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Reporta u-e curreüt iu Paria that the Orieans prlnces Lave drawu up a manifestó declariug thelr readlneu to ucrsonal Interest ior France, and vigorouily protesting agalnst the charges made eoncernlng them. A number of Jew-hators have gone to Paraguay to feratnj a colony, whcre no synagogucs are t{ be admitted. Fabrè's proposal prohiMtiag Orieans princes from holdinst civil or military odice has boen adöpteJ by the Freneh chamber. A eommittcG of Irishmeri aro now in London eolleettnd fonds to aid thoee who have been eharged with conspiracy to murder oflieials. Etttigratión from GTormany íór 1882 is 10,000 less for 1881; A feavfal galo has been raging at Pnris, and mueh damage has been done. Twenty-three persons were killed during a paule la a wooleu factory at Bombar. Gladstone's health is improving, and he is expected to return to Engkind in a short time. Prince Jerome has been removed from prion to au establishment for invalids at Anteuil. A politica] prisoner in Siberia details the sufferings of prisoners. In a vcry graphic manncr he tells how thcy are robbed, beaten aud badly fea. The writs for the legislativo assembly electlons of Ontario have been issued. The nominations will be made Feb. 20, and t.i" o inst. vill be polling day. Kv:iin!n:i.tion of persons eharged willi consplracy iu the murder of officials was eontiuued in Dublin on Saturday, tlie 3d inst. Evldenee of the mo.'t damaging eharactcr was addueed. A colusión óceurred near Quebec on the 5th inst., but fortunately no one was hurt. A serions raihvay accident ocourred in Muugary on the 4th inst. Beven mimen ere killed. Over 100 persona suspectad of being eonneeted wilh secret organizatious have fleü from the city of Dublin. Complaint has been made to the Canadian authorities that American cars are being emuggled into the domiuion. The impression prevails In Franeethat the army does not like the expulsiou bül. Word to thaL eilect has been sent to Grevy. The Spanish government has ordered tlie general adoption tlnoughout that country of l!ic decimal metrical system of weights and measures. Investigation of the murder eonspirncy charges was resumed in Dublin on the 5th ,l!t. The evidcJXi.'iïi''1"1" t-il-ii it pi a lunet Bycommand of the emperorBismarck sent the following letter to Germán consuls aud other. diplomatic agesta of the United States, who have been instrumental in collecting and forwarding suteeriptions for relief of suflerersby recent floods: ïhe emperor has Icarneil with keen interest from your report how general was the sympathy awakened among Germán citizens of America for the sufferings of residects of tb e inundated ilistriets. He is mneh gratilied to learn of the feeling of kindship wbich eltizeus of the Germán race abroad entertain for their countrymen in their o!d home, whieh corresponda with the frieudly relations existing between Gertnany and America. I am comumndcd by the emperor to thauk most warmly, in the nane of the sufEererf!, your eonnnittee whic-h bas already achieved such happy resulte, and I beg you fo convey to the eommlttee this osprièalon of gratitude. The distribution of the funds collected was to me a subject oí solicitous care and I ask for aud reeelved for this purpose the assistance of a cqmmittee of deputiesin the reichstag repre6cntiug the distressed districts. Subscriptions are beiug raised in county Wicklow, Ireland, to aid I'aruell in clearing olí a mortgage on his estáte. The PtiqqIiw píiiice. íu'o conliiltiut tlin-t they have destroyed nihiiism. They are vcry jub'ilant over the tact that the Czar can go about St. Petersburg without an armcd escort. Germany is confident she has too many professional meu, and particulttriy "lim'bs of the law." lier military men discountenance the further study of that braneh of edueation. A Paris dispatch says whatever tlie Tote in the senate on the expulsión bilí, the minister of war will request the presideut to sign a degrec placiug the Orleaus priuces iu the army on the rctired list. The llussian government has granted the Finish state power to establish literary, scientitic aud cconomical societies, craut conecssions for tramways, reduce the customs tarifl aud sell land to foreigners. Tlie czar of Russia has issued a manifestó giving notice of his coronation at Moscow Maj 27. ïhe manifestó is addressed to all Ruesian eubjects. The ukasc orders the attendance of marshals oí nouility aud all prefects of provincial capitals, exeept those