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How Alligators Eat

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au alligator s tbroat is an animafed sewcr. Everything which lodges in hls op.'n moutli goës dftwn. Ho is i lazy dog, and ustead of hunt'ng fór something tj eat, ho Iets his rictuals hunl tor him. '1'Ikií is. !r. üea with his greab mouth open, apparentíj dead, like the 'possup. tiotin : bug crawls inio t, tlu'ii a lly, theuseveralgnatsand a cold&j óf mosquítacs. Thtó 'alligator docsii"! eloSo liis ïnoutii yoi. Ho is yaiting tor a wMle drxve f things. Se does liis aating bj holeáale. A iltle luier :i lizard dll coo] himself iiuler tlie shade of tne upper ]scw. Tlion i tévr froga uill hop up to öatch the aosquitocs. Then more mosquitoea nul jjnats will lio-iu ,,n ti,e frog. Finilly a vchole village of inseots aml replies sottlÉ ( for aá afterteon piol'c. Thcn. :tI :il once, tiicro is all arthqnake. ThebigjaW i'alls, the aligátor lunik-, une eye, ulps down 1 "lili1 fflefiagtíTioi nul ppens bja "roat froni door fár more visilars.


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