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Wiuterhas held on to the season witli a deathly grip. Ilearts of Onk at the Opera House on Weduesday evening. Match 7th. Mis. Wm. Noble, and Mr. A. W. Britten are laid up for repairs by reason of falls on the ice. On the farm of John Quigiey of NorthfielU, there will be an nuction sale next Tuesday morning. Reraember the readingofselected essays in English II., in the High School Hall this afternoon, at 3 o'clock. A party of thirteen carne down frotn Cornwell's milis Wednesday night to see Uncle Tom, Topsy and Eva. The lease of Mr. Hudson attheSt. James hotel expired yesterday, and Mr. Alfred R. Beal of Dexter has leased it. There was a very small immber of delegates in the county convention Saturday and General Apathy ruled the assembly. A week from Sunday John B. Finch of Nebraska will speak in Univeisity Hall. He is the leading temperance orator in the west. A load of fourteen persons went over from here Sunday evening to attent! a temperance meeting at the Lodi I'lains school house. A special train broughtthe Uncle Tom' Cabin troupe down from South Lyon Wednesday noon in time for thein to give a street parade in the afternoon. The city band is to give a representation of the historical drami, " Robert Emmet,'1 about the 17th of this month. The cast bas been made up and rehearsals are now being held. l'he board of trustees of the M. E. church met and organized Monday with the following offlcers : President, Dr. W. F. Breakey ; secretary, Dr. P. B. Rose; treasurer, Wm. Noble. Mr. Jacob H. Hicks was hurt recently, quite severely by a runaway wherein he was thrown out and had a rib fractured and received bruises about the body. He is gradually recovering. Saturday's trains on the Central were generally delayed by the wreek of a freight train which occurred at the second railroad bridge west of town. No one was injured by the accident. Because of the critical state of Mr. Homer Henderson the town clock did not strike and the church bells were not rung for severa! days. Anv noise of the kind would throw hm into spasins. The Ladies Temperance Union has appointed Miss Tillie Brown superintendent of the juvenile temperance school. Miss Amanda Henning is assistant superintendent, and Miss Mary Hondrickson is secretary and treasurer. 1 m i The anniversary of the Juvenile Temperance Band of Hope will be held next Monday evening at half past seven o"clock, n Cropsey's Hall. Admission 10 cents. All are cordially invited. Come and help the children in their work. Dr. Schuyler is causing an immense pile of cord wood to be built at East Milan and expects to increase it to some 500 or 600 cords. The wood is obtained from the timber land purchased by him last fall. It will be shipped to Ann Arbor next fall.- Dundee Reporter. Otto Steele, one of the plumbcrs and steam-pipe fitters employed on the postfflee building during its erection, died recently at bil home in Ohio, having contracted a fever while workingat bis trade. He had been a Norwegian sailor on board whaling vessels in Arctic waters and had had a varied c.ireer. Mr. William Monroe a Railroad station agent at Webb, Texas, who was murdered recently in his office by some unkuown assassin, was the youngest son of Almon B. Monroe, formerly of Ann Arbor, and grandson of John Monroe, deceased, also formerly of Ann Arbor, and nephevr of Mrs. N.H. Pierce of this city. His parents and one sister reside in Detroit. He was a young ma of exemplary habits and much beloved. The wretch or wretches who murdered him, iirst shot hira and Uien chopped him to pieces, leaving him for dead, but he was only insensible, and died on hls way to San Antonio. His parents are inconsolable. Mr. Tuthill, the State agent for the Auiericau Bible Society, was iu town Tucsday looking over the field with an dea to the extensión of the work in tliis county. It seeins there is a county society, but it has not mot since 1877. It Is probable that a public meeting will be called to discuss the best measures tor effective work. The Po8t-offlce department offleer C. T. Turner, of Flint, was in town this week looking after the deficit in the last postmaster's accounts. It occurred through Mr. Clark's not making adeposit with the government during the last six weeks of his administration. Another agent has gone out to Dakota to see hiin and to ascertain how he will settle it. The proprietor of the Cocrier will wager a year's suhscription to this paper that no woman in the county can make better lemonade than llrs. .Toe T. Jacobs. The other day while contined to the house and wishing for a glass of that refreshing beverage, he no sooner had ordered some than a pitcher of it was brought to the door which had been kindljr sent by Mis. J. Nothing of the kind was ever better enjoyed. On onc ot our streets is a