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Bismarck's Melancholy

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Froui the Hour. Generally speaking, Prince Bismaink is indifferent to the world's opinión of him. But be lias moments when his heavt softens, añil when a inelaneholy overeomes htin, and for th time destroys the elastiotty of his spint. He then eomplains of having fought in vaiu, of haviug failed in aliuost everything. One autumn eveniug in 1K77 lie was sitting by the (reside in a room adjoining the green-house of, and eomplaiued bitterly that his politica] carcer hadgiven hitn no pleasure and no satisfaotiou. "There is nol one loves me for it," he said. "lt does not make me popular. 1 have never made anyono happy in all my life, neither myself nor my family, nor the nation al large." His friends proiested this accusation, bul he persisted in saving that the numbers that he had made unhappy far exceeded those that lie had made happy. "Ii it were not for me . " he said, "the world would have seen three great vars less, and eighty thousaud who died in their bloom might have lived, and how many parents, brothors, sistors, widows would have spared their tears!' Bismarek is also a little superstiüous sometimes. He will not have a baltle which is yet undecided spoken of as f it were won. He will not sit down to dinner if there are thirteeu. When (eneral Boyer oame to him to negotiate in the name of Bazaine, Bismarek would not resolve anything of iuiportanee beeause it was the Uithof Oetober, of Hochkiroh and Jeru. ïhen he dislikes Fridays, will not start on Friday, nor sign any sort of an important doiütment on that day of the week. When he was otlered the title of eount he hesitated before aecepting it, beeause many families in I'onierania whomithad leeu conferred upon had died out to a sM time. "The little country can't al counts " he said. On the 24th of NM ember, 1870, he was speaking of his oH death, and said tbat he knew wheiM would the day of the inouH year and all. His friends enedout :¦ lie must be mistaken, but lie ouly - ¦ "No, I kuow- it is a mystical figin'M Seven yeara afterward he repeateil ¦ same date, but added, "Gou's will ¦ done, liowever, in all things!" T 'M of his ministers, who had appeared M liis hair eut, lie remarked: "You ¦ uutyour hair in agoodtime; tho mcM is growing, and that is tho right time ¦ imtting hair and trees. Scientitie ymt ple do not believe in the influence of the moon: lut I do, and I feel T ain vight. 'y