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A Wolf's Dislike For Music

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IC is weil Known mat uuuiusuu 'i'Jg-ï lislike music, but the hatred of it sceais o bc luuch stronger in a wolf. Dogs )ccome familiar with. it, and havo learnid to endure it, but to the wolf it is in;olerable. It would be well for tliosc ,vho live in countries infested by wolves ;o arm themselves with sorae loud-sonnd!ng musical instrument, as the following anecdote would suggest. A Scotch bagpiper was traveling in [reland, when lie encountered b wolf, wbich seemed to be very ravenous. ïho poor man could think of no other way to save his life than to open his wallet and try the effect of hospitality He did so, and the savage beast swallowed all that was thrown to him with him such voracity that it seemed as if his appetite was not in the least degree satííoed. The whole stock of provisión was, of course, soon spent, and now the man's only resource was in the virtues of his bagpipo. This the monster no sooner heard than ho took to the mountains as suddenlv as he had left theni. Tlie poor piper did not wholly enjoy his deliverance, for, looking sadly at his empty wallet, he shook his iist at the ileparting animal, saying: "Ay! are these your tricks? Had 1 known your humor, you should have liad your music before your supper." Terrible stories are told of the spread of leprosy in the Hawaiin Islands There is almost a panic on these iglands and so malignant is the disease that a lieaithy person will contract i' from clothes washed by a person affliuted.


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