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Cadillac has had iuu consecuuve uays sleighing so f ar this winter. ,The oflice of the county clerk of Callioun county was entered by burglars reeently and $500 taken. The money btlonged to the derk, ïïm. F. Neale. James H. Stono has been appointed ollector of Interna! revenue for the flrst disrict of Michigan, to succeed Gen. Trowbridge, he present iucumbent. Two Marshall youngsters stole $50 rom a hardware íirm of that city and boardcd i weet-bound freight train. Before going they jurchased a seven-shooter apiece and otlier s-eapons wlth which to slay the Indiana enxrantered. Battle Creek's public library is one of "he beet in the state. It contain95,500 volumes ind SOOor more are added each year. Several ears ago H. D. Denman died and bequeathed 10,000 to the library. lts annual circulation s now 30,000 volumes. The body of John Otte has been found n Piaster creek, a mile southof Grand Rápida. He left hls home about two months ago in a iomewhat dcmented eondition, caused by re igious study, and no tidings of him have been tiad until the body was found among the drlftivood in the crcek. Michigan owns 445 steamers, vvith a onnage of 34,080; Illinois, 136 steamers, 20,128 tons ; Wiseonsin, 132 stoamers, 30,500 tons. Trom these figures it will be seen that Michigan bas 177 more steamers thau Illinois and Viseonsin togctber, or 309 more than Illinois ind 332 more tban Wi6eonsin. Mrs. Laura S. Haviland, whose noble md 6elf-sacriiicing career in bebalf of the poor, he oppre6sed and the sufferinghas passed into listory, bas been speuding some weeks In Laning. The soldiers remember her as their best riend, the colored people their protector in he days ol bondage, and mauy homeless waifs, vho have been reared and educated by her exrtions, look upon her as more tban a mother. ione among the many women whose whole exstance has been passed in relieving human disress, deserve better of the people of Michigan han does Mrs. Haviland. Two prisoners escapcd from the Grand laven jail reeently, by cuttine through the oof and letting themselves to the grouud by he aid of bed-quilts tied together. The editor of tho Petoskey Record vrites poems on "snowflake6," while the 'jackroodsmau curses the drifts 8 and 10 f eet high bat drive bis wood-pile from the market. Public spirited citizens of Petoskey mve subscribed $1,800 for a bridge acrossBear iver, on Mitchell street, and the work is to go orward as soon as the weather will permit. Hathaway, the third of the Coldwater ire bugs, and a membcr of the Fire Departpartment, bas been sentenced to one year's imjrisomnent at Ionia. This condudes the chapar on Coldwater tires for 1881, iuaueurated by he flremen. Eleven thousand two hundred and ftfty dollars' worth of stock bas been taken in the St. Louis Manufacturing Company, and articles of association are now being drawn up. The new cotnpanv propose to add tothe capital stock and engase in manufacturing articles from wood on an extensive scale. Negotiations are also being made to 6tart a woolen mili at Jiat place the coming summer. Commencing Sunday, March 18, 1883, the trains of the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific R'y Company will depart from and arrive at their new union depot foot of Twelfth etret, one block from Fortstreet,Detroit,Mich.,where every arrangement has been made for the comfort and convenience of passengere The trains will leave as follows, viz: 7:20 a. m., 5:25 p. in. and 10 p. m., city time. Passengere desirmg f urtber Information sbould cali at the city ticket office-, 107 Jeffernon ave., Detroit, Mich. According to a report just issued by the Secretary of State it appears that wheat throughout the state has been seriously injnred by ice and snow, as well as by exposure. Stephen Garlock, one of tho pioneers of East Tawas and proprietor of the Miner house, died on the 16th inet. He was a prominent member of the Knights of Honor and Odd Fellows. David Colton of Carlton, Barry counto has been arrested at Vermontville for beating a woman nearly to death who supposed herself his wife, siuce which it bas been discovered that he bas had four wives, with uo vorce. Samuel Kichardá, who was arrosted at Sana Boach last sunimer for burniug the buildin" and stock of John Masón, a farmer of that township, has been convicted of arson in the circuit court held at Bad Axe last weck. Judge Wixson senteneed him to six years In tne state prison at hard labor. Lake Superior has uevor been noted for a tropical climate and the "oldest inuabitant" kindlv inforrus us that, in the number ot stormy