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riugress ami i-nverty." An economie treatise, hy Henry George. John W. Lovell, 14 Vesey street, X. Y. 410 pp. 16 mo. 20 cents. The work gives a clear exposition of some good ideas in interest, wiiges and rent. It makes a careful inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and proposes a remedy against increase of want, with increase of wealth. The discussion is a practica], sensible one, and it is written in good style. J'Iie Battle of tlie Moy, or How Treland Oaiiied her Independence, 1892-1894 Lee & Shepard, publishers, Boston 75 pp. 25 cents. In tliis llttle pamphlet the subject of the oppression of Ireland by Enjfland is brou-rht to the attention of the reader in a novel and entertaining manner. It purports to be a history, written ten years jn the future, telling how the Irish proclaimed their Independence, and bow, aided by i circurastances, they gained their liberty. The battle scènes are quite vividly described and the book is well written. Dust: A novel by Julián Hnwthorna Ford?, Howard & Hulbeit, N. Y,, clotli decorated, green and silver. 402 ni) Piice, $1.25. As a continued story In " Onr Continent," "Du8t"wa8 eagerly read, and it proved so popular that it was decided to put it between covers. lts complications are those of London society, and they are supposed to have taken place in the early part of the century. The story is told by Julián Hawthorne in an entertaining way which is so maintained tliat the interest in the plot is kept until the denoueraent. His style is much different from that of his father, Nathaniel Hawthorns. in that it is direct, and perspicuous, and no trace of a fondness for wierdness is evident. The book is handsomely gotten up n the binding of the " Our Continent" Library. i..c s.iíi.ib or Art gives us in the April unmber for a frontispiece an engraving of Rosettrs "II Ramoscello " accompanied by a sketch of him as a painter The English side is represented by a de scription and engravings of ''An Old English Manor House," "The South Downs asa Sketching-ground " and "Two Old London Markets." An interesting series of pictures is that representing the live senses, wliile the most striking of the engravings in thisnumber is the last, that of " The Mermaid." Cassell, Pettcr, Galpin & Co., are the publishers. The contents of "The Popular Science Monthly " for April, besides being well varied, are all of a character to command attention and stimulate thought. The leading place is given to an essay by Prof Sheldon Amos, on the " Nature and Limitsofthe Science of Politics." In "The Económica! Function of Vice" John McEIroy takes the novel ground that men's vicious propensities play an important part in natural selection and the improvement of mmikind. The " Progress of the Backboned Family," by Arabella B. icj, is a piowiiutuoD or uie life-history of vertébrate ai)imals. Dr. Oswald condueles hls entertaining and sotnetimes sarcastie " Ciiriosities of Superstition." Under the singular title of "Dwarfs and Giants," M. Delboef, of tlie Belgian Academy of Sciences, considera tlie muscular power of insects, and compares them with those of the larger animáis. M. C. A. Pietrement gives an interesting account of the " Origin of the Donkey. Mr. H. H. Bates follows him with some "Speculations on the Nature of Matter," which must be thooght over, as well as raad. Mr. O. E. Lyman's paper on "The Legal Status of Servant (iirls is of practical value to all. The eame may be said of Professor Foester'a 'Ongin of the Calendar and Astrology.' A portrait and a biographical sketcl"are given of Increase Allen Lapham, LL. D a gentleman who did much good work foi' science unobtrusively. Jfew York: D A])pleton & Company. Fifty cents per number, or $5 per year.


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