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Rev. Dr. Dix On Divorce

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Dr. Dix, an Episcopal divino of New York, in a recent Lenteu sermón, cliaraeterized divorce as a "peril monacing social order and christian civilization," or again as a sort of "consecutivo polygamy." He opened by saying lic had no language too strong in which to characterize divorce; "we breathe an atmospherc of nioi'al poison which comes np the register and enters by every crevice. It kills and dries up from tlie roots the love of virlue, of chastity and of honor." Alluding to divorce figures he said thosefor the3'ear sliowed 2,113 for the New England states, a larger ratio in proportion to the population tlian in Franco in the days of the revolution. Divorces nurnbcr 1 to 1,500 population, figures which he held to be appalling. The divorce courts were moral cesspools. He followed with a direct personal eulogy of the Catholic church's stand on this point and said it was worthy all honor; and it was only in protestant Massaehusetts that the divorces were 1 to every 14 marriages, and in Connecticut 1 to every 8 marriages. In New England 2,000 families were annually broken up in this way. The Iaw3 protecting marriage liad beeu gradually weakened, and as facilities for divorce extended crimes against chastity, mor ality and decency had steadily extended.


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