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Mr. Finch has been secured to speak here again just before election. 106,068 bushels of wheatwere marketed in this county during February. By a runaway yesterday afternoon Mr. John T. Fuller had his leg broken. St. Patrick's day was celebrated in a quiet way about town last Saturday. It is rumored that Joe T. Jacobs has bought out the stock of Steinfield, the clothier. The Germán cornet band gave the proprietor of tlie St. Jamos a serenade last Friday night. A week froui ntxt Sunday a class of tliirty will be confirmecl at the Zion Lutheran church. March 20, 5 a. m., Mercury 12 below zero. Let us go to Dakota and sit under the orange trees. Mr. and Mrs. Stone of Manchester have leased the St. James hotel, and they took possession of it Wednesday. Prof. T. P. Wilson will address the temperance meeting in Cropsey's hall on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. A class of twenty-eight was conflrmed in the Lutheran church Sunday forenoon - fourteen boys and fourteen girlg. Gough, when he comes April 3, will give us a new lecture. It will be entitled " Platform, and Personal Experiences." The Hook & Ladder boys think they have twoadditionsto the company through the assistance of Dan. Fletcher and Geo. Lutz. The Republicans of Pittsfield will meet at the Town Hall on Thursday, the 29th of Marcb, at 2 p. ni. to nomínate township offlcers By order of Com. Mr. I. N. S. Foster is not a candidate for Supervisor this spring. Those who are being most talkerl of for that position in Ann Arbor township, are E. H. Scott and F. B. Braun. In gpite of a severe cold attended by hoarseness, Rev. R. B. Pope spoke on temperance Sunday afternoon at Lodi Plains, and gave a lecture in Chelsea on Tuesday eveuing. Asare3ultof the excitement in town last Friday afternoon, occasioned by the Maclean vs -Detroit Evening News libel snit, News-agent Boughton sold about 500 copies of The News. As usual, special Easter services will be held Sunday morning at the Episcopal church. At the services at 7:30 a. m. the music will be furnished by a doublé quartette, male and female. The last number of the Journal of Eduucation, of Boston, has in its Michigan column an appreciative notice of the work in English and Elocution done in our High School by Prof. Douglas. While fooling witli a sharpax the other day, Wilüe Gwinner suddenly found it could ampútate one of the fingers on his left hand. It was chopped off at the joint hut was sewed on and probably will grow again. There was a wedding in the Baptist church on Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock, Rev. S. Haskell offleiating. Mr. Frank W. Lamey, of the senior law class, was united in marriage to Miss Myrtie Beach. The managers of the Star lecture course are making strenuous efforts to get the Sf f nP le8S We6t t0 8tP at Chei8ea the t un?h'SleClUre' "it will stop. J-e .mbeacrowdfl,mthat]lve]y tnSjw' frefl the Central. ¦ track Wednesday night, and were. badly wiecked. Trainswerethusblockeduntü Ünext morning. The cars were loaded The second chambtroTürt given Friday evening was attended by a large and Jetil„ea8electMdience The SÍTmI"" C'Ub Of Detroit, asex Í ytM,'8S Mary WüOd' furais"eJ me , xcellentselections,a.lofwhichwereclassChan h aCCUrately rend"d. After the ! Chamber concert Mi Allardt of Port I ' ngaome bailada. The next concert i M a3 ftglVte" WÍtU thetance of Mr. i aas, a noted pianist. The Ann Arbor correspondent to th Saline Observer isauthority that " quite number of the students are in the hablt o depositing their surplua cash in the (Faro Bank each weck, consequently they ar somctinies a little short in their room ren and board." Miss Lottie Belle Saunders, of the high est class of the third ward school, feel soraewhat proud of the fact, thatowing t her high Standard during the past term she alone of all the girls, has a week's va catión- as it is unneeessary for her to b re-examined. Wednesday night Grand Lecturer G. W. Robertson, of Mt. Clemens, and Grand Master, C. F. R Bellow, of Ypsilanti, were in the city, and gave a school of instruction in Masonic Hall. Vlsitors were present froni Saline, Chelsea, Dexter.Ypsilanti and Manchester. The opera house was full Wednesday evenlng to hear Maggie Mitchell. As a play Little Barefoot amounted to nothing, but so long as it gave her a chance to show her genius, the audience was satufied. Parties were present from Saline, Dexter, Ypsilanti and Chelsea. A pleasant eveuing was passed at the Methodist parsonage last Friday when Mr. and Mrs. Pope gave a receplion tothe members of the Mission Circle and their fiiends. During the eveningsevcral hundred of the young folks availed themselves of the opportunity of being present. When Mercury was the inessenger of the gods he had a reputation for being the " swift-footed." Last Sunday his namesake followed his example