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Married Women In England

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Ou the first day of thi.s year t fit' relations of husband andwife in England under wont a complete change. The naarried woman's propcrty act öt 1882 is the last in a series of legislation entirely slip-' ersedïng iho okl coninion law rule that the rights of a vvífe are mergjftd in hef husbatid. The résiiít is that tbere are fonr classes of married women in England having distinet rights aud liabilities. First, tñose married before August 9, 1870 are enlitled to their wages, and earnings and l any propcxtt tlic littlo lo wbich accrues as trom to-day. Hul their husbands nre liable for tlicir clebts beforo and aftor niarriage. Those married botwuen 1870 and 1884 are eutitled in addition lo tlic above to all sums coming to theru as nex1 of kin imdor intestacy, to sums coming by will or deed up to Ür000, and tb renta of freeholds uescending to them as lieiresses. Husbands of these women are nut liable for debts contraoted bef o re marriage. Wou en married bet ween 1874 and 1883 can make their husljauda liable for clebts only to the extent of the assets wliich the latter liave received frona their uiu s. Women márried aíter January 1, of thia year, maj acquire, hold and dispose of reaJ estáte and personal próaerty in the, samo manner as il' unmarried, without the iutervention of trustees. A wife may now sue her luisbaod, prosecute him crhuinally and even make him abankrnpt. firemains;tobe seen whellicr or not this change in the law will increase the business oí the


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