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HARDING- At Sault 8te. Morl, Mlch., on February 18th, of dlphlherta, Abbie Ennis Harding, aged 2 yrar and 7 inou Uu. (rand daughter of tlie late C. B. Cook, fonnerly of Ann Arbor.
SCOTT- John Scott, son of George and Flora Scott of the Sixth Ward died February 7, at the ag of 7 years, 8 mo. , of scarlet fever.
STRUTHERS - Sarah C. Struthers, of the ''mu tli ward died Febrnary 19, at the age of 5 years, 8 mos., of peritonitis. Taken to Stratlord, Out., Tuesday mornlug.
FITZSIMMONS- Thos. Fitzsimmons died February 27. 1883, at hl resldance in the town of Ann Arbor, after an lllness of 4 mouthg. Ie carne to thia placa in 1344 from Elinlra. New York. Hls age at the time of hls death was 82 years, 5 mos. He pent the earller part of hls Ufe In hls native place and u raarrled n 1827. He moYed to Ann Arbor, llved tfaere a short time, then came to the place where he esided untll hls death. Mr. Fltzslmmons was an honest, upright man,whose motto was o do to others as he would be done by. He accumuluted a goodly amount of thls world's ')ods, and leaves a large clrole of fiiends and elatlves to mourn hls loss. E. w
BARTLETT - Our home clrcle was again roken by the sudden and unexpected death of Mrs. Libbie Bartlett, wife of Eugene Bartlett. and youugest dnughter of the late Thos. Fitzsimmons, died January 30 isti. after a riet lllness of less than a week. Her age at lie time of her death was nearly S4 years. bewas born In Ann Arbor,whereshe renidcd ntil her death. She leavea a husband and wo children, besldes a large clrcle of Iriends wlio deeply mouru her loss. After her death he was taken to the home of her chlldhood rom whlch the funeral look place. We shall meet, bat we shall miss her; Her place is vacant now : lint we know that one dear sUter Wears a crown upon her brow- A crown all brlght wlth jewels Set by the Master's hand, And placed there by the angels, As a welcome to that brlght land.