and in six hours ran from 50 down to 20'; and on Tuesday forenoon in six hours it went from 12 below zero to 70 above. Prettv fair time for a modern imitator. On account of a misplaced switch the south bound passenger train was derailed Tuesday atternoon at the Y on the Toledo road near the jail. The engine ran off, and t was not until early the next morning that the hands succeeded in getting it again on the track. In the meantime all trafile north on the road was suspended. - - ¦ - ?? The case of Joe Buil, for assaulting his wife, was tiied in court Tuesday, and the jury, after being out a few hours, returned with a verdict of guilty. He has not yet been sentenced. One of the features of the trial was the bringing of a crowd of tramps from jail to te&tiry as to his actions, but their testimony very properly was not admitted. The new editors of the High School Index for next term have been appoiuted by the teachers, and are as folio ws: chairmun, AI. L. Fox; editorials, Miss M. L. Taylor ; literature, Miss F. W. Potter; exchanges, Al iss Clara Mack ; reviews, Miss C. H. Gelston; locáis, H. H. Cushing; personáis, F. M. Sessions; business manager, W. R. Trowbridge. The Citizens' meeting Wednesday erening put in Prof. Spalding as chairman and John M. Chase secretary, and then proceeded to nontaate the following ticket: Mayor, J. J. Ellis; Recorder. Francis Stofflet; Justice,(vacancy) George Mooie; Justice, (f uil term) John M. Chase; Supervisors, lst dist., D. M. Finley; 2d dist., John D. Boylan; 3d dist, Benjamin Brown. At the Unitarian Church next Sunday there will be in the morning a special Easter service for old and yottng, with commemoration of members of the congregation who have died during the year, and welcome of new members joining the chuich. In the evening Mr. Sunderland'í subject will not be " God" as announced, but "The Church, its Meaning and Value as understood by Unitariana."5 E. G. Embler, an attorney of Howell, was in the city last week on business connected with the estáte of Edward Pacey late of the township of Scio. Mr. Pacey made a will leaving his two children by a former marriage, who reside in the township of Putnam, Livingston county, only one hundred dollars apiece. By a conipromise eflected in the contest of the will, Mr. Embler succeeded in securing tor his clients the sum of fifteen hundred dollars each. We congratúlate Mr. Embler on his success, and all parties upon the ami cable adjustment of the contest. We are pleased to be able to announce that the two plays " lei on Parle Francais' and "Who Speaks First?'"- the latter of which has been substituted for " Woodcock'sLittle Game" - are tobe given partly for Prof. DePont's benefit. For his indefatiguable labors in drilling the amateurs, taking part In tuis play, and Iolanthe, and the French play of last June, this is a well deserved compliment. It is now proposed to have the plavs given the llth or 12th of April, ana one of the attractions of the evening will be a ballet divertissement like the one given at " On the Boards.'1 The temperance men met in ward caucases Monday night and put in noniination the following city offleers : First ward- Alderman, E. B. Lewis; constable, Henry Richards. Second ward- Alderman, A.H. Markharn; constable, Adney D. Markham. Tliird ward- Alderman, Thos. Keani8; constable, William Campion. Fourth ward- Alderman. Ambrose Kearney ; constable, George Jacobus. Fifth ward- Alderman, Leverett B. Kellogg; constable, Edwin S. Perry. Sixth ward- Alderman (full term), P. D. VVoodruff; (to fill vacancy), A. F. Martin ; constable, K. B. Gidley. Dr. D. O. Farrand, a well-known physician of Detroit, died at his home Sunday morning after a brief sickness. His father was one of the early pioneers of this county and was the first Probate Judge here. The Doctor, who has just died, was born on a farm two miles east of town on the Dixboro road, and in 1851 hewas a pupil of Mr. I. N. S. Foster, the present Supervisor of Ann Arbor township. He never was iti the University here, as has been falsely reported in the Detroit papers. If he had lived he would have been a prominent witness in the Maclean case, now benig tried in Detroit. The classes in Elocution in the High School, at their examination Wednesday afternoon, were treated to something novel in the way of gesture. Mr. Frank Cheek, of Danville, Kentucky, who has liad considerable experience with deafmutes, gave the pupils a little lecture, telling thom how the unfortunates "take a hand in " conversation. He showed how :hey were first tauglit by signs, and he ;losed with a couple of stories told in pantomime. One was " How a boy went fishing," and the other was " Christ stiling the tempest." The talk was a very nteresting one, as showing how much ;an be understood simply by gestures anti without a word being spoken.


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