. Couley, 2; H. 11. Hatch, 1; Chas. S. Richmond, 1 ; Elliott G. Stevenson, 1 ; Turner, 2 : Frank L. Dodgo, 1 ; Lothrop, 1 ; Crocker, 1 ; Threc- Ferry, 50; Stout, 1(1; Palmer, 7; Marble, 1 ; Chamberlain, 11: Withey, 7; Willits. 9; .loseph Qreusul, 1 : Tim Tarsney, 2; Dicklnsod 1; Win. P. Wells, 1; Cutcheon, 1; Hatch, 1 Montgomery, 2; Wm. C. Maybury, 1; Crossman, 1: llannah, 1 ; 1 laminan, 2, Burrows, 4; Spaulding. 1 ; Turner, 2; Woodman, 1. Fcurtli.-- Ferry, 50; Stout, 90: Woodman, 2; Withey, S; Willits, 9; llannah, 1; Chamberlain, 11, Palmer, 7; Maybury, 2: Burrows, 1; liubbell, 1; Lacey, 1; and the others seatte.ring, enough to miike a total of 122. fceiiawee County Farmer iloll oiiverc. Tbe January meeting oL the farmers' Instituía of Hfflsdale and Lcnawee countics was held iu Kollin Center, Lcnawce couuty, on the 90th uit. The meeting was a very intt-resting one, and the discussious very profitable. Tielow is given a synopsis of the various subjecta treated and the remarks thereon : On Winter Care of Stock, George W . Moore thought that all kinds of stock should have shelter, unless itbe two-year-old colts, and feed regular. Would feed grain to eattle at niglit Let young horses have a field in which to run iu winter. AU kinds of stoelt, ineluding theep, need plenty of water. II. W. Lewto of Medina, said that stock well summered was half wintered. It doesn't pay to take an 800 pound steer, keep hini tbrougl the wi-iter and have hini only weigli 700 pounde in the spring. , Portc.r Beal would DOt fo.low any hxed ruit of fecdin"-, but would use up theeoarse fodder Have kept sheep through the winter tiy feeding sonio vegetables. J O. Beal said wc must shelter our stock, i liave built a silo aud intend to raiso, sowcdcorn in order fhat I may keep more eattle on les F Hart Smith has 00 or 70 steers- part o them in the open lield. Feeds stalks and marsl hay, and liardly thinks it pays to stablo Btoclt l'orter Beal opened discussion on hen OD( How to -Market Farm Products. Farmers ar in a hurry to see the results of their labor l'suallv wheat will bring as mucli as SOOD a ready w at any time, as tliere is loss Inkeeping besides the interest aud Insurance. It bato] the oost of raisiug, thought it best to hold i süc months or a year. Don't scll too short The best way to market evarse fced, such a st'dks struw, i-orn and roots, is to put It int the stock and save the fertilizer. Homo, se their produets as they want the mouev, umii thcir wheat bin for a bank. Do uot se apple tooquick;butif worthít a barrel sell iu th -F, Hart Smith would rather sell corn at 9 cents than feed it to hogs. Thinks a buahel ( t„rn in the car will rnake live to hve and a ha P' Mr' í)erb'í"hire liad found by experience tlu dressed pork at 5 cents a pound gave 2; cent net bushei for corn. F G Chureh said that lic with others ba( BMpped their wool to Boston and w ere we satfsfled with the result. Mr. Sloeum said the Grande sMppea wool t Hoston and did well. Commltti n ttlíetlags rerjörted that Ufe i Februari meetings be. heM in Woodstock; ¦ March, in Somersct ; April, in Whe&tland ;May, : In Pittsford : October, in VV'right ; November, i in Medina; December, In Hudsou; January, in ¦ liollin. Adopted. I Making liuttcr in the Winter was thcn taken - up, and tlu main pointe elicited wera to set i pjiik in h cool cellar nrttic sommer, andina warm room in the winter; useearrots tooolor liv feeding tliein to the cowe ; ehurn slowly ten i minutes to prevent frothing; skimming the 1 mus before it soursdoes uot make it foam; do i nol. churn after it beglns to grain ; better butter can ho made by setting niilk in ereamerv cans. After a short discuseion on Shoukl Fruit. Qrowiug be EncouragedJ ior Marketaa one of uur Farm Industries.' the meeting adouriied. Ferry's FiUiure. The annoneenient va.f made on Batnrdayj the 2.1 inst. tliat Ferry Bros., of Grand Haven hadfai'ed, Mucli eonjecture waü indulged in, it being tliought by niauy that the report liad been started by politieal enemics of Senator Fi;rry to defeat bis ré-eleétión. But later reporU continu the fact that it was uot a campdgn rage, but a realit.y. Au nutJine of his business eareer, and of the cau?C3 wliich led to the faihire is taken f rom the Detroit Bree Press of the 4th inst. The Eer. W M. Ferry, Senator Ferry's father, wastheürst settler of Grand Haven. He moved there in 1834, wlieu the Senatorwas alad f 7 years of age, founded the town, aeeumuiated wealth, raised his large iamily of ehUdren aad is buried hcre. Ferry & Sons and Ferry Brothers have always been among the leading business men of the town,andupto sixyearsago there was hardly a raiiroad, ehurc'i, "bank or niiirine entcrprlso of any Importases In that city In wliich thcy werc not intrn-sred una tlie leading spirits. 