in Siberia, whose attendance is excused on account of the distancc, and the presidents of rural and urban administration. NATIONAL VAl'IT.lL. In the Badley investigation iov in irogress in Washington the ticket seller oí the tfutíonal theater teetifled tliat tickets to thc heater ordered by Bailey were turned in to he gas compauy ás part payment of tliu gas bilí. The Seeretary of the Interior has diected commlssloner of railroads to ignore any uggestions looking to an atftmpt to agroe ipon the faets upon which the claim of the jnited States against the Union l'acilie railroad s l)ased and to proceed with tlie preparation of the case. The principal business before Conrress is the diseussion of the tariff bil). A conimission of 12 men lias been ehosen by the President to test the fineneas of eoins at the severa] miuts. Fifty-seven petitions íor national aid o common schools were preeented to the Seuate in ene day rceently. The petitions are, with one exceptiou, all trom the southern states. Seeretary Teller suys tliat a contestant o a tlmber culture entry must file bis applieaion at the date of contest in order to obtnln a status as contestant. Mr. Horr of Michigan succeeded in liaving the duty on hemloek bark retained against a good deal of opposition on the part of those who wanted it pl'Éed on the free list. Mr. Horr takes the very sensible view that the gathering of bark for tauuing purposis was a great industrv among farmers in thicklv WOOded sections, and that they should be protected. The duty was placed at 20 per eent. ad valoran. The legishitivc. iwecutive and judicial approprlatlon bilí has been reported to the Uonse. It recommends appropriations of ',- 398,000, an increase of about S4!,000 as compared ith last year. The increase in the amount appropriated is mainly due to the necessary provisión for increased membership of congress, and tothe fact that the next is the long cougressional session. The liill in detail vavics very little from fonner bilis except the insertion óf the clause which will make the Clerical day in the various departments eight iustead of seven hoursin length. The President has sent a message to the Senate recommenoing a law, making the eucroachment on Indian lands puuishable with inipriponmeiit. The issue of standard dollars from the U. S. mints for the week endingSaturday, Feb. 3, was $198,000, against $117,000 for the same time last year. The supremo court of the United States hal declared invaüd the act of Oio New Yorl; hgislature impusing uponsteamshlpcompaniee a tax of tl for every allen passenger laiuted in New York from a forcign port. House coniiuiltoe on eoinage havo adopted resolutloni deelaring that eoin in the t.reaaury, jrith tho iMi-tstary icoptioufi, suould be used for payment of outstandiug interestbearing obligatlons of tbc government and recommcnding that the appropriation committec appropriate raoncy for additional vault room. The bill introduced in Congress on the 5th inst., to promete commercial relations witli Central and South America, provides for a eommissioner at $10,000 per y ear tovteit the Independent eountriee of Central and South America, with a view to aecertaiaing what ef forta those countries are making or desire to make to secure inereased commercial faeiütics with tlic.Uuited States. Only one raonth rexnains of the present session of Congrees. Claim agents in Washington have been fouud guilty of extortlng money from pensiouers, and the Sfnate w il! investígate the matter. A bill i.s being preparad by the House eommittee on military alïairs to place Granl upon the retired list oí thu urmy with the rank of general. The Senate eommittee on eduoation and labor have been taking tCEtimony as to the eondition of the laboring class, and the relations of capital and labor. Congress i.s making slow progresa M-iththe tariff bill, and evei-y indlcatlon points ;o the necessity of an extra Bession in order tbat the bill may pass. OronHunj onnnnier Tías" ïïïïornied the ¦ on naval alïairs that the lfficoll v at Annapolis is notserious enougli to demand the attent ion of congress. A politlón. has been presented in the .louse by ex-soldiers and sailors asking the )assage of a bill to pension eoldlers and f-ai'.ors who werc eoniined in confedérate prisons. The new river and harbor bill ha jeen compluted. The whole amouat called for by the bill will be about -?