doublé house. In one side of the house Uves a sewing machine agent. In the other side another man of the same business moved the other day, but the first tenant perceiving that in moving in, the new neighbor had no machine and not knowing his business, he was not long in calling around and attenipting to sell hini one. After hearing the agent talk a while he paralysed him by informing him that he too was in that business. The joke was too good to keep. Friday night of last weekcame nearbeing noticeable as a good lecture night. At the University Prof.Hennequin was telling students and citizens what he thought of Gambetta and the Parisiau Siege at the Unitarian church Jesse Harper was delighting the temperance pcople with reininiscences, and at the Opera House Dean Hart was going to describe English cathedrals, but on account of sickness he tnissed the engagement. Of course this list takes no account of the innumerable curtain lectures which were delivcred u and about town. Last Sunday one of the classes in one of the schools was without a teacher, so the place was supplied by a young college gradNate who proceeded at once to edify thcin. Among other thinjrs he explained to thein that Canon Kingslcy was so called because he was a big gun. The lesson, wiiichwas about Ananias and Sapphira, toldhow wlien Ananias dropped dead he was wound up and taken out. The teacher's coinmentary on this was that "after he was wound up he didn't run any more." The young man made a "big hit" and hcreafter will he in great demand. The great cornet is still to be teen with the naked eye, under the dog star. It appears somewhat ghostly, but its proportions are still immense. The tail will probably sweep over the dog star. - Harttord Post. In this event we really hope tlie dog won't be .S'tar-tled. It might be Siriu.i business. To car tail the dog star's üght would be no light thing, and he should planet so that it can' t cornet over him. Howl this do ? The above from the Korwood (Mass.) Review shows the youthful editor must be a lover of the " dorg " from the way he pun-ishes his readers with such dog-gerel. He can't terrier-ize us with such tails, written for the purf-ose of buttdozAng the dog-goned denizens of Massachusetta. Come again, brother. It was our privilege Saturday night to listen to the singing of the Swedish Nightingale, Christiue Nilsson, who, although of the same age and experieuce as Patti, diüers much from the piquant and lively little Spanish singer. Indeed she in many ways resembles Albani. Both have a simple, easy, and at the same time, a very dignified stage presenoe. Both seem to be carried away with the sympathy of the harmony between their souls and the niusic they sing. Nilsson's voice still retains all its old time sweetness and strength, and in Gounod's "Jewel Song from Faust" displayed her wonderful versatility of action and expression. It is earnc9tly to be hoped that sometime the people of Ann Arbor inay have an opportunity of hearing and seelng some one of these great "queens of song." That precocious infant the "Pinckney Dispatch" is becoming very 'sassy " and standers us iu this way : An Ann Arbor man feeds his heus "boiliug hot food " to make thein lay eggs. Does he get " biled eggs,'' we wonder. Ann Arbor school girls have donned class hats, a la University. They didn't adopt class stockings, because there wasn't enough red yarn in the city to cover their feet and - well, no, they didn't want to, that's why. Ann Arbor people seem to be very unfortuuate in a moral point of view. Recently a young lady froze her ears oif in going to church 011 Sunday, and now comes to us the news that a young man has lost his life because he didn't go to church, but stayed at home to shoot rats. Ann Arbor editors never get hurt. They don't go to church, and they don.t shoot rats - we won't teil where they do go on Sunday. Verily this calis for "sro:ih." We must have B-lud. Kaughphy and pistols for 2. The March term of court sits a week from Monday. The following jurorsare requested to be on hand on the 19tli Inst. : Ann Arbor town, John O'IIara; Ann Arbor city, lst district, Fred. Schmid, Jr.; 2d district, Henry B. Masten; 3d district, B' Leroy Lockwood; Augusta, Wm. E. Sanderson ; Bridgewater, Simon Anglemire: Dexter, Joscph Stapish; Freedom, John Schenck; Lima, John J. Gross; Lodi, Gideou Hoyt ; Lyndon, D. M. Joslyn; Manchester, Fred. Kurfess; Northfield, Anthony Birk; Pitsfleld, David Wilsey; Salem, Stephen Ellis; Saline, Caleb M. King; Sharon, Albert J. Kobinson, John T. Feldkamp; Sclo, James W.Wing, Geo. Alley ; Superior, John W. Nadry, Tunis V. Quackenbush; Sylvan, Loren Babcock, Daniel W. Maroney; Webster, Elmer Cushman, C. M, Stark; York, James E. Rogers; Ypsilanti town, Seth C. Arnold; Ypsilanti city, lst district, George Thomson; 2d district, E. C. Dickenson.