days and depth of snow, the present winter is tbc worst expericnced by the people of the upper península for 20 years. In many places the snow in the beaten track of the roa.l Lpackcd almost as solid as ice-is from four to eight feet in dopth. A Sannaw mili man received tlie 161lowing lerter a few days ago: "To al mi owners of Kast Saginaw : This is to notify you that uuless the lumbermen owning logi on the south and north branches of the Chippewa river do not come and pay damage from flopding, you will have any nuautity of !ron spikes tosaw throughnext spring. Signed, A 1 nend The effect of spikes in a sawlog is to break the saw and endanger the lives of the workmen. The trial of Joseph Bucher for the murder of Jacob Smith, at Harrison, termmating in an acquittal. John F. Grimt, for over 25 years a book-keeper for Hannah, Lay & Co., of Traverse City, died on the 17tb, of ecarlet fever. Mrs. Jennie Stevens of Grayling, Crawford county, widow of Wm Stevens who died a few weeks ago, committed suicide recently, by shooting herseli through the head; death was instantanoous. Mrs. Annetta Budlong has sued the eity of Orand Rapids for $3o3 damages bccause her horse died from injuries received In a rail n the Street, she claiming that her loes was due to the bad condition of the street. The Niles Mirror thinks te legislature should lmmediatelv aPPrPt"at.en-fJ V JoRPnh Ulum iust pardoned out of pnson alter servingT years on a lite sentenee íor a murto of which te is now shown to have been Innocent. Other state papers are advocatlng a similar appropriation. Dr S V. Sleater, one of the oldest pioneersof Eaton ccunty, and a lento pro'essional man of Charlotte, died at bis home on the 17th, of congestión of the bram, hai ,ing been sick two weeks. He was about faO years of age and had always taken a leading part in all business enterpnses aa wcll as politics. Whilo the wifc of Mr. Baker, wüo resides about four miles from Kast Tawas, was engaged in dressing a child, sitting Reside a Btovc, her elothing took flre. Bhe was unable to extinguish the flamcs and ran out doors and before ihc could be overtaken was burned iatally. Her hnsband is reported as having hia hands burned so as to cripple hun lor life trying to put out the llames. Graat reduotions are bein made in the working iorce at nearly all of the mines of the upper pbninsula. Dr. 1). O. Farrand, one of the most prominent physicians in the state, died at bis home in Detroit on tlie 18th inst. Tho Hev. W. H. Brown, who livcs on a farm abont a mile west of Allegan, died s i ew davs ago from the effects of an overdose of opium Mr. Brown was one of the eai ly set, tlers of Allegan, coming in 1888 and residing here ever since His wife died about two ycan ago. A fin bvokc out In the lamp room oi the Davis house at Sheridan on the morning of the 17th, whlch proved to be the most destructive Hrc ever knoivn there, buruing up an entire block. The losscs are as follows: W. B. Davis, hotel and stable, $8,000, insurance $1,000; A. M. Stebbius & Co., jewelers, $1,000, no insurance; G. W. Richards, drugs, insured $2,800; -T. B. Harnee, general store, $15,000, insurance $0,000 ; Baruey Pitcher, saloon, $2,000 no insurance. A stUI breezewas prevailing at the time of the fire, and several buildings loeated two orthrce squares awty were set on flre by einders, but were promptly extinguished. Silas Sprague, generally known as Hunter Sprague, of Cohoctah, Livingston Co., aecidentally shot bimself through the head recently. He was about 70 years of age, and had maáe a practice of hunting every winter for a number of years ; henee hls name, Hunter Sprague. He went out to hunt about in the morning, Baying he would be back to diuner. His family heard the report of his gun and expected him soon. As he did net come they went to look for him. He was found near the house, on the ice of a brook, He lay on the ice with a charge of shot in his head. One barrel of the gun was empty. A charge of powder wa6iu the other barreland some shot was lying on the ice. Trom the appearance it s supposed that Mr. Sprague was loading one barrel of hls gun, when his foot slipped on the ice and the other barrel was discharged, killing him instantly. Deputy Sheriff George C. Roeera of Battle Creek says that the girl, Annio E. Prosser, wbo was supposed to have been drowned u the Kalamazoo river, just previous to the suit of Dr. F. W. Bathrick againstthe Post and Tribune Compauy of Detroit, in which case she was an important witness, isstillaliveandwell, and was seen by a man in whom he has entire sonfideace, and to whom bhc was wel] known, in the et ate of New York reeently. Hogers 3tates that he has been well euough posted all through the matter, not to be gulled into losing any time looking in the rivet for a body he knew was not, there, and those whom the $35 reward enticed iuto the search, v.ill uow know the reason of their failure. The river has been in object of interest to suveral parties, who liavc aearched its winding leugth several miles west, with boats and strong "jack lights" with qo returns, and the story of the deputy flnds many believers. 