(i,0U0,000, exclusive ol' an ajjpropriaiion for tli improv;'mer:t of the iisLissippi. Representative Hubbell of Michigan, ïas filed a petition of 55 Michigan elrip-owners br an appropriation of $100,000, in order bat the improvement of the Harbor of Refïge at (irand Marías may lie completeJ. He also preeenteil the resolutions adopted by the joard of trede of Detroit asking for $200,000 o finish the improvement of the Lime-Kiln crossirg. COKGRESSIOyAZ. Senate, Jan. 31. -Mr. Millerof Califórïia, from the foreign relations eommittee, made a favorable report upon the bill to incorpórate he maritime canal company, better known as hc Nicaragua company. A bill was-introduced o retire Ou2jf.ermufitr_j'4oit'iw--"r 5 .rwlassed providiug for holding a centennial eoton and industrial expositiön in 18H4. Conerees were appointed to consider the Seuate amendments to the postofliee appropriation )ill. The tariff bill was taken up, sugar being hc artlcle dlscnased. House. - A bill was introduced for thj construction of a bridge across the Missouri river at Omaha. "The question of the nigth of the dailv session was raised, jut no action taktn. The Senate resolutior, ippropriating $100,000 for eompleting tlie een sus was concurra! in. The House Uien repumed its discussion of the tariff bill, and were working upon the chcmieal schedule, when the eommittee rose, and the House lis:ened to eulogies of Representativo Ortb of [ndiana. Kesolutions of respect were adopted, .ifter whieh the House adjourned. Senate, Feb. 1. -Joint resolutions of the legislature of Illinois presented in regard to the Yellowstone National Park. Citizens of Dakota submit a protest against the división of that state, and aek thatitbeadmitted with its present bouudaries. Tetitious were presented for national aid to common schools. A resolution was introduced and agreed to, direetiug an investigatiou into the expedieicy of niaking a legal provisión against the employment of conviet. labor by the United States, elther on public worUs or by coutraetors under the United States. At the close of oth?r business, the tarilT bill was taken up. The silgar scheduleformed the topic of discussiou, but without much progress having been made, it was dropped, and at the time of adjournmeut the liquor question was uuder discussion. House. - Mr. Kelley of Penn., was anxious that au understandiug 6hould be eutered into whereby the House should remaiu in seseion until sïx o Vloek everv day until thetarilT tiill bas been disposed of. 'The request of Mr. Kelley was deemed proper, and a tacit agreement wás made to that effect. The House t hen i ent iuto eommittee of the whole and bogan working on the chemical schedule, whlcb subject was being considered at the time of adjournment. Senate, Feb. 2 - Mr. Hoar presented the petition of professors of Harvard college asking that nouo but aprofessional astronomer be appointed to the ofliee of superintendent of the Ü. S. naval advisory board. The labor question eame in for a sháre of the attention of the Senate, the discus6iou being prineipally upon the cause of strikes. Mr. Morgan of Alabama thougut that indiscriininate deetructlyeneas Id eonsequence of these labor riots. Other senators followed, but no action was taken on the question, and the tarilT bill was taken up, cottou goods fonuing the subject under eonsideration. Several attempts were made to secure a vote upon one or two amendmente, but no quorum voted, and the Senate adjourued. House - The ehamber of commeree of New York protested against tlie further coinage of silver dollars, and asked the passage of a bilí to that effect. After the appointment of eonferrees on the postofliee appropriation bijl, the House resumed its discussion of the tariff bilí. The usual discussion followed, seyerftl changes were made in the sehedule as reported by the commission, and the House adjourned, tliough au attempt was made to bring about a discussion of the bouded wliiskey extensión bilí. Senate, Feb. 5. - Mr. Sherraan of Ohio, presented a memorial f rom the Oblo legislature askiug passage of the Ml] for increased pensions to one-armed and or.e-legged Boldiers. Mr. Cameron of Wisconsin, iutroduced a joint resolution for relief of BUfterora by late Boodi In the valley of the lihine, Germany. Mr. Ilill of Colorado, preseutcd a memorial from the general assembly of Colorado askiug eertain Icgislation concerning the location of supposed mineral lands in tliat state. Mr. an Wyek of Nebraska, offered areeolutlon directing the eommittee on pensions to inquire whethi-r claim agents in Washington were practicinK extortion for services in procuring various claims for soldiere, widows or orphans. Aftcr a short executive session the tariff bill was taken up, and a long session was devoted entirelv to the discussion of tms meaaure. The dutyon cottou yarn was made 48 cents per pouiid on yaru valucd above 80 cents aml not above oue dollar per pound, and on that vaiucd above $1, 50 per cent. ad valorem. Hoise.