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The mkl-winter (February) Cenuirj óontainlng the flrst chaptera of Mr. Howells' new novel. "A Woman's Beaaon," is out of print, and a new eiHtlon is on the press. Mrs. Mary Mapos Dodge's story, "Donald and Dorothy," which appeared last yearaa a serial story in'st, Nlcholas, and which has not yet bees publfehed in book form n this country, flnds inucli favor In Kngland. The "Oourt Journal" says: "It is very touclihijr and very nmiisiug. The adventures ire valled, and highly characterlstlc of young American life. The story clears uway many of the prejiidiees which exist with us aain-it the freedom allowed to the juvenlle populatlpn of the States by girlngtbem the motive of the libeity accorded. 'Donald and Dorothy ' will do muchto efface such prejudice, and reconcile us to many of the custoins we liave so long been accustoraed to look apon us highly huproper." The Wheelmuu for February comes to us with lts brlght pages and readuble matter. " Echoes and Shadows. neatly illustrated is the opeulllg artlcle. " On Both Sides of the Sea" is an Interesting ronlHnce, and stories of " runs " are given in "A Vist. to the 'Magie City,' " "' Four Seasons on aForty-Six," by Karl ICron; and "The Wheel in NttShua." Two continued sto¦icj, "A Shailow Love," by Charle IJ. )odgc, nul "A Flying Dutchman, " defty entwlned romantic experiencea about the shiuing wheel. Poetry and well c'e;iircl plctures ijraie II' pages nd make t au attractivo uunibcr lo all who ire lueroctnd in the Mcyclo or Irleycle. l'ul)ishoil by The VVheehnan Vo 608 W.ishngton street, Boston, MassaehusetU, ;tt Í2.00 a year, or 20 cents a nnmber.