'Ferry & Son ran the tirst private bank in Grand Haven, aria Edvvard F. Ferry was tor yearS the President of the First National Bank. About eight years ayo Kilward P. invested heavily in Utah mines, which, in couneeticn with the ehrinkage in valué oí' real estáte, and then unprofitable lumberingandother business, eaused him to beeome heavily involved, and overwork and anxiety also eaused ill hf-alth, whieh kept him idle lor a period of about two years. Sinee then, althongh retaiuing an interest in the tirm of Ferry Bros., he has given nearly all hi.3 nersonol atteütion to his mining 1ntereet in Utah. The Senator, of whoni Grand Haven as a i! f has always been proud, hap, In addition to his duties as a United State3 Senator, supervised the business of Ferry Bros. in Grand Haven, Montatue and Chicago, and has alsobeeu President of the Michigan Barge Company and interest ed iu othcr business. He bas "had the reputatlon of being an ablc business man. During the past two years both brothers have invested heavilv in tlicir mining enterprises at Park City, Utah. They have iuvested all the money they eould get, and it is asserted that ! tlieir present finaneial disaster has been eaused by tlieir funds being all invested therein. It is l}Rtufeüi)iiYlvlWiti"'V,AUe!iURi,.s _gfirfi ¦¦;, '"""as always been tliought that they were paying big. The declaration noiv made tbat the miuing enternrise is what has eaused the disaster is a great surprise to a great niany of the Grand Haven people who v.'ere not posted. Many believe that the whole trouble has been brought about by Senator Ferry's politica! eneinics to preventhis re-election, and that they will be ablè to regain tnclr linancial etanding. The firm owncd considerable rea! estáte, vessel and mil! property in Grand Haven and Montogue, at lüaek Lake, near Muskegon, and large tráete of piue lands whieh have been livied upOB, and are iieing held by parlksfrom Chicago, Detroit and Flint. Several weeks ago the firm secured the First National Bank, Grand Haven, by turning over to its president tlieir vaina!. !e Chicago lamber yard. Isaac (). Lombard, of Chicago, has been thcre several days, and it is uuderstood thal he bas succeesfully looked iftcr the interests of the Chicago ereditors. As several lirms there are supposed to have iudorsed their paper, and many individuals have loaned them money, the future devclopmeuts are anxiously awaited. It is lmposelble now to get at the view of Senator Ferry upon this question as he is at present in Washington. It is believed, however, that their liabilities will nrnonut to several hundred thousand dollars and that they bankrupt sfveral other lirms beside their own. f Interest to tltc Second Ifllcblgan i'avalry. A c-ireii lar signed by Liëut. (en. P. 1!. Sherian, as President, ha9 been sent to members of ie 3d Michigan cavalry. Tlic circular reads s follows: "Comrade - The reucion of the 2il üehlgon cavairy will bc held at Lansing, Febiary 22, arul you are urgeutly requested to e present. Oor meeting being held at the capiU of the state, a very central location, it is ïpected that a Iarge number of our okl comacles will come together. Tlease cxtend this otice to a'.l you may know, wlio scrved witb s dnrlng tlië war, "and il' you eaiinot come rite U8 a letter to be read before your gatün cl cororades. The historian of the regiment II be present willi his manuscript, and hopea ach comrade will write np any batlle, eugagelent, march. or any incident accident or vent that will help hun to compile r.s full, inorestlng and correct history of the regiment s possible. General Sheridau bas written to the coniniitee in charge of the reunión that he, will snrelï Present. The ratcs of fare will be ïv.lucnl n most railroads tor round trip tickets, but oinrades unist identify themselvcs at the staion where they purchase tickets. Rburaton licxijiii. Jmlge Maratón, of the supremo court, has endered his resignation, to take effect on the Sth inst., and ?he governor bas aceeptcd tlic esignation. It is expected the ex-judge will Dgage in law business in Detroit. In eounecion with his resignation the republiean state central eommittee bas caücd the state convenion for the noniination of suprenie judges vice iarston, resigncd, and Graves' term expired, o be held at East Saginaw. February 38.