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Morning Duties

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Texas Blftings. Mr. O'Rafferty bas frequently had occasion to rebuke his boy, 'JVddy. for failing lo have the kindliug wood ready to light the tire in the movuing. A few nights go O'Rafferty said to Teddy: "What is it, me bye, that vou have to do firsl thing in the Dioming?" "I know well enougli, favtliei-, what I have to do lirst thing in themorning," replied Teddy, laughing. "What is it. y e spalpeeu?' "Tlie lirst thing 1 have to do in the niorning is to get the kindling ready the uight before:'1 Boilod Indian Hread.- Tvvo cups of meal, one quart sour milk, one t-np of tlour, Ivvo-thirds of a cup syrup, one teaspoonful of soda, one egg; put in pudding bag, set in hoiling water, and boil thrce liours.