'l'lio LcgiBlature. Senate, March 14. - In the Sonate a few petitious were presented, but the only busiucss done was the passage of the following bilis: To discontinue a eertain highway in Troy, Oaklaud couuty. Yeas 19, naya 8; for taxation of the fast freight Iine6, loan eompanles, etc. Yees 33, nays2; amending sec. 3 of act 167 of 1871, relative to protection of Ufe on railroad trains. Yeas 23, najs 0; to preserve Quanicossee and Cheboyganning state ditch; yeas 27, nays 0. The bilí to regúlate the practice oí medicine and surgery in this state was ref erred for further eonsideration to the proper committce. House.- The usual number of petitions were laid before the House, nearly all of them being a repetition of petitions previously presented. Adverse reports were eubmitted on bilis relative to the establishment of an insurance bureau, to protect lumbermeu and others against flre-arms near camps, and to regúlate the in8pection of illuininating oil in Detroit and adjacent townsliips. After third reading the following bilis were passed : To amend act 9 of J8S2 relative to assessment of property and eollection of taxes. Ayes 69, noes none; for the constructiou of sldewalks within and along highways in townships and villages. Aves 54 noes 14; to provide for and estabïish a board of poor commi6sioners in the city of Detroit ; to incorpórate the village of Morley in Mecosta county. Ayes 68, noes none; to authorize the supervisors of the county of Houghton to buy or byild a bridge across Portage lake. Ayes 62, noes none: to organizo the townehip of Antrim county. Ayes 61, noes none. After some time spent in committee of the whole the House adjourned. Senate, March 15.- Petitions wcro presented f rom several eountiesforthe prevention of unjust discriminations by railroads against local íreights. Bills reported, either adver6ely or without recommendation, and laid upou the table: To cede eertain stato lands, beiug part of the state prison lands, to the city of Jackson for a public street; to es tablish the Michigan weather service. The governor gave uotiee of his approval of the bill to incorpórate St. Ignace. House- The usual petitions came before the House. The committee on eleetions unauimously reported adverse to the claim of Peter Mulvaney, who eontests the seat of Stephen 1'. Snvder, representativo from Calhoun county. The bilis amending the charter of Cadillac, and amending the act relative tothe incorporation of mining companies were tabled. Repre„i. „i . t, ,.-,,.., L,iilïnï + t ml a rPTVirf". mi t nft sentauve rengra Buuimneu icpuiu uu wm Reillv-Jcnnison case, in which bc takes the grouud that the legislatura hasfull jurisdiction in the case, coinciding largely with the report made by Representativo Black, and live members of the committee yesterday. The following bilis were passed: Incorporatini; Lake Side and Cass City; to prohibit catching fish with nets at certain 8easons in lake St. Clair; amending act of 18iu relative to iucorporated villages; amending sectionñof act 307 of 1881, relative to Detroit house of correction; amending sees. Ir M-b b. L relative to public health; amendiog act 343 of 1881 relat've to highways; prohibiting law partners of prosecuting attorneys f rom being engaged in the defense ol persons whom the prosecuting attoruey is remiiredtoproseeute; authorizing Berlín, Monroe county, to borrow $4,000 to build bndges ; amending act 147 of 1881 relative to the insane ; orrantetag lluinboldt, Marquette county ; orranizing McMillan, Chippewa county ; autlioriziuE loan of tentstotheSouthwestern military association; II. B. 119, re-incorporating Cedar for construction of idewalks in "Grandport," Ecorse township; revieing charter of (irand Kapids; amending act 1(4 of lbbL relative to primary schools: authorizing Bay county to dónate the Third street bridge to Bav City. Representaties Wyllis offered a concurrent resolutiou providing for adjourument April 21, and íor final adjournment April 25, Laid over under the rules. Senate, March 16.