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Important To Tax-payers

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Editor Codrieb, Dear Sir:- Ata recent meeting in Cropsey Hall, itwaa read.from whatisclaimec to be good autbority, that in the city of Vineland, N. J.,with a population of 12,000, the actual cost of supporting the paupers of tie city, and what was neccssary of a pólice court and pólice forcé for one year, amounted to four hundred and seventy-five dollars - not a saloon is allowed to open its [doors in that place; while at Yonkors, N. T., with a population of 15,000, and 100 licensed saloons (and some that are not ,'licensed) the above-named items of paupers, pólice courts, and the attendant offlcers, costs the tax-papers in the neighborhood of forty-four thousand dollars, or ninety-one times as much as hor sister city, who does not recognize any trafnc in the vile stuff. Think of it, tax-payers! without mentioning the misery, crimoand disgrace - the inevitable outcoine of the liquor trafflc - can yon, for the' sake of enabling 75 or 100 men to secure a livelihood by dealing out the poisonous stuff in this otherwise beiiutiful county of ours, afford to pay, at the least calciilation, fifty or sixty per cent. of the taxes you are now compelled to disgorge ? If this is not a fair showing of the case in this locality, after taking into consideration the large sums allowed some ol our justices, the bilis presented by and allowed our constabulary force, and especially our "pólice" force, all on this one account, then look over to the county house, insane asylum, State prison, work houses and reform schools, and answer, il you can, if it is not, why is it not? and, if possible, inform us where the redecming points in this trafile are, that we may know why we must submit to the indignities of its hideous form and to be trod on by its iron-like heel. Yours for tlie right;


Ann Arbor Courier
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