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I HASBEENPROVEÜ 1 !k"dtney'diISes.í SOIJJ BY t.t. PBTOOIflTSPrloe "Mr EUian Lawrence, my towns-man, aays Br. PUillp C. Ballou.of Monkton, Vt was bloated from kldney disease. The skin of hts lega shone liko glass. Kidney-Wor cured hlm. Apr. 20-82. ___m. P IS ASURE CURE i tor all disoases of the Kidneys and 3 LI VER- - 1 It has speclno aoüon on thls most Important 2 orean enablineittoüuOTOfftorpldityand i inaotion, stünnlatln thehealthy seorettonof 3 tha Bilo, and by keeping the bowela In Lree 1 oondition, offectine lts regular discharge. J _-¦,- IfyouarOBnfTerüiglrom 2 Ril a lana, malaria, havo thoohiU. 3 areblUoUB,dypoptío,orooMUpaWd.KldneTj Woi-t will suroly reUcvo and quickly euro. I In the Sprlnff to oleanse the System, every i one should tako a thorough couro or It I 11 SOLD fl ,P""gl";]MiP'''C V "Teil my brother soldiers,'' wrltes J. C Power, of Trenton, 111., "and all others, too that Kldney Wort cured my 20 years livert dis orders. Publlsh It, please, in St. Louis Olobe Democrat." cFOR THE PERMANENT CURE OF i CONSTIPATION. - No otherdiaease ia so prevalent in thij IS try as Conotipation, and no romedy has evor - equalled the oelebrated Wort as a c E oure. Whatover the causo, howevor obstinate C9 (S the case, thls remedy will ovorcomo it. l, rll BrG thth distrosaine; J l Ltöi plaint la very apt to be - f oomplloatedwithconitipatloa. Wort 4 strenffthens the weakenod parto and quickly CO cures all kinds of Pilos ovenwhen pliyaicianu n and medicines have beforo failed. tlTIf tou have oithor of thesO troubles io PRICH tl. OSE I Drugglst Sell Another Bank Cashelr escapes. Qeo. H Horst, Cash'r of Myerstown (Pa.) Bank. said recently: Wort cured my Meeding pila." TT H E C REAT CURE I toe f j - RH E ü MA Tl SM- 1 Ao it i foT. -n u.c puutui oueaies of the -g KIDNEYS, LIVER ANO BOWELS. 8 It oleanses the System of the aorid poison that oausea the dreadful suffering whioh C only the Tiotims of Hheumatism can realice L THOUSANDS OF CASES J of the worst forms of thls terrible disease . (B have been qulck] relleved, and In short Unte 5 PERFECTLY CURED. 6 nucí, $1. Ligero or det, sold bt dbuogists. tír Dry can be sent by mat L yBCJJ,BICHAjaD3OlffeCo.,BurliartonVt. " "Kidney-Wort has given immediate relief, In many cases of rheuraatlsm, falling under my notlce."- Dr. Philip C. Eallou, Monktou, Vt Apr-20-82. "Ineverfoundeven rellef,from rheumatism and kldney troables MU I used Wort Xow l'm welt."- David M. Hutter, Hartford Wisc. (entaurJsniment The (real Healing Kemedy. CASTORlA Old Dr. Pitcher remedy for Chlldren's Complalnt.' eow-n rm- 1074-1 1 83 MInfahing f ForallonV f Remedy; sl)CBA9 DiseasesI Itctter . rrca sobes, pimples. VERYSIPELAS- WRING WORmV THEGREAh&reUREFOR I7MMPILES Bjmptoma re moiature, stinging, itching, worse at lUght; Bfcm m if pin-worm were crawling about u rectum; the prirato part are often sffected. Aa a Sleatant, economical and poritin cure, SwiTKrt istmint is superior to sny srtielo in the niarkut Bold bTdruggists.or eend 50 ets. in S-ct Stamp. 3 Boxei, 1.Ï6. Adoren, D. Swatke & Son, PhilaVP. 1139-1180 Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER was the flrst prepnration perfcctly adapted to cure dieaec9 of the scalp, and the ürst successiul re¦torer of faded or gray hair to ita natural color growth, and youthful beauty. It has had many lmittor, but none have so fully met all the requirements needtul for the proper treatment of the hair and scalp. Hall's Haik Ueneweu han Bteadily grown in favor, and spread its fanie and usefulness to every quarter of the globe, lts uuparalleled success can be attributed to but oue cause: Me entireuljilmenl of its promiu: The proprietors have often been surprised at the receipt of orders from remota conntries, where they had never made an eUort for ts introduction. The nse for a short time of Hall's Hair Ke.newek wonderfully improves the personal appearance. It cleanses the scalp from all impuritiea, cures all humors, fever, and diyness and thus prevenís baldness. It stimulates the" weakened glands, and enablea them to push forWd a new and vigorous growth. The effects of this article are not transient, like those of alcoholic preparations.but reniain a long time, which makos ts use a matter of economy. BUCKINGHAM'S DYE FOR THE WHISKERS Will change tho beard to a natural browii or tlaek; as desired. It produces a permanent color win not WRsh away. Consisting of a singl. preparation, it is applied without trouhle. PREPARKD BY R. P. HALL & CO.,Nashua,N.H. Sold by all Dealers In Medicines. trOR ALL THE FORMS Serofuloug, Mercurial, and Blond DiAorderB, the best remedy, liecause the most se:irchiiiL and thorough bloodpunfler, e Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Sold by all DrugglsU ; Jl, slx bottles, S6.