- The lirst business of importanee before the House was the dlscnssion of the bill relating to the ftdmlsslon ot Dákota. A long debate ensued, wliich tonards its close became rather personal. Xo aetion was taken upon the bill, the motion to vote upon it being lost. Mr. Cameron of Illinois, tried to bring up the legislative appropriation bill, but the motion wás lost. An effort was made to adopt a i resolution making the bill to incorpórate the - maritime canal coinpany the special order for Feb. 15, but the motion" was defeated. The House then listenedto resolutions Bubmitted by Mr. Kellev of l'euu. In substance the reso' lütion proviiics that on and after Feb. 12 the ' eommittee of the whole be empo-.vered to authorize the House to so arrange its bnsiness ) that the tariff bill shall take preeedence of . other motion and amendment An animated ¦ discussion ecsued, of a purely partisan character, and the House soon adjourued. GENERAL ITEMS. The Senatorial dead-lock in Minne? sota has been broten, ly tbc election of D. M. Sabin, ou tbe 39th ballot, A reduction of $13,686,888.00 was made in the publio debt-durmg the month of January. Since June 1882, the debt has dccreased 95,0G7,667.00. Anothcr name has been added to the list oí defaulting state treasurers. This time it is W. W. Wcod, the gentleman who bas charge of the cash in Tennessee. The amount of bis "shortage" is net known. Thére is trouble in the military aoalemy at Annapolis. of Chandler bas been appcaled to, and expreeses it as bis opinión that all disturbances and iusubordiuation will subsido if (he superintendent is allowed to work v, ithout interfcrenee on the part of parents, and friends of the rcfractory cadete.. Tbc nature of the trouble has not yrt becu made plain, bnt so far as uuderstood, the secretary is in uutire sympathy v. llhlhe superintendent's eourse, even if by it40or 50 of the students are expelled. Another blizzard i.s tearing throuh the west. The 6uffering among stock on near ly all the ranches is terrible. Tbe streams are nearty all frózen, and steek siiler for water. The loss of stock wül bc beavy, a large number baylng been frozeu. Pilot Long, the pilot of the stearner Lomas, when sbe rau into and sank the excursión steamer Scioto on tbe Ohio river in July last, bas been exoneratcd trom all blame, and hislieense reetored to him. Ilis license was revoked by the district inspector because of sup posed negligenee, but the board of supervising nspcctois of steamboalsJHi""""!"5 tlic rnati-r111"-" rendevert a división as aiiliouneea. Fiye thousand dollars rewardis ofiered for tbe return of Alabaina's defaulting reftgurer. In the family ;f Chrjstian K. Rose, the missing Charlie is ahvays spoken of as living, and will be regarded by tbem as alive until bis death is positively knówn. Kansas rolling mili, near KansasCity, Mo., closed ou the 2d inst. Tbc suspension is due to the depreeslon in the iron trade, and also to tbe {allure of the similar concern In Chicago. A dispatch dated Portland, Ore., Feb. 2, says tbat the steamer Tacoma, a collier of the Ceutral Pacilic company, went asborc on the 3Öth uit. four miles nortii of the Umpqua river on the coast of Oregon. 1'a.rt of the crew wcre reseued, aud five bodics of the lost have already been recovcred. Saturday, Feb. .'), was a most oxtraordiuary day as regards the weither. In faet, the mémory oí the "oldest inhabitant" goeth not back to the time whtsa tbe world was eo heavlly weightd dowu beneatb tons of ice. Nevcrj perhaps, was a storm more widespread. The cutiré Northwest suffers undergreatstrcF l'?IrMiP?rmfifíe'emi3 TnV traius on all roads, not ouly tlnoughout the west and north, but in Michigan as well, were many hours late, and in fome cases cllattemptto get througli were abandoried. In Toledo great fear is'ïnanifest over apprebensions of a repetition of the flooda of 1881. At the lat tor place it had been raining steadily for 24 hours, melting the previene luil oí snow. The river rose rapidly, and merchante were busy removing goods from the depots. Bloomington, 111, was i-ilnl 1 au eafthquakc on the 5th iust. ¦ The cliñiculty at tlie naval aeademy