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The Phantom Ship

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We stood on the hauuted island, We atood by the hauuted bay ; Tbc stars were all over the 6kyland, But the nioon had loltered away. The llghts of fisher-boats gllmmered, The bcacon glowed steady afid red, Theealm seaicily Bhimmered Like the eye of oue who Is dead. Then, all alone on the oeean, The ghost of the eland caine- The ghost of a vessel in motion, The ghost of a vessel of llame. It Blioue with vaporous brightness- A glamour of treniulous raye; It was not lire, but the whiteuess Of a ghost of a perished blaze. We watched it with all our visión, We watched it doubting and duin!) ; We had heard of the thiug with derteion, But we surely beheld it come. We saw it glide o'er the water, A phantom of pallid fire ; We aaw it tumble and totter 'l'o ruin, and then llash highcr. Again and again to leeward lts ghastly rigging feil o'cr ; At last, far away to seaward, It foundered, and rose no more. We had watcbed it with all our visión, We had watched itwith eye and glas; And gone were doubt and dertsion, For surely we saw it pass. Through many a winter and summer, As the sons oí the island know, The gleam of tbis ghostly corner lias ürophesied storm and woe- This ghQSt of a great three-master Which went in the days of yore To feil and tiery disaster Riirht. off thcBlock Island shore.