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Two hundred and eighty-slx votes were cast at the election last Monday. Fifty-fi ve were straight Un ion, and f ortyflve straight Republican tickets. M. 3. Noyes of this place, now owns the John Beam farm, of 170 acres. Consideration, $15,000. The Herald last week offered a prize of a pack of cards with the name printed on t, to the one who would flrst solve a certain mathematical problem. The nextday four young ladies walked in together with correct solutions, and of course each one had to hare a pack. Tl'.ere were thus four okers. DEXTER. From the Leader. We understand that an injunction has x?en served to stop the sale of the Pinckley public square into lots. Invitatione are out for a Calicó Hop, to be given on Friday erening, Jlarch 30th, by the Dexter Cornet Bnnd. About 30 feet of the bank at the east end of the new dam at Hudson, and about 20 eet of the west end of the Península Mills dam. were washed away last Friday by he rising of the ITuron. HANCHESTER. Krom thü Enterprue. The required numberof telephones have been pledged, but Ihe amount of money to be guaranteed is still short by ever] hundred dollars. S. W. Dorr, of this rillage has 700 barrels of apples on hand, for which he has been offered $4.00 a barrel delivered at the depot, and vet some people think that it dont pay to raise fruit. The sheep men met in the Peoples' Bank, Saturday, the lOth according to notice. It was thought best to organize a sheep breeders and wool growers association for sou thern Michigan. After discussing the matter the meeting adjourned for two weeks, until March 24th, at 1 o'clock, to complete the organization, and perfect arrangements for a shearing to be held in the village of Manchester. We hope to see every one who is interested in sheep breeding- or wool growing present at this meeting. SALINE. From the Obferrer. Chas, H. Conklin, of Texas, a tonner resident of Saline, arrived in town last week. He brought along some skins of Texas snakes, ly long ones, which are on exhi bition at Bortle's. Since our last is-sue that energetic and pushirig young fellow, Geo. J. Nissly, has purehased the entire stock, flxtures, etc., of the grocery of A. M. LeBaron, located in the block just recently purchased by Nissly. About April lst it is Nissly'g purpose to move his present stock from Union block and consolídate it with that of LeBaron's. The new firm will be known as D. & G. J. Nissly. TPSILANTI. From the Commercial. The knitting factory in connection with the woole milis is Ui ullblast. A big company of good looking girls earnine eood wages. Junior Exhibition at Union school hall Fnday evening, March 23d. Admigsiou 15 cents. Keserved seats without extra charge at Samsons. Mr. Geo. Moormon informa ug that he ascertained the price of the (Watts) now Mr. Chas. McCormick's property opposite the Follett House and proposed to be one of a stock company to buy it, and sink another mineral well, putting in himself f 1,000. Tliere has been nothing done as yet. He also infortns us that a bargain is on the tapis to exchange the Follett house for a farm in Oh o. From the Sentiael. The Congregationalists hare recommenced work on their church and expect to be in their own building byjune, when they will feel independent. Senator Rlchmood has introduced a bilí, to prevent the payment of costs, by the ' connty for criminal proceedings before Justices of the Peace, not authorized or approved by the Prosecuting Attorney. It ought to pass. From the Ypilint!o. Dr. Vm. Pattison propones, if he can niake suitable irraiiKements with the proprietors of the mineral well, to erect a sanitarium on Pearl street, opposite the ( post office.