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CIObIuk aud Opening of ïlall. Mails leavlnB Ann Arbor, h.ast and West, will close as löllows: OOINQ WEST. fhrough and Way Mail S:20 and 1U:5Ü a. in. Way Ma" between Anu Arbor and Jacksou ViiE m JightMall S-"0 P' mGOINQ BAST. Through and Way Mali, Nlght Llne.fcOC a. in. Through and Way Mail, dunday ¦ i. SOUTH. Toledo Pouch T.00 a. m. Toledo and Way mGO1NO NOKTU. South Lj-on and Northern 10.00 a. m. Waith, Whiunore Lake A Hamburg .SU a. m. MAILS DISTKIBUTKD Eastern Mails distributed at 8 a. m„ 9.30 a. mtenrn Maifd&t'rlbated at 8 a. n, and 6:30 ' JlRckson Mali and Way Mali between Jackion aud Sun irbor ditrlbuted at 11:15 a. m. "unrof aud Adrián pouch, 1U:UU a. m. l'raveicr' tíuide. ri-Hins arrlve aud depart from the Mlonl¦au Cutral Depot in inis city as lohows: TBAISS KAST. AU tntic Express jj.W mNi ht .Oxpress 6.A. a. in. JücKsou Accomrnodation . . a. m. Grand Bapids üxpres lO.M a. m. WaH 4.,!7p.m. N. Y. Express "'i!t' P' luTBAINS WKST. jjjjl 8.45a. m. Day Express "i'Va-mUrand Etaplds Express 5.22 p. na. JaokBon txpress 7.24 p. m. ;vtnlng Express .2o p. m. Pacluc Express 11.17 p. n:. Local Passeuaer 5.19 a. m. AU trains are run by Chicago time, whicn Is 11 ten minutes slower thaa Aun Arbor time. Trains arrlve and depart irom the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Oraud Trunk depot in ttiis city as lollows : TRAINS NORTH. Express 10.35 a. m. Express 8.1e p. ra, Accommodation ii.i.0 a. m. TltAINS SOUTH. Express 7.30 a. m. Mail 3.35 p.m. Accommodatiou 14.5 p. m. Fraternity IiOdse Ko. Ü6 F. A A. M. Regular commuuications held in Masonic Hall on Wednesday eveniugs on or before the full moon. Visiting Brothers cordially weieome. C. B. DAViöUN, W. M. W. F. STIMSON.Sec. ¦ ri.-iid of The Coarter, win liavo business at the Probate Conrt, will nieaxe reqnest Judge Harrlman to Bood their Priutine to tlii office.