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The Union party are seeking to allay the suspicions of thelr opponents by urging that as this election is for unpartisan offices it is of no particular consequence and will have no effect (on the national elections which folloTT. But we know too well the hypocrisy of this cry when we consider what would be their boast and exultation if their ticket, or a part of it, were elected. Ithas upon it no men of fdistinguished ability, yet tliey hope to put t through by their own efforts assisted by the general apathy of the Republicana. To show their insincerity in another way, we have but to cali attention to the specious cry they have raised afiainst Mr. O'Brien for being a rallroad attorney, whereas he has never been In that position. Then, to make their argument pear all the inore hypocritical, we wonlrt .-„:„.. k. 'i.! jiu, Mr. J. W. Cliainplin, who for years has been cmployed by railroad corporations. Republicans, having at heart the best interests of the party which has so wisely conducted the affairs ut state, should see to t that their names are checked on the voting list on clection day. There were 23,000 republicans and 15,000 combinationists who did not vote at the last election. And even with this difference the state ticket, with the exception of Governor, was elected. So there is everything to hope for, if only the tried and true stnd by their guns.


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