- On motiou of Senator Bliss, the governor requested the return of the bill ameuJiug the charter of Saginaw City. The bill was returned, and afterward transmitted to the House for action by that body. The bill re-incorporating Saginaw City, was received from the House with certain 'amendments, which were concurred in and the bill engrossed and sent to the goveruor for approval. The MUI appropriating $14 000 for fóuntalns for the capitaf grounds was lost, as also the bill prohibiting circuit court comnibsioners from allowing unjuuctions without Drevious notice to partiee coucerncd. The folöwlng passed on tfiird reading: re-incorporatng West Bay City; incorporating Morley Meèotta county; rc-incorporating Marquette; a?ncndingact9of 1882; forlaying outa state raad " n oVand Traverse county ; for laying out astatc road iu Leelenaw county; re incorporatie Spring Lake ; re-incorporating Negaunee; anendi )K act of incorporating of Elmwood I cemeterf; organizing 1McMilfan, Chippewa yOTganiziugLakesido, Muskegon coun'WMÈÊÊÊ ¦- from the governor announeed hls veto of the ell eompilation of the general laws oí Michiiran to be received in evidcnce. Ayee 63, noes 18 ; to revise and amend the eharter of the city of Saginaw. Having been returued to the Houec from the Senate, the vote by which lt wa6 pussed was reconsidered, divers amendments were adopted, and the 1)111 agaiu was passed. Ayes 70, noes 1 ; to amend act 178, sesslon laws of 1881, relative to bringing suits against insuranee companies. Ayes 66, noes 7 ; to amend the act incorporating the village of Portland in lonta eounty. Ayes, (53, noes none ; to reincorpórate the village of Spring Lake and to repeal act 340 of 1860. Ayes 64, noes none ; to incorpórate the city of Menominee. Haviui? been returned frora the Seaate in accordance with request, this bill was amended and again passed. Ayes 68, noes none. Senate, Maroh 17. - But very littlo irork was done in the Senate, only three bilis liaving been passed : To organizo the township af Humbolt in Marquette couuty, aud to authorize said township to Hcense hawkers and ped'dlers ; to incorpórate the village of Palnier In Marquette eounty. By message, the governor communicated his approval of the followine Senate measure6 : The Saginaw charter bill ; the Menominee ineorporatlon blll ; the Bay City Third Street bridge bill ; bill to amend 3ection 10 of chapter 2 of act 343, public acts of 1881 : to amend secs. 43 and 44 of chapter 46 of the compiled laws, and to add a new section thereto. Petitions were read for the transportatiou of freights on railroads in Michigan ; for the stoppage of diseriminations against local freights onMichigan railroads; for thesubmission to the people of a constitutional amendmeut prohibiting the manufacture and sale of lutoxicating liquors. After the tran6action of some other tusiness of minor importance, the Senate adjourned until Tuesday, '20th. House- Petitiou were pri.;ntcd asking that the medical control of the Xorthern asyium bo givtn to the homeopaths; for the appoïntinent of a game and flsh warden; for the abolition of the contract system ín the state prison ;-for a law prohibittng manufacture and sale of spirituous liquors ; for the incorporation of trades unions. After passing the joint resolution to peiinit the governor to veto specific items in appropriation bilis, the House adjourned. House, Marcli 19. - The House was without a speaker until nearly 3 p. m. At that hour a quorum was obtained, and the House listened to the followlug petitions: For the submission to the people of a prohibitory constitutional amendment; against the eubmission to the people of a prohibitory constitutional amendment ; against certain proposed amendments to the charter of Port Muron; again6t the removal of the Ingham circuit cour fromMason toLansiug: for the passage of the Case bilis amending the liquor laws ; against an extensión of time in which to complete the Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagou railroad and against a ehange of the route of the same. The governor, by message, signifled his approval of the bill to protect and preserve ' the Quanieassee and Cheboyganing state ditch. A motion was made and preyailed to request the Senate to return the bill to re-incorporate the city of Alpena. In committee of the whole, bilis were disposed of as follows: To authorize the consolidation of the Covenant mutua! benefit associations of Michigan and Illinois; forhidding icceptance and use of passes on railroads by fegislators, state offleers and judges. Bot'h bilis killed by having all after the euacting clauses stricken out. The com mittee having risen the Houee conflrmed lts action and aüjourued.