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Real Estate Transfers

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i ne toiiowing are the real estáte ules for the past week amountlng to more tban $500: W. H. Allison to Flora A. Wood, Saline, lot g y 200 Marvin Davenport to Thomas Whlt, Saline, 100 7,000 Thomas White to Marvin Davenport, Saline, 73 5,200 Laura C. Dunn to Florence 8. Babbltt, Ypsllanti, lot „ 800 Charles Ring to Conrad Boettner, Saline tW 3.317 Frederlck Flnkbeinner to Sehiutlan Flnkbeinner, Saline, 80. _ 2,700 Ed ward P. Craft to Lida K. Halllt, Manchester 1,000 Wtlliam A. Jones to George Weidman, Dexter, 200. 10,000 Win. H. Hall to Susle Congdon, Chelsea, lot, w, mum Q5Q Alfred A.McCollum toGeorge Heuber, Manchester, 106 „ _ 7,000 Florence Buson to Frederlok Huton, A. A. q. o, 84,„ 3,260 Albert S. Hanson to John W. Blakelee, Milán, lot „ 2,500 John M. Kubnle to August Kawalskl, Ann Arbor, lot 650 James G. Watson to Wm. H. Parker, Ann Arbor, 40 3,800 Arthur K. Engllsh to Mary J. Fisk, Manchester, 30 -._......_.„ 750 i Isaac A.Stephens to Catharine Winters, L'helsea, Iot 500 Chas. Patzock to J. M. Bradley, Y pal, lanti, lot „ „ J25 ' Octavia 8. Bellson to Dorcas Sprague, ' Augusta, 28 .„ „ 1,000 Harriet A. Keith to C. H. Cady, Ypsllanti, lot ...... 750 Bebecca Vlnkle to Rebecca Stanton, Dexter, lot 565 W. W. Torer to Henry J. Phelps, Dexter , lot and Solo 87 10,000