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Too Much Dreaming

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.1 11 OLÍ CCL .1 v n aA New Yorker who spent several weeks In the Ulaok Hills country last 'all met witli soine rare chancea as soon as lio lelt Denver. The first party look liiiu asiile and began: " Say, stranger, are you iftèï a mine0" Well, perhaps," "Do you want the biggest spee in the West?" "I might take it." 'Then yon lay low. A sick niau over here bas 'dreamed three times running of liuding the richest silver mine in the world, and 111 get all the directions as to hovv to iind it for $500 cash down." The offer was not accepted, and within a few hours a second party had a "find" ou hand that his brother had dreamed out. The third mau wauted to sell his father' s dream for $200, and the fourth had a dream of his own to sell cheap for spot cash. When the tifth one began negotiations the New Yorker cut him short with: "Say, don't do it! you are the htth man who has tried the dream business on me this week. üon'tyou do anvthing bul dream out here?" "Well, there's a good d.eal ot dreamiug arouud this locality" placidly answered the man- "in f act too much of it. If some of the boys don't quit the biLsiness I reckou I'll have to go back to salting up mines and sellinu; out to ('Innamen."


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