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WORTH OF THAT MUST BE SOLD IN A HÜRRY. AN EARTHQÜARE SURE ! A GENUINE SLAUGHTER SALE Which we shall make Irresistahle to Everyone We are going to reduce onr piesent Stock to one-hah of its present size within a month. TO CLEAR 12 OUT AND GET CASH FOB IT is what we wan to do now. The question with us : What price mus each lot he marked. down to Sell it Out within Thirtj Bays ? And down they go to that price. Some at ft cents on the dollar; some at 50c. on the dollar ; ant some at still less. A.ny price within reason to sel them. Do you lire in the city? Do yon live 5 mile, away P Do you live 10 miles awayP iVo matte, wbioh. It willpayyou to come. We will show yoi Dry Goods at pnces which will he Fabuloiish Cheap ! LOW PRICES WILL SELL THE GOODS Sale begins Thursday mormng, January 4. D. F. SCHAIRER'S CASH DRY GOODS HOUSE