at Auuapolis has'not vet been setfled. The supreme eourt of the United States bas been adjourned until Marcll 't. Heavy damagea re reportad allaloog the Alleghcny rivcr, in eonsequence of the rise of water. In Allegheny City aloce tbc loss is about$ 100,000. The water eontiuucdto rise for t wo day 8, completelyinundatingthecitiesalong the banks. No loss of live bas been reported, though affairs are in so distressed a coudition that it is impossible to teil how serlous the results may be. The eorone;-"s jury rendered a verdict iu the investigation of "the Newball house disaster on Momiay, tbe 5lh inst. They flnd that the propriëtors of the bousc were guilty of culpable negligenee in not employing a sullieient number of watchmen to guard the house against lire and to awaken inmates to save all the lives possible. They found the Neyhall house easy of cgress and ¦ dvvoid of iutrieate passages, with two outside escapes, ladders, etc. Nevertheless they found the owners of the Xewhall house guilty of negligenee for not haring provided more escapes iu case of lire. They also found fault wit.h the network of telegraph wires BürroondiBg tbc hotel. A terrible lire oeeurred in Cleveland. Obio, ou the 3d inst. 011 leaking from oue of the stills inthcoilrefineryo! Tbnnner& Teagle ran iuto the ruu, whlch was uuusually high. The oil came into tbe boiler house and a fear ful explosión oeeurred. The still soon after caught h're tnd in a few minutes tbc entire sur face of the water was covered with llames. The dames soon reached the Standard oil works, and made such headwaj that tbe efforts of the liremen to subduc tbe llames were of no avail. The loss of the Standard eompany i fullv Í250000, while at the works of Tburmer & Teagle over $0,000 worth of oil burned. It is tbought that it will take over two years to restore these oil worlcs to the eondition they were before the The prospecta for heavy iloods througbout Ohio are very good. l'oledo is fairly wild witli fear if a repetitijn of tbc disastrous floods of 188L All alGng the Maumes river tlie wildest confusión rcigus, and at Delïancc, Ohio, where the Auglaize rivcr joius tbc Maumee, the secnc is indeed terrible. On Sunday last the iee brokc justabove Deflance, tearing everytbiug bef ore lt? All along the river bridges werc weakened. añil general panle prevailed. AU throuijh the state the water is re ported higher than tot years past In manv iustances trains on railroads have been obliged to stop running. Indiana and Pennsylvania are Buffering nr-arlv as much as Ohio. At Meadville, inPenn., the water is two feet higlier than it was ever known hefore. The ga works are under water, and the ontire city is in darkness, and all communlcation is cut oa because tralns eau nelther enter norleavethe city. At Flttsburg the water ban commenced to abat, but the daniage alreadv done Wil] amount to hundreds of thousuinis of dollars. 'Yhr snircring in eaeb of these States will Ingreat, irmnv poor people in the lowhinde losing all fliey had. G-ov. Pattison of Peniuylvania, baa sent a spceial mi Bsage to the legislature of tbat stnte recommendlDg theaboiition d certain offices and vaiious Other changee for which legislative action is necessary. Toledo, Ohio. dispatches of the 6th eay that neithrr the ftar nor the water has I In the least. These are indeed, anxious days tor the denlzens of the Maumee valley. In Toledo the water rose at the rate of 6 incbes an hour, and fears were greatly neightcned by the pri-valeuce of a snow-storm and indicanons of a posgible rain. Traína on nlf roads are running very lrregularly. Iu the country all along theMaumec reit damage has been done. In some instances whole stocks of catüe have been drowued. Adisp&toh l'nim Litóle Kook, Ark., dated Fcb. 6, says tlie latcst from the IudlanTerrltory is to. the effect that the [ndians are greatly exclted and etlrred up in regard to the threatened invasión of Oklahamaby Payne and hls f oOowers. Tlu-y fear l'ayne'e persiBtence will ulömately force tha government to a compromiee or settlement of tnat part of the territory. Opinión is divided among the leaders as to whether i xpulsiona of Invadí ra ought to lie left v.iioliy to the govemmeni or whether thelndian ougbl not toassist In ürMngthem out. Shouldthe latterbe declded upon the probabilities are tlsr.t blood will be spilt. Gen. Pope's troops are guardiog the border, bu', so far no captures ure reported r.or does it Mem to be known whether auy movement has ' been made on the territory.