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A Ghostly Tale

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the Democrat, n the matter of ghost al ríes our pólice reporter has been " on the 01 war pitth'' and has also unearthed some B of these restless wanderers, whose bodies are not material. Not fir froin this office is a house occupied by two families which are now in of grcat trouble over the unwelcome In tions or noisy but usually Invisible guests iti who come in the darkness of the night, es and by their free and easy wav of making themselves heard, we would jud?e that they feit quite "at home." We will glve a few of their favorite tricks. One night last ol summei-, while one of the persons in the $ house was in bed, he was startled at the h( eutranceof au unearthly apparition, the o sight of which "did make each particular L hair to stand on end like quilla upon the fretful porcupine.1' He knew not whether it was "A Spirit of liciilth, or goblin damned,' ' but it seemed like a woman clothed in w white. It slowly moved acrosi the room '¦' and disappeared, much to the relief of ttie th terrified witneas of the scène. Once since then some of the people in the house have been startled by loud " halloes " in their M ears when no one else was about. In an empty room above stairs a rocking .chair has been heard yiolently to rock upon the bare floor, and upon one going n.the chair C was seen still in motion. The spirits ca dently had been taking a Itttle "rock." ca In that same room in which there was tb nothing which could have been knocked over by rats or mice,there have been heard poundings upon the floor, rattling of dishes and griddles, splitting of kindllng qi wood, and, in a word, all Imaglnary sounds that would indícate that tho lively little spirits or ghosts wrre eilher feellng particularyjollyorelse slightly nervous. Al (l' any rate the families in the haunted house have been getting rather nervoug about 8uch uncalled for demonstrations, and they declare they cannot stand it. However the most startling thing connected wlth this phenomena is yet to come. The other day, while in the cellar, a woman of one of the families carne across a mysterious jar. She brought it up, and, at as all gatliercd about, it was opened with !" the intense curiosity of those present raised to the highest pitch. It prored to be one of thesinall picklingjarg uaed by doctors to preserve little curiositiea, guch as frogs.toads, snakes, polly wogg and beotles, or those strange cases of cáncer, bol Is, p hare-lips, crooked eyes and toes and [j jjers, and other such et ccteraa of the human body, in which the bone-pickers delight. But none of those daiuty little - ticleswasin this jar. So what doyou supposeitwas? It was ahuman tongük. Aye, there is the witches' charm ; the [ lin's fascination. We have the tougue as proof of the story. The manifestations still continue, and as C the people know of no way to exorcise the ¦ house, they are going to more out of it. Any one now who wants to have some fun with the ghosts probably can rent the house cheap. Since writing the above we have ascertained that the owner of the 1 house lived in it untll last year when she was so frequently visited by the ghosts that she moved out but without saying gJ anything about it to any one. ja


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